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A Delivery Gone Wrong

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  1. [19:57](C'kayah Polaali) The sun beat down on the sands of Southern Thanalan. A hot breeze blew through an abandoned settlement, buildings already falling to ruin in the harsh elements. A Miqo'te male sat in the shade, trying to stay cool while he waited for his contacts to arrive. The location was inconvenient, but that was part of the point. The Flames and Braves, if they knew about this transaction, would not approve, to say nothing of his faction's many enemies.
  2. [19:58]Velvet Ashirk fans herself idly as she follows glancing about the sand she was being forced to walk through. She looks over to Nate, her eyes narrowing as she spoke. "I do not see my husband, Mister...were you lying to me?"
  3. [20:00](Nathaniel Bader) "I never said a damned thing 'bout him bein' here. I said I'd let y'get an eye into the kind of business he's into. See if you're so eager t'marry 'im an' stoke C'anmaia's ire after that." Nathaniel chuckles softly and takes a swig from his canteen as they finally canter into the ruin and near their contact. He halts his bird and drops down to his feet to advance on the male. "Bit balmy today, isn't it?" He speaks the first half of the phrase.
  4. [20:01](C'kayah Polaali) "It may be hot, but it'll be cool in my tent. There's wine, and the carpets are plush", he replied, finishing the phrase.
  5. [20:02](Velvet Ashirk) *she glares as she follows, the prissy looking kitten glancing to the 'contact'. She had no idea what this was about, but intrest was fading fast as she glanced about for C'kayah...*
  6. [20:02](Nathaniel Bader) Nathaniel nods, as the confirmation was given. "I'd rather enjoy to sit down a spell." Beckoning the bird closer Nate claps his hand down on one of the saddle bags. "Got what you requested. I trust you've come through on your part as well?"
  7. [20:05](C'kayah Polaali) "But of course", the man said with a smile. He slipped his hand into the sand, drawing up a cord. He pulled, and it sprang from the sand, a line stretching to the base of the little mound. Another tug and a leather sack emerged, tied securely. He pulled it up the hill and patted it. The sound of coin and clinking glass could be heard from it. "One million five", he said, "*plus* a gross of aether poison, *plus* an extra sample, just for your boss."
  8. [20:07](Nathaniel Bader) Nathaniel nodded his head in approval as he began to unravel the cord holding the saddlebags closed to withdraw a nondescript burlap sack from within. Taking care not to damage the contents, he carried the sensitive materials over to settle upon the wilted thrush grass nearby their contacts feet. "I'm sure he'll be exstatic to hear that. He does so love his gifts."
  9. [20:09](C'kayah Polaali) The man opened the sack, drawing out one of the contents. A flat wooden case. Opening it, he revealed a neat row of little vials. "Perfect", he said. "Your company has come through. We won't forget it."
  10. [20:09](Velvet Ashirk) *she taps her chin. So C'kayah liked gifts...she took a mental note, tapping at the modest sack of gil she was given for her trip. She tried to think of what he might like...*
  11. [20:10](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a keeps to the bushes, slowly moving through cover where it's possible, slowly and carefully moving that the almost obnoxious multitude of bladed weapons adorning him don't make noticeable sound.
  12. [20:14](Nathaniel Bader) Nate takes a moment to peruse the contents offered to him as well before nodding his approval and bundling it carefully under his arm. "Always a pleasure. Do be sure to let us know if you ever have need for anything else. We'd be happy to oblige, if you're always able to provide such fine goods as well."
  13. [20:22](C'kayah Polaali) The mage frowned, looking towards the sound of crunching grass. "You're sure we're alone?" He reached down for the staff that was his weapon and badge of office all together, peering into the distance.
  14. [20:22](Nathaniel Bader) Nathaniel turns to the sound of a snapping twig, with brows knit and lips pressed into a thin line. "I only brought the woman... you had no guard?"
  15. [20:23](Zazanther Rerenther) Zanther curses in his mind when the hired help made a noice that alerted the Mage and his companions. Thankfully only the hired help had been heard for the moment, but their advantage was starting to slip.
  16. [20:23](C'kayah Polaali) "I don't *trust* guards", he said, lifting the staff and smiling cruelly. "I trust *this*..."
  17. [20:23](Velvet Ashirk) Rude. The woman... *She scoffs, shaking her head as she continues to think on what to buy C'kayah...before she suddenly looks up* Wait, what...? *she asks, suddenly concerned...*
  18. [20:23](Aegir Hlerson) Aegir instinctively ducked down when the two turned, his fingers tightening around his daggers. But the blurs in the distance were looking in the opposite direction.
  19. [20:24](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a freezes and ducks when a small twig goes unnoticed... until it crunches under his boot. He remains out of sight, but curses silently to himself, a hand hovering over one of the flash grenades at his belt.
  20. [20:28](Nathaniel Bader) Nate shifts toward the chocobos and Velvet, ushering her back behind the chocobos for cover
  21. [20:30](Zazanther Rerenther) Zanther takes the notion that the two are focused on the spot of Dail'a to move away from him but to another cover spot closer to the mage and trader.
  22. [20:37](Zazanther Rerenther) Was glad his movements did not take the notice of the group, yet. Now he waits to see what the mage and traders will do in reaction.
  23. [20:38]Nathaniel Bader sidestepped away from the mage to hastily tuck the parcel he received into the saddlebags while he motioned to Velvet. "Mira, somethin's wrong. Get behind th'birds." Great, wonderful time for him to be without the ditzy personality at his side.
  24. [20:42](C'kayah Polaali) The mage was too focused on the place where the sound of crushing grass had come from to hear the Lalafell. He extends his staff, firing a fireball into the grass, hoping his blind attack would at least scare whoever was there.
  25. [20:43](Dail'a Naras) When the fireball zips past, Dail'a leans back with a scowl, letting it zip right past where he's hiding, watching the thing ignite the grass he'd already cleared.
  26. [20:52](Dail'a Naras) Taking the grenade he'd been palming from his belt, Dail'a pulls the pin and, rolling it out along the ground toward the middle of the pack, ducks behind cover. Hopefully that'd at least blind one or two... and startle the birds for good measure! The bomb goes off with a blinding flash and loud crack, affecting those who were not quite quick enough to shield themselves.
  27. [20:53](Nathaniel Bader) Nate knew the look of that canister the moment it left the bush, his arm rose immediately to cover his eyes while he reached blindly with the other to try and hide Velvet's eyes, though his level of success...
  28. [20:54](Velvet Ashirk) *she wasn't exactly the best at combat, the kitten noticing a small metal tube roll in her direction. Her actual words were 'What is that...?' as the bright light completely blinded her and she cowered by the birds, even if they were not exactly calm*
  29. [21:00](Aegir Hlerson) The crackle of the flashbang might as well have been a starting pistol. Aegir launched over the debris he had been hiding behind and shot forward like a viper, his knives making several admirable attempts to menace the mage.
  30. [21:01](Nathaniel Bader) Now with a clear target, and attacking them to boot, Nate whips out his own knife and hurls it at the assailant's back
  31. [21:09](Aegir Hlerson) Aegir let out a hiss, feeling something slice against his arm. He jumped backwards, scanning for his attacker with his eyes nearly squinted into slits.
  32. [21:09](Zazanther Rerenther) Now that combat was in order, he needed to try and prevent them from moving. Making hand movements, he uses a freezing Ninjutsuon the three
  33. [21:18](C'kayah Polaali) "Thal's Pustulent Balls!" The mage bellowed as he stepped back, narrowly avoiding the onrushing round-ear and his knife. He took three steps back, then found himself mired in sand. He swore, clutching the sack of goods and raising his staff. Flame seemed to be the order of the day. He was always good with flame. Flame never let him down. Flame never decided it preferred a different mage. Flame could *always* hold its liquor. He muttered and the staff flared, a fireball streaking for Aegir.
  34. [21:20](Aegir Hlerson) "CORRR-FUCK! FUCK-FUCK!" The rogue let out a scream, turning and scampering in the other direction. On fire.
  35. [21:24](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a hangs around the corner of the building, dashes across the porch and leaps into the air, longsword in hand and brought back to swipe at the mage. A madcap grin plastered on his face, he barks a laugh and asks, "Oy, is 'is where the fun's at?"
  36. [21:28](Zazanther Rerenther) Zanther was happy to see one of his targets get frozen but not Agir being smacked by the fireball or Dail'a bairly missing the mage. At this point he had no choice but to attack as well.
  37. [21:29](Velvet Ashirk) *the kitten stands, her demeanor completely different from before. She looks about, pointing at the loud Miqo'te charging at the random, nameless mage* You want fun? *she cackles as five lances made of pure Astral energy form and fly in his direction, wizzing by him completely* Hmm...who is this...? *She asks, narrowing her eyes as she looks over her hands then body*
  38. [21:29](Dail'a Naras) When the lances of astral aether come shooting for Dail'a, the grin turns to a smirk and he twists out of the way rather acrobatically, making a, "Whoop!" noise and calling back, "Hey, oy! One at a time, dove! Ye wanna dance a round, I'll get to ye!"
  39. [21:45](Nathaniel Bader) Nathaniel had an easy shot. A predictable pattern, slowed movement, and a back turned to the barrel of his gun. With a squeeze of the trigger and a crack of powder, he sends a bullet careening through the air into the back of the burning beacon that was Aegir. But now, he had other fish to fry. "The mage is our client, these pukes attacked us outta nowhere."
  40. [21:53](C'kayah Polaali) The mage yelped, desperately contorting to avoid the sword swung by... A blonde Miqo'te in sunglasses? Why in the name of Nald and Thal didn't *he* remember sunglasses? At the same time a Lalafell appeared behind him, stabbing with a dagger. He bellowed, brows furrowing as he turned to face his attacker. "What is it? Open fucking *season*? I've got fire enough for all of you!" Never were more true words spoken. Fire had his *back*. >>
  41. [21:53](C'kayah Polaali) Fire was one bad a- shut your mouth! I'm talkin' about *flame*! Like the fireball that just blossomed around him, hopefully introducing both his attackers to the experience of a charcoal-grilled steak.
  42. [21:55](Zazanther Rerenther) Zanther curses his luck with this meeting. One member of the team is out for good and the mage was way more nimble then he anticipated.
  43. [21:56](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a tries to dodge out of the way, but it's... all around the mage? Unfortunately, he didn't dive back, and winds up singed, bits of his coat trailing smouldering embers, hissing in pain and wiping ashes from his face.
  44. [21:58](Zazanther Rerenther) Suddenly the mage, as expected, fired back...with fire. Thinking fast and digging into his scholar, he shilded himself with magic to avoid the blast, though the hired help was singed some fromthe blast.
  45. [22:00](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a pops up in front of the mage and grins, "Cheers, Burny." Though one might expect the sword, he lashes out with a vicious left jab for the man's nose.
  46. [22:05](Velvet Ashirk) Hmm...I don't think I care to know what you are trading out here, but I suppose I will help...and why is my puppet altered? Did the hornball cat mess with it? *she snapped in the stealthy Lala's direction, a field forming at his feet. He had moments to move before the gravity within it was increased. It would be so heavy moving into or out of the area was a chore, let alone raising a blade and striking*
  47. [22:06](Zazanther Rerenther) Zanther curses as the other mage landed a heavy spell on him. Had his onw attack landed last time he could of been done now.
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  50. At this point the posting order got a little messed up. We retconned to get it back in proper order. I've edited this to reflect that.
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  53. [22:10](Nathaniel Bader) Nate runs toward the hobbled lalafell, aiming a knee strike for the diminutive man's head. C'K said many a time that he wanted one alive next time. Well if things went well he'd get his wish. (Burning a +2)
  54. [22:20]Nathaniel Bader takes advantage of the gravity battery to sprint forth and drive his knee into the head of the hobbled lalafell. "Gonna need some ~ANSWERS~ from you!"
  55. [22:22](Zazanther Rerenther) Cursing his luck today, he sees no other option but for a retreat and the fact that the mage felt like he was as well, Zanther taps the jewl on his dagger handle tip where his mini-atheryte was located and retreated to the Forgotten Springs.
  56. [22:07](C'kayah Polaali) Flame had his back, that's for sure, but there were limits. He twisted out of the way of the blonde Miqo'te's sword, bellowing as a blow landed stingingly on his nose. Blood streamed down his face, the writing on the wall. It was two against one, and even flame couldn't hold those odds in open ground forever. Besides, he had what he'd come for. "Laugh while you can, blondie", he sneered through bloody teeth. He clutched the bag to him, his staff flashing and then he... disappeared.
  57. [22:09](Dail'a Naras) Dail'a straights up when the mage teleports out, looking perplexed, "...well that ain't to no fun. 'Ells, t'was even one-on-one again. Ah, whatever. Next time, I s'pose." He hops down and gives a wave to the others before walking a short ways, saying rather leisurely, "'Ave a good'un," and with a zap, he's gone.
  58. [22:25]Nathaniel Bader groans as not one, not two, but all three assailants manage to escape in some form or another. Even their client didn't stick around. But the deal was done, and their client at least made it out alive. With a heavy sigh Nathaniel passed his hand through his hair. "Can anythin' just go accordin' to plan?"
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