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  1. Start hunter + master key
  2. Grab shortsword + bow
  3. Kill asylum, go to firelink
  5. Grab the humanity on the well
  6. Go through new londo and valley of drakes
  7. Grab the estoc, 1K, 2K soul
  8. Grab the dragon crest shield
  9. Grab RTSR
  10. Use 2K, 1K soul, kill black knight if no dupe
  11. Kill lizard in darkroot
  12. Get Battleaxe +4 (6 shards)
  13. Rest the Parish bonfire
  15. Sen's gate skip
  16. Get RTSR with the arrow trap
  17. Grab the 8K soul on the roof
  18. Buy 3 bombs and the rest in blossoms
  19. Kill Golem
  21. Rest at AL, dupe the golem soul on the elevator
  22. Take the O&S bonfire, dupe golem soul before talking to the giant blacksmith
  23. Buy 8 titanite + weapon smithbox, kill the Giant, dark sign
  24. Use golem soul, upgrade BGH to +5
  25. Kill O&S
  27. Rest at the Chamber of princess bonfire, level up 26 VIT and 15 END
  28. Warp to Firelink (for the 10 estus), warp to parish, buy the crest to Andre
  29. Setup RTSR with the Titanite demon (2 counter hits)
  30. Grab the stone armor, hornet ring
  31. Kill Sif
  32. Kill BoC (Lava skip + Firesage skip)
  34. Kill 4 Kings:
  35.     RTSR setup : estoc, shield, stone armor chest, leather gloves
  36.     First king : 4 rolling attacks, then 2 running attacks to finish
  37.     Second king : R2, running attack, then 2 running attacks to finish
  38. Talk to Kaathe, place the lord vessel
  40. Kill Seath
  41. Kill Nito
  42. Kill Gwyn
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