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Nov 4th, 2017
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  2. Love the show, been listening for 6 months since that's when I got into podcasts. Wish I was an OG listener. I would like some advice. First, my background:
  4. I did some EE and CS in college but graduated with an unrelated STEM degree. I spent a while in an unrelated industry then really wanted to be a developer so I picked up Android and got a job and I've been here for 6 months. Life is good.
  5. The advice that I want is two parts:
  7. First, I love being an engineer, I LOVE being an engineer. It just feels awesome to have the ability to create products from scratch. I want to be a great engineer so my question is how do I go about doing that? I know this is broad so please note that since my previous gig was retail, I actually feel like I have things like communications, pragmatism, teamwork, customer focus and thinking about the big picture down. So my question is specifically, what advice do you have to improve my ability as an engineer? What books do you feel are important? What daily habits?
  9. Two, this is straight up career advice. So as I said before I work in Android. To be blunt, I hate Android, I picked it up as my platform because I had been doing Java so I figured it would be the path of least resistance. To this day, the last Android phone I owned was an HTC incredible in 2011. Lucky for me I work on embedded AOSP devices so no one cares I own an iPhone here. So now that I have a dev job I can start planning my next move so my question is what are your thoughts about what platforms to spend time in? I LOVE Apple products, cant't wait to get an iPhone X. I've already started learning iOS and while Xcode definitely sucks compared to Android Studio, I am enjoying making things for my phone. So I would love to do iOS on the side and eventually get an iOS position 1-2 years down the road buttttt then mike says "you can just use webviews and have your web devs maintain them" and the reality is that web developers seem to outnumber mobile devs 10 to 1. So idk whether iOS
  10. is a risky investment. I want to continue being a developer for a long time so what advice do you have? Also if you do recommend iOS do you have any resources that you feel really prepare you to be a junior iOS dev?
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