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  2. RP Name: Rancor ARC MED CSM, BO SPC PAC, 104th Padawan C Bud
  4. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:76009170
  6. VIP (Y/N): y
  8. Age:20
  10. Timezone:EST
  12. Tell us why you wish to be an administrator I think could help with events, and spread community advice so what needs to happen or suggestions. I am TR trained, and I could help staff with the constant flux of players that come, and go. I think i could also give idea's to help further the server, so event idea's, things we could improve etc. I'm not Minge ,and I will make sure its not Tolerated ,and will help enforce it i'm very black and white so my moral compass is very straight. I'm very active, and love the server so i want to see it grow. Also I think that the staff could always use people who are smart, and loyal to their fellow server.
  14. Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): my name is Tyler and in IRL i'm getting my business
  16.  admin degree to further my job experince. I love to build pc's, and i own a watercooled pc with hardcore hardware. lastly i'm planning on going to the air force, to get career experience and well g.i bill. I love my dog Lila who is a lab greyhound mix she is cute, and lovable. I'm very Black and white so if its yes its yes if its no its no that's how i roll.
  18. Do you have any previous staff experience? Not with this server but I could learn I used to be a Gamemaster, for one my buddies servers I think i was a admin on there, i used to help them come up with different props, and some times lua i'm not great at it but i kinda understand it, also i used to make events 
  20. I use to give recommendation for the servers I've helped moderate the the server to keep enjoyable. When Players needed sim help i helped them to the best of my ability
  21. How much playtime do you have on the synergy server? (You must have a minimum of 75 hours of in-game playtime on the server to apply for new admin. Make a staff ticket in the game so that you can figure out your playtime if you think you are close)   185hrs I have enjoyed my time on server and plan on continue it 
  23. Are you currently staff on a Synergy Server?: (If so specify which one) no
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