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  1. Arid Badlands
  3. ------------------------------Flora------------------------------
  5. Dead trees, shrubs, cacti here and there. If you happen to find a pool of water, it's likely that there might be some exotic if not rare types of plants. Most of the flora in Arid Badlands is located underground in the caverns, which is full of different types of fungi and moss.
  7. ------------------------------Fauna------------------------------
  9. The wilderness consist of dire animals mostly. Only a few critters have survived the hunting of the orcs. There are very few animals to be found in the badlands, every now and then you might encounter:
  11.     -Giant Eagles (MM Page 93.)
  12.     -Ankheg colonies (MM Pages 14. and 15.)
  13.     -Bulettes (MM Page 30.)
  14.     -Gray Renders (MM Page 138.)
  15.     -Purple Worms (MM Page 211.)
  16.     -Rocs (MM Page 215.)
  17.     -Brass Dragons, although most likely extinct. (MM Page 79.)
  19. In the occasional underground cave entrances that sometimes appear on the surface:
  21.     -Basilisks (MM Pages 23. and 24.)
  22.     -Rust Monsters (MM Page 216.)
  23.     -Wyverns (MM Page 259.)
  25. ------------------------------Civilizations------------------------------
  27. Even though most of the orcs in the world live in Arid Badlands, it is also a home several for goblin and ogre tribes. Seeing as the orc tribes war against each other, it's no surprise that they're also very hostile against other races. Deep in the Arid Badlands there is however one city that belongs to the orcs, Korg'Rut. This is one of the few orc cities that are not destroyed by tribal wars and pure bloodthirst, and is infact considered the "capital" of the orcs.
  29. The Korgath Orcs - Residents of Korg'Rut, the "civilized" orcs. Will not attack on sight unless in war with an empire. Don't expect a warm welcome either way, though. People here follow Gruldan the Accepting.
  31. The Bloodstone Orcs - Tribal Orcs whose empire is located in the mountainous areas of Arid Badlands. Named after a huge flat top mountain that shines red in the dawn. Known for their cruel shamanistic rituals that involve sacrifice to Gronag the Malicious.
  33. The Run'Ta Orcs - Tribal orcs whose empire is located in the plains of Arid Badlands. They are known for their ability to tame even the fiercest of beasts and turn them into war equipment. They rely on brute force and have forbidden the use of arcane magic, hence they follow Gruumsh. The Run'Ta Orcs are the ones behind the extinction of the Brass Dragons in Arid Badlands, but are rumoured to have 2 of them alive in hiding to breed them for their private use.
  35. ------------------------------Points of Interest------------------------------
  37. Monk Monastery - To master the body, Arid Badlands is the ultimate test to some monks. This monastery was set up by a single man who mastered himself in the badlands, and now seeks to train others. In the monastery, you are trained in the ways of martial arts like fighting huge beasts with only your bare hands. Their final test to pass the training is to go all around the badlands without food or drink. Once you pass the training, you are considered having mastered your body.
  39. Korg'Rut - The Orc Capital
  41. ------------------------------Historic Figures------------------------------
  43. Monk Monastery Leader Monk - Epic level human monk
  44.     Known titles: Servant of Nobody, Timeless One, Elder
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