Teaching Glim (NSFW)

Jun 19th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Be sitting on your front porch with the latest edition of Gabby Gums in your hands
  3. >While the paper wasn't quite as juicy as it had been when smol pink rich filly was running things, it still usually had a good article every once in awhile
  4. >But, unfortunately for you, it seemed like this week's paper was a flop
  5. >Just a bunch of shit about the weather, something about Applejack egging some mare's house because she talked shit about apples, a little ditty about Rainbow getting arrested for flying while intoxicated...
  6. >Same shit, different week pretty much
  7. >Still, since you had absolutely nothing to do, you may as well finish this sucker before going back inside
  8. >And besides, they usually had pretty good funny pages...
  9. >You had just about finished an article about Lord Fancy Pants giving a local stallion the funds to open up an orphanage when you heard a sigh
  10. >A downtrodden, tired sigh
  11. >While you would have usually ignored it, the sound was close enough, and you were bored enough, that you decided to look over the top of your paper
  12. >There, slowly making her way down the street, her shoulders sagged and her head lowered, was Twilight's student
  13. >The mare who had apparently ran some kind of cult not too long ago and who MAY have almost destroyed reality as you knew it
  14. > Starlight something or other you think...
  15. >That might have just been it too
  16. >You would have turned your attention back toward your paper and forgot about the little horse completely if not for the fact that you could see that she was sporting one hell of a shiner on her left eye
  17. "Hey. Hey Starlight!" you called
  18. >The unicorn stopped, lifting her head to look at you
  19. >"Hmm? Did you say something, Anon?" she asked
  20. >You leaned forward in your chair
  22. "Come here for a second," you said, gesturing toward you with a hand
  23. >She cocked her head
  24. >"Why, did I do something wrong?" she asked
  25. "Just come over here for a second. I wanna take a look at that eye."
  26. >Starlight twitched, her ears folding against her skull
  27. >She looked like she was about ready to say something, but you were quick to cut her off
  28. "Come on, get your butt over here before I get up and come and get you," you said, folding your newspaper up and sitting up in your chair
  29. >Starlight bit her lip, eyeing the road
  30. >For a second, you half expected her to just take off, but just as you were about ready to get up she slowly made her way toward you
  31. "Hey, hey, hey, use the path. I don't want my grass getting messed up."
  32. >"Oh, of course. Sorry."
  33. >The little purplish horse took her sweet time getting up onto your porch, but eventually she was standing less than a foot away from you, looking at the floor with her tail tucked in between her legs
  34. >Carefully, you cupped her cheeks and forced her to take another step towards you
  35. "So what the heck happened here?" you asked, gently running your thumb over her bruised flesh.
  36. >Starlight twitched, hissing in pain
  37. >She tried to take a step away but you held her firmly in place, poking and touching her cheeks
  38. >As far as you could tell nothing was broken, and her eye wasn't as fucked up as you first thought, so at least there's that...
  39. >"I... Big Mac slapped me," Starlight said, her blue eyes darting up to your face before they snapped back to the floor
  40. >You raised an eyebrow
  41. "Big Mac hit you? What for?"
  42. >Starlight opened her mouth to answer but stopped at the last moment, instead biting her lip
  43. >"I don't know!" she said, a bit of frustration coming to her tone. "All I did was ask him a question!"
  46. >Giving her face a few more light prods, you gave her cheek a pat
  47. "Come on, I got some ice in the kitchen. You can tell me what happened after we get you fixed up."
  48. >When Starlight took a few steps back, you stood up
  49. >Dusting yourself off, you made your way over to your front door and threw it open, gesturing for the unicorn to step inside
  50. "Make sure you wipe your hooves on the mat. I just mopped the floors yesterday."
  51. >The two of you made your way into your neat, tidy little kitchen, where you grabbed a little plastic bag and made your way over to your fridge
  52. >Starlight, meanwhile, made herself comfortable at your kitchen table, another sigh escaping her
  53. "So, what happened with you and Mac?" you asked, opened your freezer door and reaching a hand into the container where you kept all of your ice.
  54. >"The other day I was with Twilight and her friends. Well... my friends now too I guess," Starlight said, laying her head down onto the table. "I was listening to the girls talking about the weather, what they were all doing, all sorts of things until they switched to sex."
  55. "Oh?"
  56. >Though you didn't see it, Starlight nodded
  57. >"Yes. Since I'm kind of unfamiliar with the topic, I tried to ask some questions, but the girls started laughing at me for some reason!"
  58. >You heard her snort as you dumped a handful of ice into the little plastic baggy
  59. >"So, since they wouldn't tell me what I wanted to know I decided to walk around town and see if anypony would be nice enough to tell me."
  60. >You looked over your shoulder at the little mare
  61. "No shit, you really did that?" you asked, not quite able to keep the disbelief out of your voice
  62. >Starlight nodded again
  63. >"I know I could have looked in Twilight's library to get the information that I needed, but I assumed it'd be quicker to just ask a pony that was knowledgeable on the subject."
  66. >...
  67. >Really?
  68. "And how did that work out for you?"
  69. >"Awful," Starlight grumbled. "I must have gone around for half an hour asking ponies but nopony would answer my questions and almost all of the stallions yelled at me to leave them alone."
  70. >She let out a huff, her snout cutely scrunching
  71. >"I eventually went over and asked Bonbon, and she told me that it's a whole lot easier to show than explain, but when I asked her to show me things about sex she told me to go away!"
  72. >You had to hold back a snort
  73. >Was this little horse serious?
  74. >She couldn't be serious, right?
  75. >She was just helping Rainbow or Pinkie pull some kind of prank on you or something...
  76. >Tying the end of the plastic bag, you turned around and made your way over to the little horse
  77. >As an afterthought, you made sure to grab a rag and wrap it around the bag to make it a bit more comfortable for her
  78. "Here, this should help with the swelling."
  79. >The tip of Starlight's horn glowed, and with a spell and grabbed the bag and floated it onto the table
  80. >"So when Bonbon told me no, I thought it'd be a good idea to go ahead and ask a few ponies to show me what all the fuss was about, but then everypony started to get ANGRIER!" she continued, lifting her head and sliding the ice under her eye before letting her head plop right back down. "They started yelling at me and... and Big Mac slapped me so hard that he knocked me off my hooves and--argh!"
  81. >You stared at the unicorn for several seconds as she angrily squirmed in her chair
  82. > For the next several seconds, you tried your hardest to see if she was just fucking with you
  83. >She looked and sounded like she was completely serious
  84. >Sure, she could have been one hell of an actor, but you prided yourself on being able to sniff out bullshit...
  86. >Pulling out a chair for yourself, you sat down
  87. >You were quiet for a few moments, trying to process everything that the mare had said
  88. >So... either she was still stringing you along or she was the most autistic creature that ever walked the earth...
  89. >You leaned back into your chair, drumming your fingers against your table
  90. >"So you had a rough day, huh?"
  91. >A very quiet sniff reached your ears as the little mare nodded again
  92. >"I don't see why everypony thought it was so funny or why they got so angry. I just wanted to know what they were talking about," she mumbled. "I mean, I understand the concept of sex, but I don't... get it."
  93. >She slowly picked her head up and looked at you, the beginnings of tears in her eyes
  94. >Hey now...
  95. >Your heart doesn't need that shit...
  96. >"Do you think that's weird, Anon? Me asking ponies to show me things about sex?" she asked, rubbing her unbruised eye with a hoof
  97. "Well... I don't think there's anything wrong with asking questions," you said after a brief pause, carefully choosing your words. "And I also think that it's shitty that Twilight and her buddies just laughed at you when you asked them about it."
  98. >"Really?" Starlight asked with a sniffle
  99. >You nodded
  100. "Yeah, but it's a little... strange to go around asking random ponies about that kind of stuff."
  101. >"They weren't random ponies. I've met every single one!" the unicorn protested
  102. >Reaching over your table, you grabbed the bag of ice and placed it back onto her eye
  103. "Asking those kind of questions is usually more appropriate to ask someone that you really know behind closed doors or something like that. And you REALLY don't want to go asking people to show you anything with sex while other people are around."
  104. >"I asked Twilight and she just laughed at me like Rainbow and the rest of them," Starlight grumbled, pressing the ice against her eye with a wince. "And what's wrong with asking some pony to show me sexual positions or the proper ways to kiss?"
  105. >She asked ponies about...?
  108. >Jesus Christ...
  109. >You rubbed your face with a hand, trying to ignore the fact that you were telling a mare you barely knew things that a child older than six should know
  110. "Sex is usually a personal thing, Starlight. Like really personal," you said, making a vague gesture with your hands. "Talking about sex, doing sexual acts, all of that stuff. If you're not careful about it you can really offend some people, especially stallions."
  111. >Starlight was quiet for a few moments, digesting what you had just said
  112. >"Oh... that makes a lot of sense..." she said, looking down at the table
  113. >After a second or two, she looked back up at you
  114. >"But if it's so personal then why aren't you getting upset about it? You're a stallion."
  115. >You couldn't help but let out a snort
  116. "A bit of sex talk isn't going to make me mad, Starlight."
  117. >Starlight's ears perked up
  118. >"So you won't hit me or yell at me if I ask you a couple of questions then?" she asked, brightening
  119. "Yeah, sure. If you want to ask me some things, it's not that big of a deal," you told her
  120. >While this isn't how you expected to spend your Thursday afternoon, you figured you may as well bite the bullet
  121. >Better you explain things to her than have her going around getting her ass beat by random ponies
  122. >A small but excited smile came to Starlight's face as she sat up
  123. >"Ohhhh! I have to many question to ask you!" she said. "About positions and what you do while--"
  124. >Her eyes widened and she gasped
  125. >"Wait! Bonbon said that it was easier to show somepony sex than explain it," she said, in total seriousness. "You can just SHOW me everything!"
  126. >...
  127. >Wat?
  128. >You blinked
  129. "...You want me to have sex with you?"
  130. >"Uh-huh," Starlight said, rapidly nodding. "I want you to show me everything!"
  133. >You watched her ears fold back against her skull as a look of uncertainty came to her face
  134. >"Unless that's weird to ask ponies. Or stallions. That's not weird, is it?"
  135. >You quietly think up a proper response, staring into the completely serious mare's eyes
  136. "It's... a bit weird, yeah," you told her. "Really not something I'd suggest you asking anyone that you aren't super close with."
  137. >Starlight shrank in her seat
  138. >"Oh..." she said, looking a bit disheartened. "So you don't want to show me anything then?"
  139. >You were going to tell her no
  140. >How couldn't you?
  141. >This crazy little horse was obviously not walking around with a full set
  142. >If somepony had heard her propositioning you like this there would have no doubt been trouble
  143. >A mare might have beaten her ass, and a stallion would have definitely screeched like a banshee, ran off to get a group of mares, and she would have gotten her ass REALLY kicked
  144. >You opened your mouth and everything, ready to gently explain to her that while you'd be happy to answer any of her questions, asking and doing were completely different things
  145. > But in the end the words didn't come out
  146. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but eye the mare looking at you expectantly
  147. >All in all, she was a pretty attractive mare
  148. >Nice face, a relatively fit body, a pretty pair of blue eyes
  149. >Peeking under the table, you gave her ass a peek
  150. >To your surprise, Starlight seemed to be packing
  151. >Her rump was barely contained in the chair, soft looking but obviously with more than enough muscle for it to keep its shape
  152. >A whistle escaped you as you sat back up in your chair
  153. >You stared at the mare for a minute or two, mulling things over
  154. "...So you've never had sex before?" you asked
  155. >Starlight shook her head
  158. >"No."
  159. "Have you ever been intimate with someone? Kissed or done anything like that?"
  160. >Starlight's nose scrunched up in thought
  161. >"I can't remember kissing anypony," she said.
  162. >You covered your face with a hand
  163. "What about foreplay? Do you know what that is?"
  164. >Starlight blinked
  165. >"Does it have something to do with golf?"
  166. >Sweet God above...
  167. >She's still being serious, isn't she...?
  168. "...No. No it does not."
  169. >You scratched your chin before leaning forward in your chair
  170. "You at least know why sex happens right?"
  171. >"Of course!" Starlight said with a nod. "It's used to increase the population and intermingle one's genes with another pony."
  172. "They do it so a man and woma--er, mare and stallion can have children, right?"
  173. >"Yeah, that's what I said."
  174. >Alright, she at least knows THAT
  175. >Thank goodness...
  176. >Once again, the thought of refusing the mare's request came to mind, but once again you found that you couldn't quite get the words out
  177. >No matter how nutty this pony was, a pretty good looking--some might say beautiful-- mare was asking you to fuck her
  178. >And not only was she asking you to fuck her, but she wanted you to show her everything
  182. >Even a paladin of righteousness, which you most certainly were not, would have paused given such an offer
  183. "...Are you really sure that you want to do this?"
  184. >"Oh course. I wouldn't ask you if I didn't want to do it," Starlight said matter of factly. "Why? Will it hurt if we have sex?"
  185. "It could, if we aren't careful," you said
  186. >Though the risk of pain seemed to mellow out the unicorn's growing eagerness, she still looked at you resolutely
  187. >"I'll trust you to make sure that I don't get hurt, Anon," she said. "But even if there's a little pain, if that's the price for knowledge I'd be happy to bear it."
  188. >A dozen sex positions, places you could fuck, the noises and faces this little horse could and might make when you were fucking her came to mind
  189. >You could feel a certain part of you growing at the less than noble thoughts
  190. "I really want you to think about this, Starlight," you said. "Wanting to know about sex is fine and all, but this is another step entirely, and if we do this I don't want to feel like I took advantage of you."
  191. >Starlight rolled her eyes
  192. >"Trust me, Anon. I'd know if somepony was trying to take advantage of me," she said, puffing up a bit in pride. "I used to be the dictator of a town you know.”
  193. >You nodded slowly
  194. "Good to know. Also, never bring that up in casual conversation with other people. Like ever."
  195. >So what were you gonna do?
  196. >You had an ignorant, but fully grown, mare asking you to fuck her for science and whatever...
  197. >She really seemed like she wanted to do this, and you weren't trying to trick her or anything...
  198. >And she was some kind of super magical horse, so it wasn't like you could force her to do anything she didn't want to...
  201. >And when on earth was the last time you had gotten yourself some ass...?
  202. "Alright, fine. I'll show you some things if you want."
  203. >A look of pure joy broke out across Starlight's face
  204. >"Really?!"
  205. >She hopped up and, with a pop, teleported over to you
  206. >"Thank you so much! Now, let me just take your pants off and we can get started!"
  207. >The tip of her horn glowed
  208. >Before she could cast her spell however, you leaned over and gave her horn a flick
  209. >"Ow!" the unicorn yelped, the grin on her face turning into a glare. "Hey, what was that for?!"
  210. >As she rubbed her horn you stood up
  211. "If we really want to do this we're going to take it slow, and you're not going to use any of your magic," you said. "Especially on these pants. I just bought them last week and I don't want them getting ruined."
  212. >Making sure that everything was in order in your kitchen, you reached down and touched the mare's cheek
  213. >The ice had done its work
  214. >Most of the swelling around Starlight's eye had gone down
  215. >The bruise was still there, but there wasn't anything you could do about that
  216. "Go ahead through that door right there and go and sit on my lazyboy," you said, tracing her jawline with your thumb. "I need to make sure that no one pops in while we're in the middle of this."
  217. >Though she still looked a bit annoyed with your horn flicking, Starlight's smile nevertheless returned to her face
  218. >"Okay. I'll be waiting!"
  219. >With a happy wiggle, the mare trotted toward the door with a pep in her step
  220. >You eyed her flank as she left, watching as those big, perky cheeks wobbled and jiggled with each step
  222. >Wew boy...
  223. >Pushing in both your and Starlight's chairs, you quickly made your way throughout your house, locking doors, closing blinds, making sure that Pinkie wasn't hiding in your cookie jar or sock drawer again
  226. >When everything was in order, and you could say with a good amount of certainty that there were no pink party ponies in your abode, you made your way into your living room
  227. >Starlight was sitting in your lazyboy, her hooves in her lap as she hummed a little tune to herself
  228. >She perked up when she saw you enter the room, the small smile on her face widening
  229. >"Are you ready to have sex with me now?" she asked
  230. "Not yet," you said, walking over to her and picking her up
  231. >Starlight frowned
  232. >"But I thought you were going to mate with me!" she said, wiggling as you sat down on your lazyboy
  233. "I am, but there needs to be a little build up before you get to sex," you said, setting her down into your lap. "You can't just get into it willy-nilly."
  234. >As the mare made herself comfortable in your lap, you tried to think of the best way to explain all of this to her
  235. >You were no teacher by any means, and it was going to be hard to concentrate with a boner, but your dad didn't raise no quitter
  236. "The first thing you do is touch each other I guess," you said, placing a hand on Starlight's neck
  237. >"Touching. Got it," Starlight replied with an eager nod, giving your stomach a hard poke
  238. >You grunted in surprise and a bit of pain, reaching up to boop her nose
  239. "Not like that! You gotta be gentle, let the person you're touching know that you... care about them... and stuff."
  240. >Your hand slowly made its way down Starlight's neck, gently parting her mane with your fingertips to tease the flesh underneath that
  241. >While your one hand was doing that, the other settled onto the small of her back and began scratching
  242. >Starlight's eyes perked up, and her eyes widened
  243. >"Oh..."
  244. >With a few more scratches, she leaned forward, resting her head on your shoulder as she pressed herself against you
  245. >You took in a deep breath, taking in the mare's fruity, lavender-y shampoo
  247. >"Ohhhh... this is nice..." she murmured
  248. "It's supposed to feel nice," you murmured back
  249. >She let out a hum, her tail swishing
  250. >One of her hooves began to caress your side
  251. >"Like this?"
  252. "Be a little more gentle. Remember, you have some pretty hard hooves."
  253. >"Okay..."
  254. >Minutes trickled by as both you and Starlight became more acquainted with each other's bodies
  255. >The unicorn, at first, seemed more than a little hesitant in letting her hooves wander, but after some encouragement, and a few pointers, Starlight was nuzzling you, touching your arms, face, and chest with her hooves, and wiggling in your lap
  256. >You, meanwhile, took your sweet-ass time exploring her
  257. >You put those hands of yours to good use, stroking her neck, tickling her belly until she was laughing and snorting, tracing the muscles in her back and shoulders
  258. >Nothing too risque; not yet, anyways...
  259. >The longer the two of you touched, the more Starlight seemed to get into it
  260. >She pressed herself against you a little more firmly
  261. >Her sounds of contentment became throatier
  262. >Whenever she really pressed herself against you you could feel her heart beating faster and faster
  263. >Eventually, your hands made their way to the mare's hips
  264. >A shiver ran up the length of Starlight's body, a gasp escaping her as she lifted her head from your shoulder to look at you
  265. "Usually you don't need to touch someone for this long," you said, cupping her cheek with a hand. "But you should at least put in the effort before going forward, otherwise your partner might think you just want to fuck and run."
  266. >Starlight let out a giggle, her eyes half-lidded as she leaned into your touch
  267. >"This is nice..." she murmured.
  268. "If you think this is nice wait till we get to the next step."
  269. >That got the unicorn's attention
  270. >The haze left her eyes and she sat up straight, staring at you expectantly
  273. >You couldn't help but chuckle
  274. "Alright, I guess after you get all touchy-feely with your partner you gotta start kissing them."
  275. >Leaning forward, you gave Starlight a quick peck on the lips
  276. "There's a couple kind of kisses. The quick kind like I just gave you; long, sensual kissing where you do a whole lot more touching, and the kind of kissing where you stick your tongue in the other person's mouth."
  277. >Starlight nodded, the beginnings of a blush coloring her cheeks
  278. >"So there's a quick kiss..."
  279. >She puckered her lips comically and gave you a wet, horsey kiss
  280. >You laughed, grabbing her shoulders and gently pushing her away
  281. "No, not like that. You wanna kiss the person, not try to eat their face," you teased
  282. >Starlight's blush deepened as she let out a giggle of her own
  283. >"S-Sorry."
  284. "There's nothing to be sorry about. Now just pucker up those lips and lean forward. I'll show you how to do it."
  285. >Starlight did as you asked, puckering her lips just a bit
  286. >You kissed her once, then twice, then a third time
  287. "See? Just like that."
  288. >The unicorn rested her forelegs on your shoulders
  289. >"Like this?" she asked, leaning forward and planting one right on your lips before pulling away
  290. "Yeah, just like that. And remember, you don't need to just kiss someone on the lips while you're doing this. You can go around the mouth, the chin, even the neck if you want."
  291. >You showed her this by peppering the unicorn's face and neck with kisses
  292. >Starlight wiggled in your lap, a low, eager sound escaping her throat
  293. >"T-That feels nice," she said, leaning her head to the side so you have better access to her neck. "I liked the t-touching too, but this is really n-nice..."
  294. >You leaned back, ready to continue the "lesson" but before you could so much as open your mouth the unicorn darted forward
  295. >She kissed you again and again, her soft, warm lips sending pleasant tingles up and down your spine
  298. >As she did this, her hooves once again began wandering over your body
  299. >"I'm g-guessing that all you need to do is k-kiss somepony a little longer for the next kind of kiss?" she asked breathlessly, pressing her forehead against yours
  300. >You nodded, giving her hips a squeeze
  301. "Yeah, but for this kind of kiss you need to focus on the lips."
  302. >You had barely finished your sentence when Starlight's lips were once again pressed against yours
  303. >A hum escaped your throat as you give the mare's rump another squeeze
  304. >Starlight whined into your mouth, wrapping her hooves around her neck so that she could deepen the kiss
  305. >Though you were mostly satisfied with letting her lead in the smooching, you made sure to show her a trick or two
  306. >Breaking the kiss to pepper her face with quick kisses, gently biting her and pulling on her lips, teasing her lips with your tongue
  307. >And, to your pleasant surprise, Starlight continued to be a very fast learner
  308. >With each kiss she grew in confidence, and while she was still a bit clumsy with her movements, she more than made up for it in eagerness, so much so that she went right into french kissing with absolutely no prompt from you
  309. >By then your pants were becoming uncomfortably tight
  310. >You were also breathing a little hard and it was becoming difficult to keep from outright molesting the little horse in your lap
  311. >But if you were starting to get a little worked up, that was nothing compared to Starlight
  312. >The mare's tail swished side to side almost constantly
  313. >She was more humping than grinding against you at this point, and you could feel a suspicious wetness seeping through your pants
  314. >After what felt like an hour, Starlight finally pulled away
  315. >"A-Anon, I think there's something w-wrong," she said. "My heart's pounding really fast and I f-feel really hot..."
  316. "That's perfectly normal, Starlight," you said, cupping her face with both hands and leaning her forward for a quick peck on the lips. "There's nothing to worry about."
  319. >"Are y-you sure? Because my face feels r-really hot too and I can't sit still a-and I feel sweaty all over."
  320. >Starlight wiggled her rump against your johnson, nearly making you groan
  321. >"A-And something's poking me in the butt and f-for some reason it feels r-really good and I want it to k-keep poking me in the b-butt."
  322. "I promise that you're completely fine, Starlight. That's just your body telling you that you're ready to go," you reassured with another peck on the lips
  323. >Starlight, whose face was nearly fire hydrant red, somehow managed to grow just a bit redder
  324. >"And what a-about the thing poking my rump. What i-is that?"
  325. >You chuckled, reaching down to give her flank a squeeze
  326. "What do you think it is?" you asked
  327. >"A candy bar maybe? Or do you have your house keys in your pants? Maybe some kind of thick pencil?" the unicorn suggested
  328. >...
  329. >A sigh escaped you
  330. "It's my dick, Starlight."
  331. >Starlight quickly looked down at your lap
  332. >"Your dick?" she said, obviously confused. "Why the hay is it so hard?"
  333. "Because, just like you, I'm aroused," you told her, giving her ass a firmer grope. "And why wouldn't I be? I have a cute little pony smooching me while she's wiggling in my lap."
  334. >"C-Cute?" the mare shimmered, somehow managing to look embarrassed and pleased at the same time
  335. "Yeah, cute," you said, giving her another kiss. "Now, are you alright with us going to the last step in all of this?"
  336. >Starlight looked back down at your groin, then back up at your face
  337. >"The sex part?" she asked with a wiggle
  338. "Yep," you replied with a nod. "We'll do something simple and we can work ourselves up to different positions later if you want."
  339. >Starlight nodded so fast that you wouldn't have been surprised if her head fell off
  342. >"Y-Yes please. I'd like to get to the sex very much."
  343. >You smiled
  344. "Alrighty then. Since we want to keep things simple we'll go ahead and have sex like you ponies usually do."
  345. >You gave Starlight's rump a quick pat
  346. "Hop off my lap and let me get my pants off, then we can get started."
  347. >To your surprise, Starlight darted forward and gave you a kiss on the cheek before you could react
  348. >”Alright.”
  349. >Giggling to herself, all the while blushing madly, she hopped off of your lap
  350. >Her legs were so shaky that she nearly tumbled to the ground, but at the last second she managed to catch herself
  351. >"Oh goodness... Does being aroused make you this shaky all the time?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at you as you stood up
  352. >Sure enough, your pants were absolutely soaked with what most certainly wasn't sweat
  353. >Not that you minded particularly
  354. >That just meant you were going to REALLY give it to this horse later
  355. "That usually only happens when you're really, really aroused," you said, unbuttoning your pants
  356. >Starlight watched as you did this, her tail slowly rising on its own
  357. >"G-Good to know..."
  358. >Your pants were pulled off, which were quickly followed by your underwear, leaving your lower half completely bare
  359. >Starlight glanced at your hard, throbbing cock
  360. >"And that's your penis, right?" she asked, her rubbing her back legs together
  361. >Your cock throbbed at the sight, sending a spurt of pre spurting from your tip onto the floor
  362. "Yes. Yes it is, and it's about to go inside of you."
  363. >Starlight's breathing hitched, and her tail flagged just a little bit higher
  364. >This allowed you to see her soft, tight, soaked little marehood and out-of-the-box-new ponut
  365. >"O-Okay. Is there anything that I need to do o-or...?"
  366. >You took a step toward the mare, then another
  367. "All you need to do is tell me if I'm hurting you at all," you said, grabbing her tail
  368. >She gasped, jutting her deliciously large rump towards you
  371. "I'll make sure to point out things and try my best to answer any questions while we're doing this, though it'd probably be a good idea to leave the questions until after we're all done."
  372. >Giving Starlight's tail a tug, you forced her to take a step back
  373. >You saw her body tense as she closed her eyes, her mouth opening in a silent moan
  374. >Taking a half step forward yourself, you pressed the tip of your cock against the lips of her marehood, letting out a sigh as you did so
  375. >Usually, you would have wanted to get a little foreplay going before you just stuck it into her, but you didn't want to overwhelm the poor girl
  376. >And besides, she was more than ready to get to the good stuff
  377. >Letting go of her tail, you grabbed her by her hips
  378. >Resisting the very insistent urge to thrust forward, you leaned down, pressing yourself against the mare's back
  379. >Starlight gasped, but stood completely still, her ears perked up
  380. "I'm going to start putting it in now," you said, your voice barely above a whisper. "Remember to tell me if it hurts at all. We'll stop right away, okay?"
  381. >"O-Okay," the unicorn said with a tiny nod. "P-Please put your penis in me now. P-Please?"
  382. >Not one to ignore the request of a pretty girl, you did as she asked
  383. >Keeping a firm grip on her hips, you thrust your hips forward
  384. >Starlight tensed when your cockhead parted her marehood, letting out a quiet grunt as the first inch of you was pushed into her
  385. >The mare was almost achingly hot and tight, and though you wanted to take this slow you couldn't help but buck your hips forward, forcing another inch into her
  386. >"H-Hah~!" the unicorn moaned, back legs twitching
  387. "You alright?" you asked, holding onto her tightly as her marehood tensed and flexed around your manhood
  388. >"It feels... w-weird," Starlight said, taking a few quick, shallow breaths. "But not a b-bad kind of weird."
  389. >You pushed another half inch inside of her, making the mare let out a needy whine
  390. "Are you sure? Nothing hurts?"
  393. >"Nooooooo," she hissed, rocking her rump side to side, her flank tensing in your hands. "Keep going please..."
  394. >You continued to push into the mare inch by inch, making sure to go slowly both to let her get used to you and to enjoy the sounds she made
  395. >It bad been too long...
  396. >Way too long...
  397. >Eventually, you found yourself buried to the hilt, your hips pressed up against Starlight's ass
  398. >The mare herself seemed to be barely able to stand, her ears folded against her skull and a far-off, hazy look on her face
  399. "Everything feel alright?" you asked, teasing her cutiemarks with your thumbs
  400. >"It f-feels like you're in my stomach," Starlight replied, her marehood squeezing your cock hard
  401. "Does it hurt?"
  402. >"N-No. It feels good. Really g-good..."
  403. >You gave the back of her neck a kiss
  404. "Good, then I'm going to start pulling out of you, okay?"
  405. >"Wait, why?" the mare demanded, looking over her shoulder at you with worry in her eyes. "A-Am I doing it w-wrong?"
  406. >Doing it…?
  407. "No silly," you said. "That's how you do it. I gotta push in and out of you until I cum."
  408. >Starlight blinked, her panic transforming into relief
  409. >"Oh, alright. J-Just keep going then. And don't stop p-please," she murmured, giving you a shy kiss on the tip of your nose
  410. >Aw...
  411. >Giving her a kiss of your own, you slowly began to pull out of the mare
  412. >She lets out a quiet moan, the muscles of her cunny doing their best to keep you right where you were
  413. >You gritted your teeth, digging your fingers into her rump
  414. >Hey now…
  415. >Easy there cult horse...
  416. >Inch by inch you pulled back, until just half of your cock was inside of the mare
  417. >Taking a deep breath to steel yourself, you started thrusting forward
  420. >"Oh, s-so you don't need to--ah~! you don't need to pull all the--oh~! way out while mating. G-Good." Starlight moaned
  421. >You said nothing, pushing into the mare until you hilted once again before pulling back
  422. >Slowly, you began to pick up the pace, moving faster and faster with each thrust, never pulling out completely, and never moving so fast that you'd hurt the unicorn
  423. >Wet, meaty slaps began to fill the air as your hips against her jiggling, clapping rump
  424. >Starlight tried her hardest not to ask questions while you were fucking her but, curious mare that she was, she couldn't quite help herself
  425. >Did it always feel like this?
  426. >Was it normal to be leaking all of this odd fluid onto the floor?
  427. >Was your cock supposed to be twitching inside of her like that?
  428. >Were other stallions this big, or was it just you?
  429. >As she asked her silly questions, gasping and moaning the whole while, her body began to take over
  430. >Her hips started rocking back to meet your thrusts
  431. >Her rump tensed and untensed
  432. >Whenever you stopped to just enjoy the sensation of your cock enveloped so completely
  433. she would grind herself against you
  434. >Your hands roamed the mare's backside as you fucked her, squeezing and groping and letting your hands wander where they will
  435. >You also made sure to kiss and nuzzle the back of the mare's head as you thrusted, which she seemed to really enjoy by the way that she was trying to milk you for all you were worth
  436. >"A-Anon? Something's h-happening," Starlight moaned. "S-Something's--ah~! something's building up i-inside of me."
  437. >Her cunt squeezed your shaft
  438. >Your cock throbbed hard, firing a spurt of cum inside of the mare
  439. >You made a face, gritting your teeth to keep from moaning
  440. "I-It's okay. That's s-supposed to happen, Starlight," you reassured. "That j-just means you're--fuck! you're about to c-cum."
  443. >Starlight opened her mouth to say something, but it turned into a moan as you buried yourself inside of her with a thrust
  444. >It had been way too long
  445. >It was getting hard to control yourself
  446. >You wanted to really pick this little horse up and really start pounding her
  447. >Listen to those little gasps and moans turn into screams as you fucked her nice and hard
  448. >Your ass and legs tensed at the very thought, forcing you to fuck the mare a little faster
  449. >But you controlled yourself
  450. >Not yet...
  451. >Not yet...
  452. >Starlight looked over her shoulder at you as best as she could, her eyes wide and glassy
  453. >"A-Anon, it's starting to build up. I... I-I don't know if--"
  454. >She let out a 'eep!', her eyes growing to the size of dinner plates
  455. >Her cunt clamped down on your shaft HARD, nearly taking your breath away
  456. >"A-Aha~!"
  457. >Starlight hunched over, her back legs giving out
  458. >A gush of fluids fired out from the mare's slit, coating your thighs and the floor
  459. >You were quick to prop her up, slowly thrusting in and out of her as she rode out her orgasm
  460. >You could feel your ending coming as well, but you did your best to ignore it, nuzzling yourself into the unicorn's back
  461. "T-That was an orgasm," you told the moaning, shaking mare. "It happens when y-your partner does t-their job--fuck! right..."
  462. >You could feel your cockhead swelling
  463. >You found yourself throbbing harder and harder
  464. >Your balls clenched, ready to unload
  465. >Your thrust also became jerkier and quicker
  466. >But you continued to hold into the mare, keeping your slow, methodical pace
  469. "A-And while it's good t-to for both parties t-to cum, if you w-want to mate with s-someone you need the male to c-cum into the female. Like t-this!"
  470. >Your cock throbbed one last time
  471. >Your fingers dug into the mare's rump, and despite your best efforts you couldn't help but clamp down on her shoulder
  472. >"O-Oh Celestia~!" Starlight moaned, her back arching as the first spurt of cum fired into her
  473. >Her front legs then gave out, but you continued to jerk and twitch and thrust, your tip firing spurt after spurt inside of the mare
  474. "And you gotta take all of the c-cum. All of it..."
  475. >Starlight did her best to milk you, but even so a few spurts of cum, both yours and hers, shot out of her cunt and onto the ground
  476. >You had filled the mare completely
  477. >If you could knock her up she'd most likely be carrying your little guy or gal
  478. >Maybe a couple guys and gals...
  479. >In your most orgasmic haze, the thought made you smile as you slowly pulled out of the mare
  480. >Starlight, her cheek pressed to the floor and her cheeks flushed, let out a moan as you did this, wiggling her ass side to side
  481. >Not letting go of her, you picked her up with a grunt
  482. >She allowed you to do so, hanging limp while she caught her breath
  483. >"That was... best thing... anypony's ever taught... me," she said in between gasps, a bead of drool making its way down her chin
  484. >You chuckled, giving her a kiss on the snout
  485. >She smile, kissing you back without a second thought
  486. "Don't you worry... about it, Starlight. There's a lot... for you to learn," you said, one of your hands reaching down to give her big ol' ass a squeeze. "Enough... to keep us... busy for a while..."
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