LOG Duanwu Festival

Apr 18th, 2019
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  3. THE STORY SO FAR: A Song of Blood and Fire: The Duanwu Festival
  5. The Duanwu Festival, also often known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China. It is also known as Zhongxiao Festival, commemorating fealty and filial piety. The Dragon Boat Festival is also a day for getting rid of disease and bad luck.
  7. This year, El Fenix, the oldest watering hole and gaming parlor in Barrio Chino, Tijuana, will be hosting a celebration for the asian community of both Tijuana's Barrio Chino, and Prospect's Chinatown.
  9. Half price drinks, complimentary Zongzi (rice dumpling), 5 bean congee, and xionghuang wine, and door gifts of calamus, Artemisia, pomegranate flowers, Chinese ixora and garlic along with 5-colored silk-threaded braids will add to the festive atmosphere! Place bets on the mini-dragon boat races or centipede and scorpion fights! Try your hand at competitive egg balancing or calligraphic spell-writing! AND NOW OUR STORY BEGINS!
  11. Fenix is /personally/ working the door tonight. Because its a festival! And everyone deserves to be made to feel special!
  13. The bar and gaming parlor has been entirely decorated and dressed up for the festival! Paper dragons and demons and the like hang from the ceiling and the parlor's employees will dart in and out of the crowd with dragon and Zhong Kui (a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings, and reputedly able to command 80,000 demons) and demon puppets, the dragons and Zhong Kui chasing off the demons. Patrons at the door will reach into grab bag and withdraw an item of either calamus, Artemisia, pomegranate flowers, Chinese ixora or garlic to use in warding off evil spirits and bad luck! Everyone will be given a 5-colored silk-threaded braid to wear around their wrist for protection from the bad luck and disease and demons.
  15. STATION: Poisonous Beasts!
  17. Arranged throughout the space will be carefully tended terrarium type displays, where guests can place wagers on small combats between all manner of poisonous critters - namely, between and among snakes, centipedes and scorpions! For those of a less violent bent, pictures of the five poisonous creatures have been pasted on the walls and guests can try their hand at throwing dart needles at them. For any young'uns in attendance, there are paper cuttings of the five creatures that can be wrapped these around the wrists of children to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. (Perception vs 6)
  19. STATION: Mini-Dragon Boat Races!
  21. Arranged between the various spaces are long artificial "canals". The waterways run the length of the distance between the various corners of the room, each waterway labeled with one of the cardinal directions. In the artificial waterway will be mini-dragon boats, guided along by a tiny pole to which a long string is tethered that runs on a pulley from one end of the canal to the other. Guests can compete and try to guide their mini-dragon boat to the other end and secure the "body" of the drowned minister Qu Yuan while avoiding obstacles like angry fish and other demons of the river! (Wits vs 6)
  23. STATION: Egg Balancing!
  25. Egg balancing is a traditional Chinese practice that has since been popularized in the United States. Although the irregular shape of eggs makes this somewhat difficult, eggshells typically have many imperfections such that the vast majority can be balanced with minimal effort. The trick is to do in an expeditious and aethetically pleasing way! (Dexterity vs 6)
  27. STATION: Spell Calligraphy!
  29. Scrolls and inkpots and brushes will be available and set out at various stations throughout the space. Guests can try their hand at drawing spells that ward off disease and bad luck and invoke health and auspicious blessings! Each station will have a specific spell assigned to it that guests can try and replicate or augment with their own flourish. But before an attempt can be made? A glass of strong, potent realgar wine must be imbibed, adding to the challenge! Realgar wine or xionghuang wine is a Chinese alcoholic drink that is made from Chinese yellow wine dosed with powdered realgar, a yellow-orange arsenic sulfide mineral. It is often used as a common antidote against poison in ancient Asia. (Dexterity + Calligraphy vs 6)
  31. Driving all the way down to Tijuana for the festival, Mei arrives with a smile. She has apparently been here before, because she will walk in confidently. With her is Hideaki, whom she's talking to with a bright smile. "This should be fun!", she says excitedly. "have you been here before?" When she gets to the door to enter, she'll look around for Fenix and smiles when she spots him, turning directly to head towards him to greet him since he's greeting everyone anyways.
  33. Bieta and Kasia are already there wearing their braided belts to ward off bad luck. Kasia holds onto her pomegranate blossom while Bieta tries to stick the bulb of garlic she drew into the pocket of Fenix's pants.
  35. Hideaki nods to mei, "I have." he gives a small bow to the host.
  37. Fenix is well and good distracted, working the door and making sue everyone gets a personal welcome from him. Gladhandling, backslapping, this or that hug. Its a mishmash of Mandarin and some Spanish, with a bit of English tossed in every once and a while. People get ushered in so that they can rapidly join the festivities.
  39. Now with a bit more money in his pockets, Ken is able to take the ride to Tijuana's Barrio Chino for the festival, and who knows if he's about to spend them all on Mahjong- again! He walks in the establishment with a pair of shades obscuring his eyes, head turning to gaze at the people already present inside, and a nod thrown to Fenix. He keeps up that stoicness when he enters and immediately goes to the bar for a drink.
  41. Mei grins as she bows to Fenix and then also heads inside to enjoy herself. She'll hesitate as she looks around and then smiles at all the stations. "Oh well...", she'll say cheerfully as she heads to a terrarium. "Hmm... ooh, you can wager on which one will win? I wager on that scorpion there..", she'll call out and get closer to watch.
  43. Bieta may have just snuck the garlic bulb into Fenix's pocket without him noticing but it is a very good thing he is preoccupied by greeting guests because her rather honest face will not hide the guilty look she has on it. Bieta drops her gaze and just stands close to Fenix. Kasia stands next to her mother.
  45. The staff are all busy with either staffing out the various stations, working the bar, or running about with the large puppets of dragons and demons and demon-hunters. Its all festive and chaotic and rather fantastic. Fenix takes a moment to personally provide Kasia with children's door prizes, and point out the more child-friendly stations of pin the tail on the monster, or egg balancing and the like. He looks to Bieta, "Thanks for stopping by," he'll offer in English.
  47. Hideaki follows mei over to watch her scorpion, however he does not bet at this time.
  49. "Oh, I am glad that you invited us to come to the festival, Mr. Fenix," says Bieta. "Kasia and I needed something like this. Will they let me try to balance the eggs?" Kasia does not have the best of luck her first time and her egg goes splat.
  51. Emi wears a traditional black kimono with white clouds embroidered into the fabric, she walks on wooden geta as well. The Japanese-looking beauty hidden by a black and pink folding fan. It's used to occasionally obscure the young woman's face as she nears the Duanwu Festival. Perhaps overdressing for the event, but it was for the pleasure of the spirits after all. A small flicker wrist movement shuts her fan as Emi politely greets Fenix and accepts a good luck charm. A small smile on her face.
  53. Tapping his fingers on the bar habitually, Ken'll wait for his drink to come up, a cold bottle of Corona, before he goes off to watch all the wagers being placed on the critter-fights. He stares, rather unamused by it (or maybe that's just how he looks 90 percent of the time), guzzling down his cold liquor as he watches. He slips one hand into his pockets to roll out a handful of crumpled bills and begins counting them down. "Who's in charge of the bets here?"
  55. "Oh, sure. Make yourself at home and lemme or any of the staff know if you or Kasia need anything." Fenix ruffles Kasia's hair,then turns back to continue working the door for a bit. Once Emi is properly decked out with goodies, he offers her a smile. "Thanks for coming."
  57. Cash moves fast and furious at the betting stations, the dealers who usually work the card tables taking down bets as the venemous critters have at each other in the terrariums.
  59. Scorpion Vs Centipede! Who will win!?? Mei leans forward as her bet is taken and then grins as she watches. "I guess it depends on whose poison is more potent and who can penetrate whose armor... ", she'll say aloud with a snicker. Glancing over at HIdeaki, "Do you want to look at other things?"
  61. Hideaki shakes his head, "Not yet. Still reading the crowd."
  63. The space soon fills up with revelers from barrio chino, regulars and new faces alike. The festive atmosphere tugs on mythic threads of rememberance that traveled through here all the way from The middle kingdom, alive and well. Those sensitive to chi will feel the build up in the room, as the belief and ritual engagement of the crowd sustains and nourishes the mythic threads in the space.
  65. Emi goes to the egg balancing act. Carefully placing the egg on a spoon once it was her turn. It nearly slips off as she re-catches the egg with the metal spoon. A open smile showing her nice teeth as the Japanese woman didn't balance the egg well. It sat lopsided and uninspired. She would have to practice her skills.
  67. Ken tugs on the collar of his shirt and walks to place his bets for the critters- a snake will be his champion for tonight. Returning to watch the terrariums, he swigs on his liquor and turns to stare at Mei, clicking his tongue and winking. "Brave of you to place your bets on the losing side. My snake's snatching the title tonight, you hear me?" He forms a grin and chuckles.
  69. Today Bieta is dressed in a red cheogsam with black trim. Her daughter Kasia is wearing a red cheogsam with gold trim. Bieta speaks to the woman at the egg booth and the woman there gives her what she will need to attempt to balance eggs. Bieta tries her hand at balancing eggs in a creative way.
  71. Demon puppets are chased throughout the space by the dragon and demon-hunter puppets, sometime one side getting the advantage, sometimes the other. Noisemakers and streamers add to the pell-mell atmosphere.
  73. Fenix eyes the egg station and heads on over, taking a shot at the event. "Maybe we should have used turtle eggs..."
  75. The fangshi (Fenix) laughs and shakes his head, "No, these eggs seem just fine!" He balances an egg adequately enough before setting it down.
  77. When Bieta's egg hits the ground, she just avoids getting anything on her shoes or dress. Kasia watches Fenix balance and egg while Bieta asks for another egg. Bieta tries to balance an egg again, this time trying to do something less adventurous with the egg her first time.
  79. Fenix gives Kasia a little demon doll that he wins to go with the demon-hunter she received at the door from earlier, and then goes to the min dragon boats. "Step up to the races! Save the bdy of Qu Yuan before the fishes and river demons consume him!"
  81. All the commotion over by the egg-balancing section draws Ken's attention, and his eyes glance at through his dark shades for a brief moment. Shrugging, he turns to pay his attention on the terrariums once again, waiting for his snake's turn for the fight.
  83. Kasia accepts the little demon doll and says, "Thank you, Mr. Fenix." Kasia threads the demon doll through her braided belt next to the hunter doll around her waist. Then she watches him race off towards the dragon boat races. When he mentions rescuing someones dead body out of the water before the fishs and demons can eat it, Kasia says, "ewww..." Bieta gives the egg and other items she was using back to the woman at the booth and thanks her. Bieta then goes to see about what her daughter was speaking.
  85. Hideaki seems content to watch the venimous critters duel with Mei for the moment.
  87. Fenix tries his hand at navigating a little dragon boat from one end to the other to reclaim the "body" of the dead minister, but his boat gets derailed a quarter of the way through by one of the automated river demon obstacles in the canal. "Bah," says the fangshi as his joss runs out at this particular event.
  89. Mei snorts at Ken and then looks amused. "Talkin' smack already huh? Don't fear, I shall be the winner here.." She'll watch as the insects battle, and then her scorpion actually fails. "Oh shit.", she'll say with a frown. "How the hell can a centipede beat a scorpion!???" No smack talk from her, her insect failed!
  91. Bieta looks at Kasia and says, "Do you want to go over and race boats with Mr. Fenix?"
  93. Kasia nods and says, "Just as long as I don't have to pull any dead bodies out of the water."
  95. Bieta says, "I do not think there are any real dead bodies." Bieta leads her daughter over to the boats and Bieta stands next to Fenix to try her hand at the boats.
  97. Fenix smiles as Kasia join him. "Let's try this dragon, Kasia," he says, guiding her to a red dragon boat. "He looks fierce." He helps the child handle the two threads that maneuver the boat through the long little caal towards the finish line.
  99. Hideaki chuckles as Mei's critter looses then asks her, "Shall we try the prayer calligraphy?"
  101. Man! Whomever designed the obstacles in the canal, the feirce fish and ferocios river demons? Did TOO good a job this game is HARD! Fenix grows at the attendant and gets him to cough up a prize anyway. Fenis IS the BOSS after all. He hands a red dragon doll to Kasia, "There you go, love."
  103. Bieta finds that she has about the same similar luck with the boats that Fenix had earlier, her boat getting caught on one of the automated monsters. Bieta looks at Fenix and says, "Mr. Fenix, how do you restart once a monster gets the boat?" Kasia is delighted that Fenix is showing her how to use the boat control threads.
  105. A huge grin is displayed on Ken's face when Mei's scorpion is beaten, and most likely, dead from the centipede's own venom. His hand reaches to pat her on the shoulder. "Life goes on," he says. He guzzles down the Corona, but impatience has gotten to him now when his snake hasn't yet showed up to the fights. "Where's my little champion at, man? Bring the damned snake in, vamos! I'm winning my bets for sure!"
  107. Fenix smiles at Bieta. "Staff reset the dragon boat, unless it got too waterlogged, which has happened, believe it or not. But we have plenty on hand."
  109. Attendants bring in the snakes now, for the main event at the terrarium combats. MORTAL KOMBAT! A crowd forms, and cash money is gathered and changes hands as wagers are made.
  110. Mei laughs at Ken and then says, "Just you wait, your snake isn't even gona show up!" She'll grin and then turn to Hideaki and nods. "Yeah sure..", she'll say as she begins to step away, although her phone rings. She'll speak sharply in Mandarin into the phone, talking very, very fast. After a minute, she'll say to Hidekai, "Lemme go take care of this, I'll be back. Sort of an emergency, sorry..."
  112. Hideaki nods, "No worries. Be safe."
  114. Emi hid behind her fan as she looked at Kasia and her numerous puppets. A small twinge of jealousy for Emi had zero puppets. She wondered to herself if she should steal from the child. But what monster would do such a thing. Perhaps... another child? - Most didn't realize Emi's true age as she looked around to see what other games might earn her prices. Perhaps she could find satisfaction in winning something on her own.
  116. Bieta finds another dragon boat and decides to try to make it through the obstacle course without being capsized by automatated threats. Kasia decides to join her mother and the two of them work the control strings together to navigate the boat through.
  118. Hideaki heads over to the caligraphy station and takes his drink, waiting for it to hit as he studies the spell forms. When he thinks he's ready he starts making marks on the paper. It's obvious that he's not proficient in the art, but he produces a passable rendition for a beginner.
  120. Fenix gives Hideaki a grin. "You can't take the craft out of the craftsman, eh?"
  122. Mei nods at Hideaki and then smiles at him before she turns to head out to the parking lot to go and do some work apparently.
  124. Hideaki laughs, "I've been workig with my hands for most of my life. Sketching and shaping things. It's kind of hard to fail completely, but i figured the beverage would help even the odds."
  126. "Finally!" Ken roars out in Cantonese when the snakes are brought out. He's placed a considerable wager for this, and he's not keen on losing any of it tonight. Slamming down what's left of his Corona into his throat, a loud burp emerges as he sets the empty bottle down right next to his feet.
  128. Hideaki has been speeking in accented Mandarin this evening.
  130. Fenix nods to Hideaki, then looks over a shoulder as the crowd gets rowdy for the snake fights. Always a crowd pleaser, the southwest providing plenty of snakes that can put on a good show.
  132. If older men can play games of drawing ink lines on paper, so could Emi. She focuses on Hideaki as her opponent, tracing his exact lines onto her own paper. The woman didn't know how to play or what she was doing. She was just tryharding at games and festivities for fun and the chance to win a puppet or other prize.
  134. And with that, the dogs of war are unleashed. Or the snakes of war, anyway. Life in the desert badlands is /hard/ and its a snake eat snake world. Flashes of movement as the serpents move with lightning alacrity, feinting and biting. All it takes is one good bite and the combat will be over. Hissing and more hissing ensues.
  136. Kurumi's arrival is nigh impossible to miss. Even if she wanted to be stealthy a 6'6" asian amazon who seems to radiate almost tangible desire is not exactly subtle. In true Kurumi fashion she makes straight for the alcohol.
  138. The rattlesnake does its opponent in and half thr rowdy crowd makes a sound of disappointment! The other half roars in approval! Win some, lose som!
  140. Loud curses, a mix of Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and even some English are heard. Notably, Ken's might be one of the loudest. He /really/ didn't want to lose his money, but c'est la vie! Sighing in disappointment, Ken itches the back of his skull and goes to the bar to drown in his sorrows.
  142. Hideaki grins at Emi and takes her offer of a second try. His motions much more fluid as he seems to be adapting to the style, pulling off a flawless prayer/spell.
  144. So flawless is Hideaki's conjuring with the brush and ink on the scroll that a sudden wave of Yang chi washes over all and sundry! Better than the best tequila shot!
  146. Bieta walks up to Hideaki with Kasia and watches him doing calligraphy. Bieta walks over to Fenix and says, "May I please try to write calligraphy too?"
  148. In addition, an attendant provides Hideaki with a Zhong Kui mask. "Nice," comments Fenix as he admires the man's handiwork. Also known in Japanese context as Shoki!
  150. Fenix gives Bieta a nod, "Of course - everything out here is open to one and all."
  152. Jin takes up a pen and a peice of paper and leans over it to write.
  154. Hideaki bows and accepts the mask, donning it for the rest of the festivities.
  156. Emi just watches in hopeless defeat. Hanging her head in sorrow. Who used crazy human hands to paint stuff? - She would stand a much better chance as a fox and painting with her mouth. But that's a secret for a different day as Emi slowly stood and bowed her head respectfully at Hideaki. She wasn't a sore loser, and knew when she was outclassed. "Thank you for showing me your true skill.", it only meant Emi would have to prep for the festival to cheat and win. That was the true fox way.
  158. Jin spills ink all over the place but then it might be an improvement. She bends and twists to keep it off her "For fuck's sake somehow this is all your fault Danny Lung!"
  160. The festival is in full swing. At this point, shen would notice a special banner hung over the door to the OCP, welcoming them and bidding them enter!
  162. Bieta would take the drink offered and then she would look at the example of the scroll she wanted to write as a reference as she began to use the brush and ink to apply the strokes to paper which will form the iconographs.
  164. Fenix offers Jin a rag to wipe up any errant ink, as the attendants work to clean up the mishap at the station. "Even in errant chaos, there is beauty," he offers with a wink before turning to lead a procession of VIPs into the OCP.
  166. Bad joss here, good joss there! Bieta performs well at the spell caligraphy, winning yet another puppet doll for herself/Kasia.
  168. Kurumi watches the festivities with a jug of wine leaning against the wall. Not speaking Chinese or Spanish and without her usual translator she seem content to watch and drink for the moment.
  170. You move to El Fenix - Office and Cage Pit
  171. El Fenix - Office and Cage Pit(#11509RM)
  173. The back of the house is where two things are located - the owner's box/office suite, and a large octagonal steel cage where combatants can square off in mixed martial arts bouts for the purposes of betting and entertainment. Security is high here, both in terms of surveillance and armed personnel. One set of security staff patrol the owner's box/office suites, while the other set keep the crowd from getting too rowdy near the cage matches. Waitresses in skimpy outfits wander through the space every so often, serving drinks and cigarettes to the patrons and taking down bets.
  175. The owner's box/office suite is set along the far back wall, and consists of a large steel door, and an extra wide one way mirrored plexiglass window that provides a view of the action within the cage.
  177. *** <PLACES CONFIGURED> ***
  180. *** Nightzone ***
  182. The back of the house, which also serves as the public holy Yang attuned temple pulling double duty to Jiutian Xuannu - the goddess of war, sex, and longevity - and to Zhurong - the god of fire and of the south has been arrayed with as much splendor as can be mustered on this festive night. The ambient yang chi of the holiday has lowered the wall, and allowed spirits of light to slip over and gather, casting the entire room in an array of multicolored hues while the spirits act out scenes from various stories associated with the dragon-boat festival. Its sort of like an indoor fireworks display, without all the fire. Not that there aren't lanterns and such artfully set out along dragon line fissures to help with the lowering of the wall.
  184. Fenix makes sure everyone is properly provided and plied with libations and snacks before gathering everyone round over by The Cage.
  186. Is Jin really a shen, sure she can turn into a demonic monkey but does that count. What does seem to count to her at least is the trail of food and sake that led her here. For such a small woman she is working on consuming her own weight in rice wine and snacks.
  188. When the shen are called to gather in the backroom of the establishment, it's only natural for Ken to disperse from whatever activities he was busy doing and heed the call. Readjusting his pair of shades, he moves and shuffles through the small crowd of supernaturals, paying a great deal of attention to them. He goes over to congregrate by the Cage, under Fenix's guidance. What a lovely gathering this is!
  190. Kurumi follows after the train of people, still drinking from her rice wine jug. Yes straight from the jug. She seems to be of a similar mind to Jin and it shows in the rosy glow of her cheeks. Though she is half-listening enough to at least follow after the group. Though she seems more interested in the light show than any formalities.
  192. Hideaki brings in the tail end, still wearing his mask. Paying Ken and Fenix a bit more attention than the others.
  194. Fenix steps up on a footstool near the lip of The Cage pit to get a little bit of height. It was /slightly/ more decorous than standing on top of a table, right? "Thank you all for coming," he'll offer. "Some of you I've met, and some just now for the first time. Regardless, I am Baron Wu Hong Feng, shinma of the Shu Shen court of barrio chino and I want to officially welcome you to my home. I hope that we can maintain harmonious relations across our sister cities of the local middle kingdom. I've negotiated safe haven here in barrio chino for shen with the local kinjin." A pause. "And I am in the process of arranging to house a Tournament of the Capital Cities of Heaven and Hell in the near future, to which I hope you will come and delight in the spectacle that is sure to follow."
  196. Ken is just standing in the back of the crowd, arms crossed over his chest while he listens to the announcement. There's the occasional glare to other people, and the 6'6" woman in particular catches his attention, possibly out of curiosity of her tremendous size. His eyes are obscured behind those glasses of him though, and it might be hard to determine just who he's glaring at, but he himself is facing forward at Fenix. The tournament /should/ be a good way to earn some easy cash, and it's very fortunate that he's already given some form of a pass for it.
  198. The light spirits zig and zag about like nevers, creating a kaleidoscopic effect in the space that adds to the surreality of everything that was just said. The yang flows freely in the space tonight, summoned up from the festival-goers and coalescing along the dragon lines beneath the temple.
  200. If you can't blind them with brillence baffle them with bullshit. She looks at the mostly unknown crowd and intones in a solemn voice..with only minor slurring. "I am Soon Jin, concubine to Daniel Lung Venerable Benefactor of the Wing Kong, Immortal Dragon of Chinatown. Thrashing dragon, dancers of the Laughing Rainbows, you though can all me Jin."
  202. Emi dressed in her kimono seems anxious at the news of a tournament. Fanning her face faster as she hid behind the delicate and ornate accessory. She does happen to take a alcoholic drink when offered and sips it slowly as if learning it's taste. A small wave at Kurumi from a distance but most the faces were unknown to her. However, Emi would listen to introductions. Learning faces and names or titles. This was fun. Or so said the pleasant smile on Emi's face.
  204. Fenix does his best to supress a wrinkle of his nose when chinatown's maoshan master of yin is mentioned. Dragon guardians, warrior-zealot death cultists and the like were at the opposite end of his own little demesne of blood and fire, sex and violence. Laughing Ranbows, though? They were welcome connosieurs and likemided devourers of yang. But best to look and not touch, so as to avoid bringing the unwanted reach of the maoshan's icy yin into the house of yang. "I'll send invitations once a date and time are set. Lord Ku of the Tousand tears sends an emissary in the next few nights to determine whether they will participate in the tournament."
  206. Hideaki chuckles from behind his new mask, "Most of you know me, but some of you do not. Hotsuin, Hideaki. Chi'N Ta, Master Spirit smith, Master sword smith, Shinto Priest. I do not think I am interested in being a participant in the combat this time, but I may consider being an observer."
  208. Fenix nods to the man in the Shoki mask. "The wonders from the Hell of the Thousand Tears should be interesting to behold. I've been told that Johnny Sorrow brings some of the realm's most entertaining warriors with him."
  210. The silence from Ken is maintained when people begin to step up and introducing themselves, though he's yet to hear any hengeyokai amongst the crowd, which is a slight surprise for him. Those of the Beast Courts tend to populate the shen enclaves, though it seems that they must not be as popular here in Barrio Chino. "Now I don't have any fancy titles to give out here, but my name's Ken. Most of you will know of me as a bakemono, but don't worry, I'm not a man-eater. Not when I'm full anyway." There's a muffled chuckle from him after his remark.
  212. Fenix gives Ken a grin. "Should the tournament proceed, it will be held in here in barrio chino's undercity, which has yet many secrets to be uncovered and sorted through."
  214. Emi bows towards the other parties, taking the fan away from her face to pay respect. "I am Emi Go, a Eji or Warrior of the clan of the Fox. A kitsune. I hold no titles that you would understand or likely respect. However this lowly being would like to participate in the tournament.", raising her head deftly and shielding her face again with the fan.
  216. The shinma baron of blood and fire hops off the stool. Formalities have apparently concluded, such as they were. "I look forward to solidifying our presence here as shen in barrio chino, by any and all means necessary. Enjoy the libations, enjoy the abundance of yang chi that has been created this night. Share in my bountiful harvest as I hope you will share in my exploration of the violent delights yet to come." Temple attendants will circulate then, with trays laden with food and drink so that all make merry as they wish or not.
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