Rarara's other side (rararax(you), short, skintight facesit)

Oct 5th, 2018
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  1. >>
  3. >skintight ensemble leaving nothing to the imagination
  4. >her every curves hugged tight
  5. >using the right angle, you can even make out the plump treasure hidden in between her thigh gap
  6. >angle she only allows you to see
  7. >her darling
  8. >better yet when you're finally home after one of her concerts, both exhausted, her enticing wear now hidden beneath a long jacket, one she quickly dispatches to allow your eyes to revel in her beauty
  9. >yet, the smugness dripping from her content smile and that playful glint in her eyes sends your heart for another spin, silently telling you that the evening is far from over
  10. >and you know just the way you want it to start
  11. >quickly dispatching your own superfluous garments, you all but leap for the sofa, placing your head on the headrest before signaling her to come your way
  12. >she knows what you have in mind, or if she doesn't, she's not showing it
  13. >you can feel your mouth watering as the clapping sounds of her heels against the cold floor grow closer and closer
  14. >you try your best and keep your eyes on hers, but ultimately fail, your gaze swiftly finding its target
  15. >she hums to show her appreciation, she knows you really tried, and it's not like she really minds anyway
  16. >she perfectly knew of the effects of wearing such assets, and using them to her advantage certainly won't make her any less of a lady
  17. >"Oh darling, thank you for the seat, I am exhausted~,"
  18. >she turns around as her words echoes in your head, for a fraction of a second you try and think of a response to give her, but only a groan comes out as she finds her place
  19. >the warmth and softness hits you first
  20. >the kind of warmth you can't have enough of, the kind you can't help but press forward trying to find more
  21. >to which she responds with yet another content sound
  22. >then the smell
  23. >her smell
  24. >and intermixed between her own unique fragrance, the faint hint of sweat and her shampoo, there's also the smell of nylon tickling your nostrils
  26. >you can't keep yet another groan from escaping your throat
  27. >and as if having a mind of their own, your hands shoot up and forward to grab at her flesh, as if to secure the treasure you found
  28. >but the slender fingers caressing your scalp before grabbing a fistful of hair reassures your reptilian brain, she doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon
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