This Fetish is a curse

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  1. ***Under construction***
  3. Vore Anon's Magical Realm
  4. -Monster Girl Quest Delicious Series-
  5. Dinner:!SVEj0TZa!1Yvhk7DKP4BUG6d1NSs9OS9mqFr_Ci42-LY1yVxgMX4
  6. Lunch:!i14EBKwL!tMh2AxfraFcsS9G7T9v3LHlg8zFEu5kKsBpsrwNaUWw
  7. Breakfast:
  9. Link to Flash Projector DL because Lunch/Dinner are outdated and not supported on most browsers anymore:
  11. -Translations to Delicious Dinner Scenes-
  12. Dinner Alma Elma Scene Translation:
  13. Dinner Shirohebi Scene Translation:
  14. Dinner Alice XV Scene Translation:
  15. Dinner Lamiaroid Scene Translation:
  16. Dinner Alma Elma (w/ Cecil the vorebait):
  17. Dinner Black Alice, Imp, And Sister Lamia(?):!Kc0GzIpY!9ucQmyxtGsj8dQ1GEzZgh3DO3jydVJUPHHYiuDduxPY
  18. Dinner Dragon Zombie Scene Translation:
  20. -Other things worth mentioning-
  21. Echidna Wars (Vore platformer):!WIt2zbTT!yXlbb_OCo7TkOeCEtYq0MFVq_8siFpep39-bbpbtXz4
  22. Milia Wars (Vore platformer and Echidna Wars demo):!bU5hXZgQ!4-WkMmO6DO4mx2Yw6mrWq9AE4jLHeqQS67Qst4zlww0  (courteousy of anon)
  23. Marunomi (Monster Simulator(?)):!qNtgyZpQ!2jxOuDBpG3JXXZJ9WaEO0A
  24. Matenshi Sakura 1:!qcNUTLqS!DVwk-wkZ5HU0ZT7rCszApQ
  25. Matenshi Sakura 2:!HJ1TlbSb!1oo6F9ZCP7rJAEG_QjKwng
  26. Matenshi Sakura 3:!CQVy0bhI!PDQQ9lpi9rwIM6bnfKY5Kg
  27. Matenshi Sakura 4:!6FFwjCQL!YE7kD-fWChg8qok5lGCXfQ5D7KzDxWjD-Ss9AlZJtos
  28. Viotoxica:!fRcy3LLR!F3z6JZIUN-zijveAixKLzoPoaJM7Ap4-ieIE5PTuTtM
  30. Things to-do:
  31. -find new permanent links to monmusu delicious! CGs
  32. -grab the link for cecil mod for Paradox
  33. -Cherish each new day!
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