Walnut - Mocha for the night

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >It was cold as fuck as you sat hidden in the shadows of an ally way with Mocha dressed in full black.
  2. >Both of you waiting exactly 5 hours & 5 mins before the stroke of midnight on the streets of Maleberry & Hoofington after Mocha received a letter talking about a pony going to kill one pony everynight at 12 for seven days.
  3. >Peering out the corner of the alleyway you saw nopony around, and looking to your partner who was staring at their hooves you told Mocha that this was all most likely a prank.
  4. >Raising his hoof up to your mouth, Mocha told you hush as they heard something. Listening carefully you could hear the sounds of a pony approaching.
  5. >Peering out the corner of the ally you could see a young mare unicorn by herself walking down the streets.
  6. >Telling Mocha who you saw, Mocha simply told you to wait in the alleyway.
  7. >Getting closer to the alleyway you & Mocha waited in the sound of the mares hoof prints then suddey stopped.
  8. >Your heart beating trying to figure why the mare stopped you started to hear her voice feel the air saying "Dust Flicker are you here? I'm ready to start over again.".
  9. >Pausing you had no idea who Dust Flicker was, and looking at Mocha he sat quiet deep in thought about the situation.
  10. >Then hearing the sound of an alarm going off you then heard a loud thud sound come from around the corner with the mare letting out a scream.
  11. >Leaning your head out the alleyway with Mocha to see what's going on you saw what appeared to be a moth pony stallion wearing a big brown coat on top of the unicorn mare who was letting screams.
  12. >Rushing to help the mare you grabbed the pony in the coat, yanking him up before shoving him forward onto the ground with ease.
  13. >Mocha catching up then started to ask the mare if she was okay, with you staring at the limp moth pony that you shoved.
  14. >Being careful to approach him something didn't feel right.
  15. >Stopping dead in front of him you then rolled him over to his back revealing why he wasn't moving.
  16. >Staring at the moth pony body you could see there was a professionally done cut where the moths heart should be, but wasn't as there was nothing but a stop watch.
  17. >Taking a step back you were disgusted at what you were looking at. Calling Mocha over they simply stared at the body until the both of you heard the unicorn call out the same name as before.
  18. >Looking at her both you & Michael asked her if she knew the stallion, but she was unresponsive.
  19. >Letting out a sigh of air you knew now several things were about to happen.
  20. >One was that you were going to have to call Mothia's DOP to come down to the crime scene.
  21. >Two try & talk to the unicorn mare while Mocha quickly find clues the killer was suppose to leave behind.
  22. >And three go down to the DOP's Headquarters for questioning where you & Mocha were going to watch the peacekeepers forget about you, & Mocha having previous experience working there.
  23. >Puffing out a sigh you then started to think about your old job in the DOP, & how sexist the DOP was back when you & Mocha were in it. All the times when the female peacekeepers tried to take assignments for investigation of crimes, or nightly patrols in Mothia, and how all of them were reassigned to something else by the stallion superiors, and how some of them would get gropped. Only you, Mocha, and 5 of your old peacekeeping buddies of yours would stand up for them.
  24. >Thinking about the sexism in the DOP some more you started to remember how it was because of that, that you were able to meet Mocha in the first place, and how both you got fired after Mocha punched the Vice-Chief of the DOP, & you somehow getting dragged in after Mocha sister stopped by one day with Mocha's nephew to say "Hi", and that VC making the wrong move by slapping Mocha's sister on the butt, and calling a her "A MMILF.".
  25. >Laughing a bit at the memory of it you then came back to reality with Mocha at your side staring at you funny.
  26. >Saying "What?", Mocha asked you "what is wrong with you?" with you giving no response.
  27. >Rolling your eyes you then asked Mocha if they found any clues on the deceased, and Mocha shaking his head "yes".
  28. >Saying "What is it.", Mocha told you that they would tell you at their place, but for now you & him had some questioning to do at the DOP's as Mocha had called them while you were in thought.
  30. * * *
  32. >It was early morning by the time you & Mocha finished questioning from the DOP at their HQ.
  33. >Feeling sleepy from being up all night you just wanted to sleep for now, but knew that wasn't going to happen as Mocha looked ready to investigate the crime further.
  34. >Deciding not to go to the Office you & Mocha decided to go to his two bedroom apartment where you were greeted by a cleaning Amata who stopped cleaning to make Mocha & you a nice brew of coffee.
  35. >Taking a seat at the Mocha's kitchen table while Mocha went to their room to go get their special coffee drinking glasses Amata placed the coffee she made for you & Mocha on the table.
  36. >Relaxing a bit while Mocha took his sweet time in his room to get his glasses you were amazed to look around Mocha's living room to see a whole bunch a books from geography, mathematics, & vocabulary orderly stacked up next to a whole bunch of unsolved crime papers.
  37. >Saying "Damn Mocha, your one hard worker." Mocha yelled from their room "Thank you.".
  38. >Trotting out their room, & up to the table Mocha was looking stylish wearing his black rectangular glasses.
  39. >Sitting down at the table Mocha then took a sip from the coffee Amata had made taking his sweet time gulping it down.
  40. >When he finished he set the empty coffee cup down. Then asking Mocha if they were ready to start debriefing you on what they found they simply nodded their head "yes.".
  41. >Opening his Mouth Mocha said "As you know Anon tonight was the night of the first victim. The deceased was found dead a few minutes after midnight with a medical professional cut around their chest area with their heart cut out, & replaced with a stop watch.
  43. From what I interest so far the deceased was planning on meeting the unicorn mare in hopes of rekindling a lost flame."
  44. >Nodding your head you then said "So because of the cut we are going to be looking for a former or now doctor with expertise in heart surgery who targets couples.".
  45. >Nodding their head "Yes" & "No.", Mocha said "Your right & wrong Anon. The stop watch that we found inside the victim was a sign from the Culprit to stop watching the streets he's going to kill on as he must have been watching us from a distance."
  46. "The next thing was that for him to get a stop watch he must have gone to the only place to get a watch "The Clock Stop", and finally for him to cut the heart out of the victim rather than just slit the throat signify that the killer has a personal agenda against you & me as one of most likely stole the Culprits heart.".
  47. >Listening to Mocha finish you then took a gulp at the thought of either you, or Mocha stealing the stealing the sick bastards heart.
  48. >Puffing out a sigh Mocha then told you to crash on their couch for a little bit while they do some research on who has been to The Clock Stop in the last few days.
  49. >Nodding your head "No." there was no way you were going to let your partner go out on his own with the killer still out.
  50. >Putting on smile for Mocha you were determined to see the Culprit apprehended.
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