Coming to Terms and Service [clop] (sunset/Dazzlings)

Apr 19th, 2015
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  1. > Be Sunset Shimmer, former student of Princess Celestia, former Queen of the high school, current "handmaiden" of the rulers of the tristate area and eventually, world
  2. > Your friends received their punishments for resisting and are now all but zombies
  3. > You, and you alone get to keep your awareness
  4. > It seems they took special offense at your attempt to rally the girls
  5. > For your reward, you are fully awake as they force you to pleasure them from time to time
  6. > You would resist, but they have all the power
  7. > Not to mention the threat of letting Snips and Snails have their way with you
  8. > You don't care how many pussies you have to eat, there is no way you'll let those two so much as touch you
  9. > You're jerked out of your reverie by bedroom door opening
  10. > The sirens walk inside and you sink to your knees and lower your head before them
  11. > "Girls, good job. I think we'll take the rest of the day off."
  12. > You shiver slightly, and you don't need to look up to see the predatory grin on Adagio's face
  13. > She passes by, trailing her fingers through your hair
  14. > "Oh, and Cumslut Rimmer? I'd like it nice and slow."
  15. > You hate her name for you, but you turn and rise nonetheless
  16. > Adagio lies utterly relaxed on the overly large bed, her eyes fixed on you
  17. > You are very conscious of both the short hem of your maid uniform, and the two Dazzlings behind you as you lean forward to undo Adagio's shorts
  18. > Aria takes the opportunity to grab your ass on her way to the bed
  19. > Even though you were half expecting it, you still glare at her
  20. > This is exactly what she wants, and you know it
  21. > It feels good to give in to your anger a little bit, even if Aria enjoys the show of emotion
  22. > Your pride would have you show no reaction, but Aria...
  23. > Of the three, displeasing her is the most unpleasant
  24. > With an angry snort, you return to pulling down Adagio's shorts and stockings
  25. > They're down to her knees when you feel Sonata lift up your meager skirt and rub her bare crotch against your ass
  26. > It's feverishly warm, and you can feel some of her juices get smeared around on your buttcheek
  27. > You firmly ignore the sensation, you are a straight woman who is not aroused by any kind of unwelcome touch
  28. > Adagio's lower half is clad only in a pair of panties now, and you almost hesitate at the next step
  29. > Sonata giggles in your ear and cups your breasts in her hands, still grinding against your ass
  30. > Your mind starts to numb against the onslaught as you bend down and seize the fabric of Adagio's underwear in your teeth
  31. > The smell of her arousal fills you nose, even as you pull her panties down
  32. > Adagio considerately lifts her legs, so that Sonata can keep humping you while you struggle to move the panties
  33. > You feel nothing as you go down on Adagio, not even Sonata's hands roving southward
  34. > Your eyes stare at a yellow stomach, your mouth moving mechanically, delicately licking and plunging at random, your hands on her warm thighs to steady yourself
  35. > To your shame, your hips buck slightly when Sonata's fingers dip into your womanhood
  36. > You'd think you would be used to being used and violated, but you can never be truly numb to the experience
  37. > Adagio writhes under your ministrations, her hands snarled in your hair, pushing you firmly against her pussy
  38. > For a moment, you can't figure out why her shallow breaths have an echo, then you realize with a shock that you are hearing your own breaths
  39. > Your body is hot and pliant under Sonata's hands, and she lets out little yelps that let you know she's getting close
  40. > You try to ignore her, but you can feel a heat building in your loins
  41. > Sonata's breath is hot across your ear
  42. > You try to block her out, working all the more diligently at pleasuring Adagio's hot tunnel with your tongue
  43. > Then Sonata bites your ear gently and all pretense is lost
  44. > You moan into Adagio's pussy, your juices flowing down your leg and mingling with Sonata's
  45. > Adagio's legs clamp down on your head, and your mouth is filled with her cum
  46. > You swallow dazedly, oblivious to the fire this lights in her eyes
  47. > After long moments, the little threesome stops twitching and Sonata crawls up onto the bed
  48. > You just kneel at the foot of the bed
  49. > You can't have orgasmed, you're not a lesbian!
  50. > Adagio practically purrs
  51. > "Well done, Cumslut. You swallowed quite a bit of my cum this time, I'm glad you're taking your duties seriously. I'll expect this same level of performance from now on."
  52. > You whimper
  53. > Meanwhile, Aria is pulling something out of a bag
  54. > As she puts it on, you recognize the back of the harness as that of a strap on
  55. > Oh no
  56. > Aria turns around with a grin, letting her newest toy swing freely
  57. > "My turn. Why don't you kiss your new boyfriend?"
  58. > Your dread turns to confusion
  59. > Sonata perks up
  60. > "Ooh! Since it's a rubber chicken, you could tell her to kiss your cock!"
  61. > Aria swaggers up to you, the rubber chicken bare inches from your face
  62. > "Wow, Sonata, you really are the worst. This is obviously a hen, so it can't be a cock. Now, Cumslut. Kiss the rubber chicken."
  63. > You glare at your purple tormentor, but nevertheless plant a chaste kiss on the head of the rubber chicken duct taped to a strap on harness
  64. > "No, you can do better than that. Pretend it's your beloved girlfriend. Give her some tongue."
  65. > You suppose you should be glad it's just weird, but you are far from comfortable as you lick the head, your tongue probing the tiny gap of the beak
  66. > Aria chuckles, then grabs your head firmly and thrusts the chicken into your mouth
  67. > Your eyes go wide as you try to manage the rubbery invasion, but she doesn't give you much time before she repeats the motion
  68. > Your cheek bulges repeatedly as you guard the back of your throat
  69. > You know she wants you to deep throat, but the last time you tried, she ended up covered in vomit
  70. > The memory of her disgust carries you through the relentless rubber chicken facefucking
  71. > At last Aria pulls out, letting your saliva drip from the chicken to darken your blouse or slip between your heaving breasts
  72. > She glares at you
  73. > "Tell me what you want."
  74. > You know this pattern well
  75. "I w-want your cock-"
  76. > "Hen."
  77. > Oh, right
  78. "I want your hen inside me. Please, mistress, impregnate me."
  79. > Aria roughly throws you between Adagio and Sonata on the bed and clambers up behind you
  80. > You lay flat on your belly, achingly aware of how sensitive you still are from when you orgasmed
  81. > Aria spreads your cheeks and plunges the rubber chicken into your wet pussy
  82. > It feels utterly strange, but you can't help but twitch at every rubbery lump penetrating your flower
  83. > Adagio strokes your hair as Aria rapes you with a stupid toy chicken
  84. > Even so, you still twitch and writhe as your tender insides are stroked and stirred
  85. > The bed shifts slightly, but you don't notice
  86. > You have a script
  87. "F-fuck me!"
  88. > Although today, it might be a little more heartfelt than usual
  89. "Your c- your hen is so good!"
  90. > Aria laughs, slapping your ass with light, stinging blows
  91. "Make me your, oh fuck, cumdumpster!"
  92. > You burn with shame over the exclamation in the middle, but you are finding it hard to think as you approach your second orgasm today
  93. "I'M CUMMING!"
  94. > Your pussy clamps around the rubber chicken, milking it in vain
  95. > As the waves of pleasure roll through your body, you feel a familiar nozzle poke between your ass cheeks
  96. > Aria squeezes, and literal mayonnaise pours onto your puckered anus
  97. > As your twitching dies down, she lays down a few lines of white stuff on your ass cheeks, cold and thick on your skin
  98. > You feel emptier than you thought possible as the chicken is pulled from your nethers, only to be replaced with that stupid bottle
  99. > Aria takes extra satisfaction in filling your pussy with egg whites and whatever else goes into your now least favorite condiment
  100. > She rolls you over and tears the flimsy uniform from your chest
  101. > You stare at her with deadened eyes as she slathers her mockery onto your heaving, sensitive breasts
  102. > Finally she straddles your chest, putting a line of mayonnaise along the rubber chicken
  103. > You suckle on the tainted toy, glaring at Aria all the while
  104. > When you swallow the last of the distasteful topping, she cups your cheeks in her hands and kisses you deeply, her tongue swirling and probing
  105. > You don't enjoy this
  106. > You're not a lesbian
  107. > You don't feel disappointed when the kiss ends
  108. > You turn your head away as she makes herself comfortable on top of your slicked form, ignoring the soft pressure of her breasts on yours
  109. > You lay there, and there is no way you would have the urge to grab her ass, let alone try to resist an urge that would be impossible
  110. > You don't try to read affection into the whispers the Dazzlings make as they cuddle up all around you
  111. > Their probing fingers as likely to intertwine with your own as to molest you or each other
  112. > You lay there, lost in yourself as your tormentors nap around you
  113. > You aren't waiting for them to call you Sunset Shimmer
  114. > That'd be impossible
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