Uber Jason - Speed 5

Jul 11th, 2020
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  1. Out of the corner of her eye, Bella Morte saw the blade of the machete swing back and forward, slicing her across the middle, cutting her in two. Somehow that sharp pain was instantly dulled by the shock that washed over her. "How could you hurt me?" she said, stunned. "I've told your stories. I've kept them alive. We could have been friends."
  3. Before she could say or do more, the blade moved in quick, precise strokes, cutting away her flesh, peeling it back, leaving her arms and legs and torso skinned alive, fragments of muscle over bone if a famished animal had been gnawing at her, her dermis covering only her hands, feet and head. How could he move so fast? she wondered absently though the pain. How could he move with such precision? How could he kill her?
  5. But her questions were never voiced, never answered. She watched him turn away quickly, and that was the last thing Bella saw in this life, rejection by the mythology that she had nurtured.
  7. Jason X: Planet of the Beast - Pages 296-297
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