The Mad Bullfrog

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  3. One of the party's early adventures took place in a sunny region full of beaches and wetlands, where local bullywug attacks had become a cause for concern. What are bullywugs? Jerks. They're jerks. But while they were always kind of jerks, some of the foul frogfolk had become much more aggressive than in previous years, even comparable to goblin raids in other places.
  5. Only after the party had defeated a bullywug sub-chieftain and a mercenary leader did the full story finally start to reveal itself to them in their investigations.
  7. A few months earlier, a young and handsome prince who had been visiting the local castle had been transformed into a frog by a spiteful witch in response to being snubbed. However, this prince did not merely wallow in despair and wait for someone to save him from his curse-- after all, he had been known as Heinchard the Mad Bulldog.
  9. Instead, he had fled into the wetlands and, by persistence and charisma, had begun organizing an army of those who could understand his croaks. His goal was, of course, finding a cure for his condition, but he only knew one way to acquire anything... THROUGH MILITARY DOMINATION. Lacking the gold usually available to a prince to maintain a militia, let alone increase one, he had of course immediately turned his froggy followers to banditry to raise more funds.
  11. And so the party ventured into the swamp and, after a long protracted series of battles, sacked Heinchard's amphibian-filled cave.
  13. In the end, only the Mad Bullfrog remained...
  14. ...Luckily, he was still just a little frog. All the party had to do was catch him with a net and bring him back.
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