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  2. 1). Press E to deto, start detoing with lumber bases.
  3. 2). Don’t build until 55th second
  4. 2). Dont mass arrows, go for speed towers or zero chaos.
  5. 3). You can get zero tower from zero entity builder, to get him u need to research improved summoning 1 in upgrade center.
  6. 4). If u basing, max masonry 24\7.
  7. 5). Buy boots for your slayer in shop.
  8. 6). Secret lumber base not worth until late game, focus on getting basic lumber base 7
  9. 7). You wont get more than 9 food until late game, and u NEED slayer to get gold, so you will have only 2 spots for lumber.
  10. 8). To get more food you need a farm which you can build with Zero Entity. You need to research lumber to lvl 5 before that in upgrade center 4.
  11. 9). To get giga tower get zero tower then zero tower any upgrade except chaos then mega then giga.
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