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  1. -   Keybinding has now been implemented into Dungeon Siege III
  2. -   Added two new controls that will allow the players to move left or right. This is included on the keybinding screen.
  3. -   Fixes an issue where the gamepad would default to on, even if you have no gamepad plugged in.
  4. -   Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where if either the host or the client is using a gamepad and are playing with someone who is using the mouse/keyboard, the host hangs when switching to the ending cutscene.
  5. -   Fixed an issue with certain graphic cards where it would occasionally display large black pixels in the middle of the screen.
  6. -   Fixed a potential crash when players try to reconnect after disconnecting during a conversation.
  7. -   We've implemented a fix that will revert the A/D reversed issue for people that are still reporting this issue.
  8. -   Fixed a potential crash when players would join a Multiplayer game in a certain order.
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