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  1. [12:55] Dillion nods towards Yiel "I've been well enough, and if you have the time I'm free to speak more in depth about were we left off before. I'm sure we can answer questions we both have or at least fill in the blanks that others leave."
  3. Dillion felt he was close to a break though; however, he wasn't sure where to turn to next in terms of information. Yiel seemed to be his best bet for one reason or another, and he'd take advantage of their conversation.
  5. He could probably learn a lot from them.
  6. (Dillion Endore)
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  9. [13:00] A warm smile is given back towards Caitlyn, as this Deacon is like to do! Her question is responded with a small nod, listening to her words - then to Dillions, before responding!
  11. "I did! I usually sleep quite well, yourself?"
  13. Looking to Dillion, she gives a gentle nod.
  15. "I'd not mind at all. Would you like to sit with me and chat? And, would you like to come too, Caitlyn?"
  16. (Yiel)
  17. [13:05] Dillion follow behind Yiel wherever they might take him though Dillion didn't know how long this conversation would be. He wondered what Yiel had to say on the subject, and yet maybe she could offer some advise needed.
  19. "I'm sure you know a better place than me, so I'll follow your lead."
  20. (Dillion Endore)
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  23. [13:08] Taking both of their words, that Deacon oncemore demonstrates that weird etiquette or discipline of hers, not speaking until both have finished their thoughts! When she does speak, it's with that idle panning of her free hand, moving in those little gestures of hers!
  25. "I'm relieved to hear such, Caitlyn. I hope you have a good trip to the market, as well, and take care! I'll see you later."
  27. Now, as Dillion follows her...
  29. She leads him to a nearby bench! Not really any far away or hidden location of any kind. Sitting down upon said bench, she sets her Codex upon her lap, giving him a smile.
  31. "Ah... Where were we? I believe we were just about to talk about Rhyt and your connection to it? I believe I remarked about how uncommon it is for a Knight to look towards the sage-star for guidance, as opposed to one favoring direct action, such as Vrona or Anos."
  32. (Yiel)
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  35. [13:15] "I'm not really one the prefers fighting per say, but I've been lead to do so during my time as a Cadet. I've most spent the first half of my life studying earth attunement, and cosmic soon after.
  37. I was introduced to Rhyt by another who followed the blue path, and something about having wisdom really stuck out to me. I'm not sure if it the fact I rather understand things, and learn from mistakes that were made or some other reason.
  39. I know what wisdom comes with time, and it's not something I'm rushing; however, I feel I've made steps in the right direction to prove myself, and connection with Rhyt."
  41. Dillion slowly taps his foot upon the grass while explaining his connection with Rhyt, bur he still recalls Sina telling him to different things.
  42. He didn't plan to give up or scrap his research instead this only caused him to push harder, and grasp a deeper understanding over this star of the blue branch.
  44. "I rarely see people study the blue branch, and that's probably why Sina doesn't talk much about it. There could be plenty of reason why others don't have information on it or teach others more about it, but I'm not going to give up on it because of that reason alone."
  45. (Dillion Endore)
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  48. [13:36] The blonde listens patiently, as usual! There's a few nods given as the other speaks, the sienna-eyed thing watching him quietly, a soft, relaxed smile remaining upon her face all the while!
  50. Once he finishes his whole thought, she hums softly for a time, looking upwards for a few moments - her gaze scanning, until it pauses upon the position of Rhyt. Ah, there it is. It's been a long time.
  52. Though the blonde can feel the brighter Yiel more acutely, due to her connection, as any Cosmic mage, she does feel the presence of the greater constellation, with a special touch of consideration given to Hiero and Rhyt.
  54. "During my time amid the Sisters of Saint Niles of Astya, I seemed to be on a trajectory to attune myself to Rhyt and Hiero. I remember that thoughts regarding the celestial bodies of the Leonausian Constellation were a little more divided upon the lines of the various branches when I would participate in theological talk with the other Sisters."
  56. Looking back to Dillion, she continues;
  58. "You see - as it was the opposite for myself. The Sisters was a convent based much more on examining and refining the lore of the cosmos, alongside putting forth new interpretations and ideas to ones fellow sister. Few people had an attunement to a more fiery star - though, provided there were few magi amid the Sisters - most had more of a symbolic connection to their stars. Not that that's any lesser, as starlight illuminates the paths of all people."
  60. A bit chattier then usual! Usually she's a bit more quiet and the like. Her point meanders a touch as she gives a bit more context, and she smiles almost apologetically as she goes on. She continues, however;
  62. "But, what I mean to say is that your choice is as valid as any other, and it wouldn't be right for you to ever feel discouraged. I have a feeling part of why you may have trouble finding more information is due to the more insular nature of the Faith due to the recent situations. Many of the clergy here have occupied themselves with looking to the lore of eld for information on the long-forgotten Witches, or who have turned to the stars and meditation for guidance. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or thoughts you'd like to share, however!"
  64. For a youth, she seems rather composed and calm about such a subject. Mature, even. This only follows, however, due to her experience amid the Sisters and the likely subsequent immersion into the depths of Celestialist lore for most of her life.
  65. (Yiel)
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  68. [13:53] "I see, so you also wanted to pursue a start relation the blue path of the cosmos, and you were also given the same two I was when I was around the age of sixteen.
  69. I agree that each person should be able to follow their path they want despite the trials ahead, and I've learned that the hard way. In my eye wisdom comes with trial, and error, and you can't claim to understand Rhyt without making a mistake or two along your path."
  71. Dillion didn't really have any deacons or priest to assist with his training with the cosmos, but he used the resources around him despite the lack of information given.
  73. "Tell me more about Rhyt if you would since that was one of your first stars I'm assuming you studied while training. I've have very little knowledge on Rhyt except the little I've figured out thought the years.
  75. I feel the more I know the better my connection will be with Rhyt, and while I'm not studying it jsut to unlock the power it gives I want to be able to access it if needed.
  77. This world is dangerous, and I want to be able to live a long life, and continue my studies, and hopefully one day be a source of information for anyone wishing to pursue the blue path.
  79. I'll endure the hardships so other may walk an easier path."
  81. Dillion nods he wanted to understand, and write down as much as he could to help others in the future, but he needed to gain a deeper understanding himself.
  82. (Dillion Endore)
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  84. [14:17] Listening patiently to the thoughts of the other, the Deacon begins to understand just what it is the Knight exactly wishes to have! Just more knowledge about his star. She'll smile a bit at such, giving a gracious, gentle nod. More then happy to talk about the lore of the stars, her response comes as his thought is finished.
  86. "Ah. I'd be more then glad to tell you more about the sage-star, Sir Dillion."
  88. A moment is taken were she considers her words, looking up for a time - before returning her sienna gaze to the Knight!
  90. "My journey was a touch different - more prolonged. I spent my entire life amid the Sisters, and learning about the different stars was something I've always done. There was no rush to choose which one I felt close to. But regardless, Rhyt..."
  92. "Rhyt is known by some as the sage-star. It's represented as The Mane of Leonaus in the depictions, and some priests or adherents of its teachings havemade this a part of their style!"
  94. The blonde chuckles at such;
  96. "I've heard that many older scholars grow an impressive beard, and often decorate it with braids and some simple, metal jewelry. For the Sisters I've observed as such, they aim to simply grow their hair out. I've always felt having too long a hair was a bit too hard to take care of..."
  98. Musing for a moment, before continuing with a little smile!
  100. "Ahem! But this is, of course, very optional and mostly among those associated strongly with The Faith! Some sages and Priests can be eccentric atimes. It's more of something so another can immediately identify what star they're closest to. Every star has a small little tradition to go alongside it, though these traditions can vary heavily depending on were one is within Esshar. Or so I've been informed by the books I've read - I've not been many places within this land."
  102. "Anyhow, one of The Faith's core tenets is self-improvement. As we walk upon our starlit path, we all grow and better ourselves. We'll never reach a sort of 'final incarnation' that is our best self, as that ideal is simply that - an ideal. What we can hope for is to grow from our trials and continuously be a better person, however. Rhyt is very much about this process. It's about that aggregated experience of a long life of working to better oneself, though the steps of that end-goal can be taken immediately."
  104. A pause is had, before she continues afterwards oncemore!
  106. "An adherent of Rhyt is often pushed towards gaining more and more varied experiences by their star. By wearing a lot of metaphorical hats, and by expanding what they've done to ensure that they're a sort of jack-of-all-trades, or at least someone who is always prepared with knowledge and guidance for the others around them. This is, of course, a process that comes with time, but the steps of such are something anyone can take, as long as they have the willingness to do so. Reading a variety of different pieces of literature, and going out and being active - meeting with all sorts of people of different walks of life - are pathways towards accumulating this experience. As long as one is actively meditating on their experiences and taking what they heard to heart, most definitely."
  108. A small nod is given, before she continues oncemore;
  110. "Part of Rhyt is actually this idea of mindfulness. I hear that some say that the elder Stellus of Rhyt possesses a talent referred to as 'Clear-Sight' that grants him starlit insight into any problem set before them. It's a shame that they're so busy with matters amid the kingdom, however, as such a talent is extremely applicable to any scenario, should it be more then just hearsay!"
  112. There's a smile at such, setting her hands beforeher, their movements made as she spoke stilling as the falls quiet oncemore!
  113. (Yiel)
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  115. [14:30] Dillion chuckle, so this star was really one of sagely power, but could Dillion access this knowledge Rhyt had to offer on his own? Dillion slowly taps his foot on the grass trying to picture how the future for him, and Rhyt would be like.
  117. "It's funny, but I can see that image to put in my head of a sagely scholar, and I wish I could find one, and speak with them, but I don't have the luxury."
  119. Dillion smiled for the first time in a while, and turned towards Yiel.
  121. "Maybe I can help you study star from each path, and together we can write about and store them for those that wish to understand them better. I know that it might seem like a crazy idea, but maybe we could star something that might help further push our ideals, and understanding over the cosmos"
  123. Dillion had a crazy idea, but it was crazy enough to work if Yiel wanted to take the chance to do something like that.
  125. "Rhyt seems like a very wise star, and from your explanation it seems like something I'll keep studying despite the trials ahead for me.
  127. I think I met with a lot people already even with those that wanted to kill me, and it was a interesting experience to say the least. I still feel Rhyt is testing me, and I accept whatever might happen."
  128. (Dillion Endore)
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  130. [14:42] The Deacon gives a gentle nod towards the other's notion of not having the luxury of finding such a scholar. Truthfully, her path of adherence towards Yiel was similarly solitary. Regardless, she doesn't mind at all. The teenager has inexhaustible faith, and she knows that she is never alone, regardless of where or how far she treads upon that path.
  132. Hearing his complete idea, her hands still and resting atop her Codex, she waits patiently! A warm, gentle smile is given, and once he finishes, she responds in her softened, smooth tone;
  134. "Of course, Sir Dillion. Rhyt will always do so - wisdom is something that needs to be built up constantly and over time. Only the unwise will ever say that they are wise, paradoxically. The path to wisdom is one of constant humbling and encountering an unknown hurdle that you make known and climb over."
  136. Her hands move as she speak oncemore, deliberate, sweeping gestures taken! As for his notion of learning of each star;
  138. "Though, I must say that the idea of learning about each star isn't too strange an idea at all - considering that I'm already on such a path. Slowly, I aim to come to a personal understanding with every star of Leonaus, though this will take some time, no doubt. Though this part of my path I can't exactly share - the understanding I seek is that of my own - I would be very happy to share my knowledge with others... As for more lore about the stars..."
  140. She touches the black-covered, finely-decorated book upon her lap! The Codex Cosmic, the chief holy text of Celestialism!
  142. "Such already exists! Though more specific pieces of information can sometimes be spread out amid different other books, though."
  143. (Yiel)
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  146. [14:52] "Well, I can't really fault you since the stars put people on their own paths, and I wouldn't want you to break from that path. I wouldn't want anything to pull me from my path no matter how interesting the idea might seems.
  148. I will taken you for the information though since life isn't something that will always be easy in fact life being so hard grants others wisdom."
  150. Dillion stood up, and offered her a smile it seems it was almost time for his meeting with the Thunderbird captain.
  152. "I'll keep our conversation in mind, and take your advice; hopefully, I'll be able to apply that to my daily life. I hope this helps my understanding with Rhyt a little better, and if I have any question I'll be sure to anything comes up.
  154. I have a meeting to attend about some kind of work, but we can compare note, and share what we learned next time. I'll be sure to let you know if I make any break throughs with Rhyt sooner or later.
  156. Until next time Yiel, and take care of yourself."
  158. Dillion stood up, and prepared to heard towards the location.
  159. (Dillion Endore)
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  163. [14:57] That Deacon gives a warm smile towards the Knight! An understanding nod follows afterwards, and once he's completed his thoughts, she responds!
  165. "Don't worry at all - though I won't be able to share my personal understanding with these stars, I'd be more then happy to share my scholastic understanding. Regardless, farewell, Sir Dillion, and I hope you have an enjoyable and productive meeting with them."
  167. A gentle bow of her head follows, and she declares softly;
  169. "Approach me anytime, my door is always open. Leonaus bless you, Sir Dillion."
  170. (Yiel)
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