Kantai Collection Movie Spoilers

Nov 27th, 2016
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  1. The movie starts off with Fubuki sinking hitting the sea bed. Then it cuts to a night battle with the Mikawa fleet minus Yuubari battling hordes of enemy ships. This time the animation is much better and the fight scenes alone make it worth watching. (Tenryuu is awesome with her sword)
  3. After the battle the fleet enters a crimson sea and they notice that their gear gets damaged just by entering it. they also notice a Abyssal pod like thing which opens up and reveals Kisaragi fully naked and floating on the sea.
  5. Next it cuts to a fleet with Fubuki, Mutsuki, Akagi, Kaga and Ryuujou and they are returning home from a sortie. They also see and enter the crimson sea and a strange voice is heard which says "I want to go home" to which only Fubuki replies "Yes". This scene is very creepy as the music and screen fades the second Fubuki replies.
  7. Next Fubuki and Yuudachi are at the docks and Mutsuki busts in looking for Kisaragi. Kisaragi remembers Mutsuki but not the other two. She also has strange marks on her arm.
  9. Next Nagato, Akagi, Yamato, Kaga, Kongou, Hiei are having a meeting talking about the effects of the crimson water and about the Ironbottom Sound. They then talk about Kisaragi and what to do with her. Kaga seems to know more. Nagato is the main commander of the operations in the south as the Admiral is taking care of business up north.
  11. There is a festival at the base and you get a glimpse of the different Kanmusu at this base interacting with one another. Kaga seems spaced out and doesn't notice Zuikaku giving her a soda.
  13. The next day a huge explosion happens on one of the base cranes. This was caused by Kisaragi who is crying and on the floor surrounded by Mutsuki, Fubuki and Yuudachi. Kisaragi was slowly being taken over by the Abyssal inside her. Nagato checks what happened and decides that it might be impossible for Kisaragi to return as a Kanmusu, which Mutsuki gets really angry at . (Mutsuki cries a lot in this).
  15. Kisaragi slowly develops more Abyssal like features like horns and is greatly despaired by it.
  17. Next Kaga gets stopped by Zuikaku who asks about what she knows about Kisaragi. Kaga says that Mutsuki and the others should know as well. It is then revealed that Kaga had once sunk, only coming back as a Wo-class. She says how horrible it was to fight the Kanmusu, and how she wished to go home. Her final memories as a Wo is a bomb being dropped on her. She reveals that all Kanmusu that sunk become Abyssals and that new Kanmusu also can come from killing the Abyssals. She says that the world now was a never ending cycle of fighting. The only way to end the cycle would be to not let a single Kanmusu sink.
  19. Mutsuki then says that there must be a way to save Kisaragi from being a Abyssal to which Kaga replies that she must be sunk then found again. Kisaragi overhears them talking about this.
  21. The Abyssal fleet was massing a huge force in the Ironbottom Sound and this is spotted by the Second Task Force. Ooyodo then explains that the fleet was also causing the crimson water which damages the Kanmusu's gear, to spread. It was spreading at a massive rate leaving them only three days till it reaches them. Akagi and Kaga realize though that Fubuki's gear was the only one that doesn't get damaged by it. Nagato says that they have no choice but to rely on Fubuki.
  23. Akagi and Kaga then call Fubuki and asks her where she came from before coming to this Naval base to which she replies she doesn't remember. She does not have any memory of anything before coming to the Naval Base.
  25. They then compose a plan of having Carrier Combined fleet act as a decoy to lure the enemy out of the source of the water, then have two Surface fleets enter deep into enemy territory.
  27. Fubuki is escorted by Hiei, Kirishima, Yuudachi, Mutsuki and Yamato and the other fleet consisted of Kitakami, Ooi, Kako, Sendai, Jintsuu and Akatsuki. They battle fiercely against hordes of enemies with Yuudachi showing off what she couldn't in the anime and going into nightmare mode. Hiei the flagship and Kirishima also showed a historical reference with after getting badly damaged, shining a light on the enemy so Kirishima could fire at them while the enemy focused fire on her.
  29. Hiei leaves the flagship to Yamato and lets them go ahead. Yamato escorts Fubuki and Mutsuki to the deepest of enemy territory, there, there is a pillar of light which is the source of the crimson water. However, Yamato is hit by fire from enemy BB Princesses (double dyson) getting heavily damaged. She manages to defeat them but is then hit by a enemy Ne-class who gets her to the point of sinking. The Ne-class proceeds to grab Mutsuki and just as it is about to fire point blank at her, a blast hits it. A fully Abyssal looking Kisaragi comes and saves Mutsuki and they proceed to hold off the enemy fleet allowing Fubuki to enter the light.
  31. In the light Fubuki is shown sinking and near the bottom she sees a graveyard of the many ships that had sunk in the Ironbottom Sound. At the bottom she meets a Abyssal that looks just like her and she remembers how she came to be. In history the actual Fubuki although was the flagship of her class sunk without doing much. This caused her ship's spirit to have the urge to want to go back and do many great things creating the Kanmusu Fubuki. However, at the same time all the grief and anger for sinking so fast also created the Abyssal version of her. Fubuki then is strangled by the Abyssal version of her with the sounds of all her comrades sinking surrounding her. Fubuki then realizes she is the "hope" of the Kanmusu and breaks free and joining up with her Abyssal self.
  33. This causes all the Abyssals on the surface to disappear including the Abyssal Kisaragi. Mutsuki says to Kisaragi that she will never forget her (an answer to her sinking lines) and promises to find her again.
  35. All the Kanmusu return to the base and some time passes and Fubuki is seen getting a rice ball made by Mutsuki and as "Fubuki" plays she is seen ready to sortie.
  37. After the end credits Mutsuki is seen running up to a cliff and a familiar figure wearing a hair clip turns around and smiles at her.
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