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  1. (18:37:10) Rhythm_BCA: what exactly is the topic?
  2. (18:37:59) MegaBossMan: (18:03:39) TheDoc: To see if it should be continued[SNC], and if so, how?
  3. (18:38:15) Rhythm_BCA: well that raises two questions
  4. (18:38:28) MegaBossMan: I was thinking some sort of recreational activity to be able to participate in, but it didn't seem to pan out.
  5. (18:38:42) Rhythm_BCA: 1. is it productive to continue game-development discussions when the developer is......having concerns?
  6. (18:39:42) Rhythm_BCA: and 2. how to stimulate attendance when they've been stagnant as it is
  7. (18:40:28) TheDoc: No. We don't plan on trying to further the development of the game seeing as 1.) Adrian's out of commission and 2.) We've already overloaded the SNC logs with suggestions that Adrian has to sift through. We don't need any more.
  8. (18:40:43) Rhythm_BCA: that's what i was figuring
  9. (18:40:54) TheDoc: As for the second point, MBM had the idea of starting a community recreational activity that could stimulate attendance like you asked.
  10. (18:40:57) MegaBossMan: Hey, Toby.
  11. (18:41:12) Tobyjoey: Hey everyone.
  12. (18:41:16) TheDoc: The idea of this meeting was to see if anyone had any of their own ideas and/or if they approved one of MBM's ideas
  13. (18:41:18) Meta: ...
  14. (18:41:18) TheDoc: Hello
  15. (18:41:20) Tobyjoey brushes aside cobwebs
  16. (18:42:03) TheDoc: To get to the meat and potatoes of the desolation you are now observing, not a lot of people showed up for the SNC today :(
  17. (18:42:10) Rhythm_BCA: apparently :I
  18. (18:42:15) Rhythm_BCA: was it announced?
  19. (18:42:21) MegaBossMan: A week in advance.
  20. (18:42:25) TheDoc: Oh yes. Weeks ago actually
  21. (18:42:26) MegaBossMan: And a reminder today as well.
  22. (18:42:28) Meta: Yep.
  23. (18:42:33) TheDoc: Or a week iunno
  24. (18:43:05) Tobyjoey: In all fairness to those who aren't here, it has been a while since we had something resembling a meeting.
  25. (18:43:32) Meta: Yep.
  26. (18:43:35) MegaBossMan: Do the reminders really matter if there's only about 6 people checking in and logging into the Community to see the post in the first place, though?
  27. (18:43:38) Meta: 3 Months.
  28. (18:44:09) Meta: Maybe not...?
  29. (18:44:37) MegaBossMan: Really though, this was sorta inevitable. Development can't always be consistent, and without development on a game, then the Community based entirely on the game in the first place can't be expected to sustain itself.
  30. (18:44:40) MegaBossMan: Hey, Tails.
  31. (18:44:41) TheDoc: Well there's someone I haven't seen in a while
  32. (18:45:04) TailsMK4: Completely forgot there was going to be a meeting. Got focused on a homework assignment.
  33. (18:45:17) Meta: Yo.
  34. (18:45:23) MegaBossMan: Can I bring up a question, folks?
  35. (18:45:29) Meta: Hm?
  36. (18:45:33) TailsMK4: Then suddenly the server I was doing the homework on got busy all of a sudden and I keep timing out. A bit frustrated atm.
  37. (18:45:55) Rhythm_BCA: that is kind of the issue. the vitality sorta relies on the updates
  38. (18:46:12) TheDoc: ^
  39. (18:46:14) Meta: (Honestly MMRPG Hasnt been that active since a few months ago.)
  40. (18:46:15) TailsMK4: And well, you have to expect low attendance because there's nothing NEW to the game, and it hasn't for maybe three-four months now?
  41. (18:46:16) Rhythm_BCA: i say issue for lack of a better word. it's not an "issue" but just what can happen
  42. (18:46:17) Meta: ...True.
  43. (18:46:32) MegaBossMan: I'm personally saying yes, but let's say we never decided to have a hiatus in the first place; Would we be in this same area?
  44. (18:46:45) TheDoc: Yes
  45. (18:46:50) Meta: ...Well, Maybe.
  46. (18:46:53) Rhythm_BCA: hiatus in the SNCs or development as a whole?
  47. (18:46:54) Tobyjoey: Probably, but with 1 or 2 others.
  48. (18:46:58) MegaBossMan: Hiatus in the SNCs.
  49. (18:47:08) TheDoc: If anything we'd just have a mound of more suggestions that would never be acted on
  50. (18:47:17) Meta: ^
  51. (18:47:22) Rhythm_BCA: very likely due to nothing being able to be implimented
  52. (18:47:39) MegaBossMan: Last I checked, we were sorta getting tired of having show up every week, right? And now that there's nothing to comment on, the SNC would quite literally be a waste.
  53. (18:47:41) Meta: (Well, TBH the most active thing is RP'ing. And the chat, Sometimes.)
  54. (18:47:57) Meta: It would.
  55. (18:48:53) MegaBossMan: If vitality of the game itself is a problem though, then that itself should probably signal the fact that we should probably look into something else worthwhile to come back to as well.
  56. (18:49:12) Meta: ^
  57. (18:49:41) TailsMK4: Honestly at this point we should probably look into another game to play while this game sits dormant until Adrian is able to work on it again.
  58. (18:49:55) TheDoc: That was the point of this SNC
  59. (18:50:01) TheDoc: But not many people attended
  60. (18:50:04) Meta: Yes.
  61. (18:50:05) Rhythm_BCA: i will say, from my own experience regarding the game, once you finish the storyline, the only goal is to cap out stats which gets tedious and grinding
  62. (18:50:19) TailsMK4: For me I forgot about the SNC since we haven't had one in a while.
  63. (18:50:35) Meta: ...And after you Finish Getting to First and Stuff it gets Boring.
  64. (18:50:37) TailsMK4: And I came on here to see if people were on.
  65. (18:50:49) TailsMK4: Since nothing else is going on where I am.
  66. (18:50:50) MegaBossMan: That tends to be a problem with RPGs in general. Once you finish all the main stuff and sometimes the extras, what's there to do afterwards?
  67. (18:51:10) Tobyjoey: Catch them all?
  68. (18:51:15) Meta: ...Not much Else.
  69. (18:51:23) Meta: (Well, other than Pokemon, But still.)
  70. (18:51:37) TailsMK4: You can easily spend maybe 24 hours on this game...then there isn't much afterwards since then people pretty much can take advantage of any additional work you do end up doing.
  71. (18:52:00) MegaBossMan: You know, we should really look into giving MMRPG some sort of enduring value that people should be able to come back to, that isn't tedious or for the sake of strategy or strength.
  72. (18:52:04) Meta: ...Or in Pokemon's Case, Catching them All, then Finding shinies and Trading/Batling...
  73. (18:52:33) TailsMK4: I don't think the Pokémon route is the best way to go. I find that gets tedious.
  74. (18:52:57) MegaBossMan: This makes me miss the idea brought up of custom battles.
  75. (18:53:07) Meta: ^
  76. (18:53:30) TailsMK4: And well...I did have a game idea a while back that was usually random...but I don't think it would have kept the attention of anyone except those looking to challenge themselves.
  77. (18:53:33) Rhythm_BCA: well....maybe something that can be thought about is additional storylines
  78. (18:53:40) Meta: ...Then when the Update comes (Delayed to Pretty Much 2017 or Mid-Late 2016 Now)...
  79. (18:53:43) TailsMK4: The Robot Museum idea I had with randomized battles.
  80. (18:53:49) Rhythm_BCA: like, side stories that mix up who you're facing or imposes limitations on who you can use
  81. (18:53:54) Meta: Yes...
  82. (18:54:11) Meta: Something that can Keep the game Fresh.
  83. (18:54:20) TailsMK4: The main problem I see...Adrian is the only one that codes for the game. :/
  84. (18:54:25) MegaBossMan: The prospect of a solo Duo campaign was brought up once, but that would require some messing with how the game is structured overall and would probably lose us a few missions as well.
  85. (18:54:28) TheDoc: But the game isn't the point of this chat; the game is still very much a WIP, and we'll all acknowledge that. I'll agree with everything you've said because it has yet to be further developed. But while Adrian is implementing that (or dealing with personal issues, etc.), the point of this meeting is to think of a way to keep the community active in the midst of that.
  86. (18:54:39) Meta: ...That you Can keep going back to. And Agreed @Doc, MBM, Tails
  87. (18:54:56) TheDoc: And yea, that's the problem with development not being distributed; when one person suffers, the whole game does.
  88. (18:55:07) Meta: (And BCA)
  89. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh...
  90. (18:55:14) TailsMK4: A temporary solution for me was Mikey's upcoming RPG, but it's been about a month now since I've seen him.
  91. (18:55:14) Rhythm_BCA: so you want to figure out in-community activities to keep people actve
  92. (18:55:18) Meta: Maybe another Game designer.
  93. (18:55:37) Rhythm_BCA: contests?
  94. (18:55:37) Meta: @Tails its the same for us.
  95. (18:55:46) Meta: Contests...?
  96. (18:55:49) TheDoc: If that's possible. It's also possible that we can only be patient and hopes the community stays alive. No matter how much you offer, it's the community's choice to accept it.
  97. (18:55:53) Meta: Hm.
  98. (18:56:06) MegaBossMan: Contests would be a fun prospect, sure.
  99. (18:56:13) Meta: Yeah.
  100. (18:56:20) TailsMK4: But of what kind?
  101. (18:56:25) Rhythm_BCA: like, choose some judges and have them set up things. we did for a while on inc and was a little fun until it got stale
  102. (18:56:32) Rhythm_BCA: but we had writing, drawing, and spriting contests
  103. (18:56:35) Meta: ...RP's can be Kinda fun, too, but Meh.
  104. And yeah.
  105. (18:56:50) MegaBossMan: Ah, the Sprite's Inc contests. Those are always fun to look back on.
  106. (18:57:40) MegaBossMan: Granted, we'd have to reformat a few things, but it'd be a fun trip.
  107. (18:57:48) Meta: mmhm.
  108. (18:58:13) Rhythm_BCA: like, a fun one that could tie into the game is "Write up a Back COver paragraph about MMRPG" or something
  109. (18:58:22) Meta: Yeah.
  110. (18:58:44) Meta: ...Or More drawing and Stuff, too.
  111. Or, who can make the best RP Scene,
  112. (18:58:54) MegaBossMan: Oooh, contests that specifically tie into the subject of MMRPG itself? Interesting.
  113. (18:59:00) Meta: Or challenges Concerning Other games.
  114. (18:59:09) Tobyjoey: We have more than enough subjects for contests. In the community, there are countless examples of created sprites, characters, stories, and all around ideas that would be passed around in the community section before being forgotten.
  115. (18:59:17) Meta: Such as: Who can get the Most cookies in Cookie clicker? Or somethng.
  116. (18:59:39) Rhythm_BCA: yes, MMRPG-specific stuff
  117. (18:59:46) Meta: True...
  118. (18:59:59) MegaBossMan: Now, how would judges be chosen? Can't be as simple as "Moderator team" because most of the moderators are the people active in the first place.
  119. (19:00:33) Meta: ...Maybe there
  120. (19:00:51) Meta: There'd be an opening contest and the winner(s) get to be judges...?
  121. (19:00:59) Meta: Either that or randomize i.
  122. (19:01:02) MegaBossMan: No, not quite.
  123. (19:01:04) Meta: *It.
  124. (19:01:06) Rhythm_BCA: well that's what we did was pick known members of the community who actually wanted to judge in the first place
  125. (19:01:11) Rhythm_BCA: but those that weren't staff
  126. (19:01:29) MegaBossMan: They have to be experienced in the subject in the first place to accurately judge.
  127. (19:01:38) Meta: Good idea.
  128. (19:01:58) MegaBossMan: And while anyone could tell dirt from a five-course meal, judging would require going into a bit of a deeper level.
  129. (19:02:05) TailsMK4: (For me I'd only be a writing judge...and even then, I might not apply...)
  130. (19:02:26) Meta: ...I might work for drawing... Then again i'm not Too good at it...
  131. (19:02:33) TheDoc: Same. I don't know how good of a sprites judge I am.
  132. (19:02:59) TheDoc: The only thing I 've seen close to that was the judging for the new MMR RM designs
  133. (19:04:07) MegaBossMan: It doesn't really seem like most people around here are master spriters[although I can't call myself one either], and while my heart would ache, I don't think spriting would be quite wide enough to be a contest.
  134. (19:04:33) Rhythm_BCA: well, yes and no
  135. (19:04:38) Meta: Neither would Drawing Be. plus it's Been done before.
  136. (19:04:46) TailsMK4: Not to mention I believe some people would have concerns for a spriting contest if recolors were allowed.
  137. (19:05:03) Rhythm_BCA: if you like something, you can say you like it. not like one has to be a master artist to know if something is drawn good or not
  138. (19:05:19) TheDoc: Also, as a suggestion, it'd be nice of there were medals you could get below your name for winning a contest. More incentive to participate.
  139. (19:05:34) TheDoc: Although that'd be something Adrian might have to implement...
  140. (19:05:37) Rhythm_BCA: indeed
  141. (19:05:48) Meta: True.
  142. (19:05:49) Rhythm_BCA: but that's going into site code and not something the rest of us are privy to
  143. (19:05:57) TheDoc: Yea
  144. (19:06:10) Meta: (Such as: "Experienced _______")
  145. (19:06:10) TailsMK4: Yeah, for ideas that require Adrian to get involved...not going to work.
  146. (19:06:14) Meta: But yeah.
  147. (19:06:36) TailsMK4: I MIGHT have had a slim chance of implementing that, but I'm not staff. :/
  148. (19:07:03) MegaBossMan: While we're at it, something along the lines of a Sprite's Inc awards would be sure to bring up participation. Of course, it'd be imperative that we find some way to differentiate and not seem like we're just ripping off someone else's act.
  149. (19:07:34) Rhythm_BCA:
  150. (19:07:52) Rhythm_BCA: to be fair though, lots of communities and websites have annual awards
  151. (19:08:10) Rhythm_BCA: SmackJeeves has one, i know a few other sites that utilize something to help the community stay alive and rallys them
  152. (19:08:18) Meta: True.
  153. (19:08:27) Rhythm_BCA: and we sorta do have one with the little emblems about finishing chapters or being in 1st
  154. (19:08:50) MegaBossMan: In that case, I see no reason not to give it a shot.
  155. (19:08:58) TailsMK4: Another thing that's common in other communities, and while we haven't explored it a whole lot, it's not a strong solution: forum games.
  156. (19:09:02) Rhythm_BCA: some other ones i've seen are like "been a member for a year, 5 years, 10 years" or "made 10 posts, 100 posts, etc etc"
  157. (19:09:26) Meta: Ah.
  158. (19:09:46) MegaBossMan: Our own "smeghead" section would be hilarious.
  159. (19:10:52) Meta: heh.
  160. (19:11:36) Meta: *Remembers the word Smeghead being on some Eddsworld character's shirt*
  161. (19:12:26) Rhythm_BCA: borrowing from inc, the Corrupt-a-Wish thread tends to do decent
  162. (19:12:34) Meta: (as in idiot probably, It would've been Matt.)
  163. but... Ummmmmm...
  164. (19:13:19) Tobyjoey: Something that several community members could work on could be a newsletter pertaining to the MMRPG or just Mega Man in general.
  165. (19:13:39) Meta: Hm.
  166. (19:13:47) MegaBossMan: I think I suggested a Mega Man News thread, but all I got was "Mega's dead, don't matter anyway."
  167. (19:13:55) Rhythm_BCA: i feel like there was a "did you know" thread here at one point about megaman...but it got a little...dead
  168. (19:14:04) MegaBossMan: That was sorta....My fault.
  169. (19:14:33) MegaBossMan: But, you know what, we should look into bringing back those old threads that emphasized on participation of the Community.
  170. (19:15:28) MegaBossMan: A lot of threads these days tend to be "Hey, lookie at this thing, look at it", but that doesn't really work in the terms of activity because no one can really particpate, moreso just comment on.
  171. (19:16:33) Rhythm_BCA: board communities are slowly dying unfortunately. but there can still be fun things to do within the community. it's just trying to find what appeals to those in the community
  172. (19:17:32) MegaBossMan: Here it is.
  173. (19:19:36) TheDoc: How about having a top 5 trivias on that thread, and anyone can contribute?
  174. (19:19:41) Meta: Mhmmmm.
  175. (19:19:45) Rhythm_BCA: see Meta's post there brings up a concern. instead of showcasing what it is and discussing it....he poses a guessing game
  176. (19:19:47) TheDoc: MBM would be the judge ofc, being hsi thread
  177. (19:20:12) Meta: ...8 Months ago.
  178. (19:20:13) MegaBossMan: I'd be up for it. Competition tends to bring participation anyway.
  179. (19:20:27) Meta: ...Well, Anoher thing was messed up.
  180. (19:20:45) Meta: ...But yeah. I see.
  181. (19:20:53) Rhythm_BCA: but like....pointing out that Vile is an anagram of not megaman trivia
  182. (19:21:05) TailsMK4: I almost considered the thought of a quiz on the community, but I just keep seeing things that won't really increase activity as much as an update would.
  183. (19:21:23) Meta: ...True.
  184. (19:21:33) MegaBossMan: CPing straight from MMKB should also be refrained from, as I learned from my case.
  185. (19:21:38) Meta: ...And Vile can be turned into Live.
  186. (19:22:21) Rhythm_BCA: see i always liked the idea of a trivia contest; like asking 5 questions and the first person to get them all correct wins and gets points and it continues on
  187. (19:22:43) Meta: ^
  188. (19:22:46) Rhythm_BCA: but i feel that can die shortly as well
  189. (19:22:53) TailsMK4: ...First of all, where would these "games" go to? It's not exactly a role play, and they could dominate the general discussion forum which...isn't too active anyway.
  190. (19:23:00) TheDoc: I swear I remember something along those lines...
  191. (19:23:22) MegaBossMan: I think Retro Pikachu had something sorta like that?
  192. (19:23:45) MegaBossMan: Except with finding pictures and there being only one question, but that quickly fall apart.
  193. (19:23:46) TailsMK4: And it should also be a game that encourages people to write a bit. Something like Hangman would be better on here than on the forum.
  194. (19:23:54) MegaBossMan: *fell*
  195. (19:24:50) TailsMK4: Said thread by Retro Pikachu
  196. (19:24:52) Meta: True, Tails.
  197. (19:25:30) TailsMK4: I remember this one...we needed more activities like this one that challenge people to think.
  198. (19:25:44) Rhythm_BCA: see the photo hunting thing is another hard one to get people active
  199. (19:26:10) Rhythm_BCA: you want everything right there. anything that requires leaving the forum to hunt the site or mmkb or anything requires effort
  200. (19:26:58) MegaBossMan: There's also the fact that some people just don't tend to have anything that they could take a picture with, no matter how simple the download would be.
  201. (19:27:30) TailsMK4: Or most people are lazy.
  202. (19:27:40) TailsMK4: And that's also why a quiz might fail.
  203. (19:27:46) Meta: True.
  204. (19:28:02) Rhythm_BCA: that's why some of the silly things like "Corrupt-a-Wish", "Caption the above user's avatar" and other things that literally can be responded to right there work
  205. (19:29:20) TailsMK4: ...Now I'm wondering, was a Create-Your-Own-Adventure ever tried here?
  206. (19:29:31) MegaBossMan: Once.
  207. (19:29:46) Rhythm_BCA: i feel like that falls into the RPG realm though
  208. (19:29:54) Rhythm_BCA: and also is more one-on-one
  209. (19:29:56) MegaBossMan:​community/roleplay/945/an-adventu​e-cyoa-i-kinda-wanna-try/
  210. (19:31:07) Meta: (once again I messed stuff up.)
  211. Well, Once.
  212. (19:31:31) TailsMK4: Well, not in the style I was thinking of, but it sure was short-lived.
  213. (19:31:58) Rhythm_BCA: RPGs can help but you need people who are going to get into it and take it somewhat seriously
  214. (19:32:07) MegaBossMan: See, threads tend to die when the creator tends to go "Here, lemme set up the next part for you guys."
  215. (19:32:41) TailsMK4: Or you're me and got tired because your game demands a lot of work for you to update. :/
  216. (19:33:12) Tobyjoey: Hey maybe he's still preparing that part for the last 11 and a half months! You never know :)
  217. (19:33:24) TheDoc: I like your optimism, ToB
  218. (19:33:28) MegaBossMan: Well, in the case of RPG Museum, I get it because holy crap there's plenty to be done there, but in a lot of other cases, it's just "Woopsie, I forot."
  219. (19:34:04) Meta: Maybe.
  220. (19:34:16) Meta: Once again, It depends on Adrian.
  221. (19:34:26) Meta: We havent heard from him in a While.
  222. (19:35:25) MegaBossMan: It's not necessarily like Adrian isn't interested in working on MMRPG, moreso he's in a situation where it'd be unreasonable for him to work on it.
  223. (19:36:01) TailsMK4: Basically, Adrian dug himself a hole. :/
  224. (19:36:06) TheDoc: Reality is the bane of developers :(
  225. (19:37:23) Rhythm_BCA: if anything, it falls on us to ensure the community stays active in his absence
  226. (19:37:28) TailsMK4: I respect the fact Adrian wanted to be the one to update his own game...but you guys are seeing the consequences of Adrian pretty much being a one-man team.
  227. (19:37:44) Rhythm_BCA: so we do have some good ideas's just implementing them correctly
  228. (19:38:10) Rhythm_BCA: *here
  229. (19:40:32) TheDoc: I agree with you Tails, but the best thing we can do right now is encourage the community to stay active in his absence. I just wish more of the community would participate; their presence is vital for this to really work
  230. (19:40:54) MegaBossMan: It's just a game of effort at this point.
  231. (19:41:58) Meta: yep
  232. (19:42:15) TailsMK4: Well, I think the best we got so far is perhaps start up a few different "games" at once. I was thinking of trying Hurt and Heal.
  233. (19:42:53) MegaBossMan: Hurt and Heal?
  234. (19:43:11) TailsMK4: By having more than one game going, some people would find something to try, even if just one of them.
  235. (19:44:03) MegaBossMan: By the by, not to interrupt the flow of ideas, but anyone here possibly willing to pastebin?
  236. (19:44:18) TheDoc: H&H is basically where each person can "heal" one robot master and "hurt" another. I think you keep narrowing it down by whoever has the most "health", but I don't remember
  237. (19:44:35) TailsMK4: Hurt and Heal, have a list of characters/places/etc, and basically people "heal" something they like and "hurt" something they don't like. Sometimes it goes on until there's one left.
  238. (19:44:39) Meta: Oh, i remember that on the Mcledogaming Wiki.
  239. (19:44:43) Meta: *Forum
  240. (19:44:54) MegaBossMan: Sounds interesting.
  241. (19:45:04) TailsMK4: Everything on the list has "health", when it reaches 0, it's done.
  242. (19:45:19) Rhythm_BCA: that could be fun
  243. (19:45:43) TailsMK4: I'm only hesitating on this one because the posts can sometimes be reduced to just "heal this, hurt that", and that's all the post would contain.
  244. (19:45:43) MegaBossMan: So, is it done with members, robots, or objects in general?
  245. (19:46:05) Rhythm_BCA: do it with members
  246. (19:46:07) Rhythm_BCA: :P
  247. (19:46:08) TailsMK4: Could be anything. Typically it's done with characters.
  248. (19:46:12) TheDoc: Usually RMs on a Megaman forum, but it could be anything
  249. (19:46:23) TailsMK4: I just don't know about the "quality" of posts.
  250. (19:47:31) TailsMK4: Well, I suppose we could just try it out and see how participation goes. Might be something to get people thinking of other ideas to start up.
  251. (19:47:37) Meta: Well...
  252. (19:47:39) MegaBossMan: I'm up for members, adds a bit of a new depth and I'm sure we could all handle the hurts, right?
  253. (19:47:56) Meta: Example:
  254. Bass: 200/200
  255. (19:48:09) TailsMK4: *10/10
  256. (19:48:18) Meta: Ah.
  257. (19:48:21) TailsMK4: 200 would take FOREVER to get rid of if he's not going to win.
  258. (19:48:29) MichaelMyers: I'm alive!
  259. (19:48:32) Meta: I see.
  260. (19:48:35) TheDoc: @MBM Ummmmm....I don't want things to get out of hand, so idk...
  261. (19:48:39) TheDoc: Hi Mike
  262. (19:48:42) TailsMK4: Long time no see, Mike.
  263. (19:48:46) MegaBossMan: Hey Mike.
  264. (19:48:47) Tobyjoey: You're alive? Crap, it didn't work!
  265. (19:48:53) Meta: And Mc Jackso- Mc Mikey Returns.
  266. (19:48:53) Tobyjoey: Get back in that coffin!
  267. (19:48:58) Meta: X)
  268. (19:49:13) TailsMK4: So I guess I'll get that game started, see if we can't spark a little activity in the community.
  269. (19:49:25) TailsMK4: Just need to make a list...
  270. (19:49:41) Meta: Well, And
  271. Earthworm Jim 9/10 (Bass= 10/10)
  272. IE:
  273. I heal Earthworm Jim and hurt Bass.
  274. (19:49:45) MegaBossMan: Ah, now this is the MMRPG I remember. Playful insults, thoughtful discussion....
  275. (19:49:54) MichaelMyers: Told you. :P
  276. (19:50:07) MegaBossMan wipes a tear
  277. (19:50:09) TheDoc: @Mike we were actually about to cancel it due to the lack of people
  278. (19:50:13) MichaelMyers: Bet you all that that's the last time we have a break of more than a week.
  279. (19:50:14) Meta: ^
  280. (19:50:15) Tobyjoey: I don't know about that "thoughtful", but whatever.
  281. (19:50:18) TheDoc: Don't toot your horn yet :P
  282. (19:50:27) Meta: ...Well Im abou to get off anyways, in a few minutes, But-
  283. (19:50:32) Meta: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  284. (19:50:53) TailsMK4: Well, things will continue to be quiet unless we do I'm doing something.
  285. (19:51:11) MichaelMyers: I was back laaaaaate last night, actually, but, I did catch the development post, Bawss.
  286. (19:51:25) TailsMK4: So I guess General Discussion would be the best place for the game, Boss?
  287. (19:51:32) MegaBossMan: Yep.
  288. (19:51:52) TailsMK4: Let's see...maybe 20 users to start off?
  289. (19:52:09) Meta: And Then:
  290. New characters:
  291. Plague Knight:10/10
  292. Roll:10/10.
  293. But yeah.
  294. (19:52:22) Rhythm_BCA: I would say label these "Forum Game: [Name of Game]"
  295. (19:52:28) Meta: Users and Characters?
  296. (19:52:37) Rhythm_BCA: so if/when they get put into their own category, they can easily be found
  297. (19:52:38) MegaBossMan: If this turns out to grow to be something, then I'm sure that when Adrian's in the condition, we could see a "Game" category.
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