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  1. (7:54:14 PM) Nesno: if you needed a break
  2. (7:54:23 PM) Nesno: nice...
  3. (7:54:27 PM) Blademaster1215: xeno
  4. (7:54:33 PM) Blademaster1215: vixy got deadly >.>
  5. (7:54:51 PM) Nesno: he did it to cheese me by killing zombies with epidemic and barrels, he did not get it by killing players
  6. (7:55:07 PM) Nesno: my 1 bilion was all done on players with mostly chainsaw
  7. (7:55:14 PM) targean left the room.
  8. (7:55:14 PM) Nesno: there is a hug difference
  9. (7:55:19 PM) Xavori: uh...you can't use barrels
  10. (7:55:23 PM) monaahiru6 left the room.
  11. (7:55:26 PM) EvilTaco entered the room.
  12. (7:55:27 PM) Xavori: they've been fixed for a long time now
  13. (7:55:46 PM) monaahiru6 entered the room.
  14. (7:55:53 PM) targean entered the room.
  15. (7:55:55 PM) Nesno: you can kill zombies though
  16. (7:56:04 PM) Nesno: and i teted on barels, it counts
  17. (7:56:08 PM) Xavori: you can kill boxes
  18. (7:56:14 PM) Xavori: oh, you meant killing them
  19. (7:56:18 PM) Nesno: yea
  20. (7:56:41 PM) Xeiros: killing that which has no life is truly the most difficult of feats
  21. (7:56:59 PM) Nesno: its tottal bullshit he did that just because he knew i was going for it
  22. (7:57:06 PM) Nesno: not too happy with him right now
  23. (7:57:12 PM) Rafahil entered the room.
  24. (7:57:14 PM) Nesno: expeccialy since all he did was kill zombies
  25. (7:57:21 PM) Ghita009 left the room.
  26. (7:57:28 PM) Ghita009 entered the room.
  27. (7:57:45 PM) danaentertana: vixy already had over half that perk from killing shitloads of people in pvp over years
  28. (7:58:20 PM) Nesno: yea he did prob but he alse spent the last 3 month is ZA with a pestilence build killing zombies too
  29. (7:58:31 PM) Rafahil: she
  30. (7:58:34 PM) danaentertana: and using a shortcut to get what you want in this game is something you should be familiar with
  31. (7:58:37 PM) Nesno: vixy is a man
  32. (7:58:55 PM) GoalIsrael left the room.
  33. (7:59:00 PM) Xavori: vixy is a mudkipz
  34. (7:59:05 PM) danaentertana: ^
  35. (7:59:06 PM) Rafahil: :D
  36. (7:59:09 PM) Nesno: oh get off it dude so tired of people like you who have a hard on for me for no reason, im seriously one of the nicest people here until people like you show your dick
  37. (7:59:25 PM) danaentertana: O.o i haz hard on?
  38. (7:59:31 PM) Tessman: oh my
  39. (7:59:42 PM) danaentertana: lol i havent even been around for months, u haz me confused with someone
  40. (7:59:48 PM) monaahiru6 left the room.
  41. (7:59:53 PM) Nesno: do have the shit ive done for this community and then come back and judge me with yur posh attitude
  42. (7:59:54 PM) monaahiru6 entered the room.
  43. (8:00:15 PM) danaentertana: ya all the people you've respawn-farmed in B.a.s.h over the years thank you
  44. (8:00:24 PM) danaentertana: the community thanks you
  45. (8:00:26 PM) A-V-D: Yeah, you've bullied and trolled the majority of the community when you don't get your way
  46. (8:00:48 PM) Nesno: no i rarely even talk
  47. (8:00:54 PM) Nesno: bullied yes
  48. (8:01:05 PM) Nesno: but only when its deserved
  49. (8:01:12 PM) Squeee: This isn't an argument worth having its just a silly perk guys.
  50. (8:01:20 PM) Nesno: im the first to sit out everytime
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