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  1. The movie begins with our main character, Harry Elrod, being yelled at by his uncle, Ellrey Elrod, because Harry wants to marry Kitty Clyde, but the uncle doesn't want him to, because she is an actress. Harry tries to convince to the uncle to at least meet her first, but he refuses to even give her a change. Harry leaves the room and walks out into the main lobby of the stock-office(?) which his uncle owns. He tells the receptionist to dial Kitty Clyde's number so he can talk to her, which he does, and the two discuss his uncle's lack of consent to their marriage.
  3. The uncle comes out of his office, and sees Harry talking on the phone. Having deduced who he is talking to, he tells the receptionist to let him listen in on the conversation. Here, he hears Harry telling Kitty to take a train so he can meet her at a hotel without his Uncle's permission. Because of this, he plots to keep Harry from leaving the building.
  5. Harry is given some bonds which he is supposed to mail, but he forgets to and a strange man repeatedly tries to steal them as Harry walks around the building. Ellrey pulls Harry down to make him sit and chat with a girl he would rather Harry marry than Kitty. She is characterized as unattractive through the way her piano-playing makes the whole house shake, so Harry, looking to get out of it, pretends to be poisoned by some cookies and fake-limps upstairs.
  7. Once upstairs, he drops the act, but tiptoes around so that he is not heard leaving. His uncle comes up the stairs behind him, and Harry pretends he's slinking around like he is because there is a burglar in the house which requires him to be quiet. While telling his uncle to keep quiet, he inspects a door, and pretends to be strangled by the burglar, effectively pulling himself into the room and shutting the door. His uncle realizes there is no burglar, and locks the door so Harry can't leave, before going back downstairs.
  9. Trying to make an escape out of the high window, Harry sets a fire in his room and calls on the strange man from before to call the fire department. They show up with a trampoline and Harry jumps down into it. The bonds fall out of his pocket, and the strange man once again tries and fails to snatch them. The uncle is alerted of the fire by the firemen, and after coming outside, sees Harry sitting in a car with a firehelmet on. He sees his uncle and drives away quickly, before he's stopped.
  11. He drives all the way to the hotel Kitty is staying at, and is told that she is in the dining room. Within the dining room, a man is seen telling some women that he singlehandedly rescued multiple people from a fire. Harry walks in with his firehelmet still on, somebody screams "FIRE!" and said man immediately jumps out the window. Harry leaves the room and swaps out the helmet for somebody else's hat.
  13. Harry finds Kitty's room, where the two argue over his uncle's consent. Kitty ultimately decides that she agrees with the uncle, that they'd never be happy unless they had his consent, and that she doesn't want to see Harry again until he gets a job. Having spent all of his money, Harry decides to get a job as a bellhop at the hotel. A couple of jokes later (which were funny, but don't really work in text form), he finds Kitty in the dining room. He tries to convince her to talk to him since he made good on his promise and found a job, but he gets called back to his duty before she can respond.
  15. His duty, incidentally, is that Ellrey has shown up at the hotel, so Harry shows him to his room, without either one seeing the other's face. However, Harry accidentally leads him to Kitty's room and leaves, leaving Ellrey and Kitty to argue over whose room it is before Harry shows up to fix it. It is at this point that they recognize each other, though the uncle does not realize the woman is Kitty.
  17. While Harry tries to lead the uncle to his actual room right across the hall, Ellrey misreads his 666 room-number on the card as 999, and gets on the elevator to go to that room. Harry follows him and pulls him out once it turns out that 999 is inhabited by a woman who was in the middle of changing. Harry drags him back down to his actual room, but once the uncle is inside it, Harry sees a man go into Kitty's apartment (her manager) and mistakes her talking to her dog as sexual innuendo. He tries to spy on her through the keyhole, but the uncle comes out, and Harry walks away without explaining it.
  19. At some point, Harry picks up a jug of water. Trying to get into Kitty's room, he climbs out the window and shimmies across the ledge into another window. Meanwhile, the uncle begins spying into the same keyhole (through which nothing is visible but a lamp), and another hotel employee catches him. Harry climbs through the window back into the hotel, but enters the wrong room, so he offers its inhabitants what little water from the jug he hadn't spilled on passersby from the ledge.
  21. Harry exits the hotel room, sees his uncle spying into the room, and pulls him away from it. He bumps into Kitty, again without realizing who she is, and the two reach an agreement about how Harry should be fired. The fact that she agrees with him causes Ellrey to wonder why Harry wants to marry a nasty girl like Kitty when he COULD be marrying a wonderful girl like Kitty. Ellrey finally decides he's had enough, and goes down to the management to get Harry fired. He's successful, but Harry doesn't give up.
  23. With a title card which only reads "Bolshevism!", Harry begins organizing a strike among the bellhops to cause chaos in the hotel. Eventually, he pulls in the rest of the hotel workers as well, such as the chefs, and a full-on riot takes place throughout the hotel. The resulting pandemonium is enough that his uncle finally caves and agrees to consent to anything as long as the strike is called off. Harry tells the workers that all of their demands have been met, and that is the end of the strike. Harry and Kitty rejoice that they finally have his uncle's consent, and Ellrey finally realizes that the woman he liked so much is the woman he hated so much.
  25. At this point, the strange man from earlier shows up and finally succeeds in stealing the bonds out of Harry's pocket. Harry then realizes that they're gone and that he was supposed to mail them, but the strange man mails them FOR him right there and then goes up to him to tell him that he's done so. The strange man is dragged away for being crazy and the all laugh it up. The end.
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