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Mar 25th, 2018
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  1. >As someone who had walked on paved, well-maintained roads all of your life, you could honestly say that you were beginning to hate dirt roads
  2. >They were uneven, when it rained everything became a mess, and even when it didn't rain it was a pain in the ass to walk on
  3. >For five months you had been in Equestria, in the small town of Ponyville, and not once had you seen these roads being worked on in anyway
  4. >And it showed
  5. >Not only was there dirt on these dirt roads, but rocks, bits of flower and other plant-based waste
  6. >There was a pothole every twenty feet or so of various sizes
  7. >The ponies seemed not to have any trouble walking around in this nonsense, what with their four legs and thick hooves
  8. >But these roads were killing you, especially since your shoes were beginning to wear down to the soles
  9. >You were Anon
  10. >It was a Monday, one of the worst days of the week, and you were making your way out of town for an interview
  11. >An interview that would, hopefully, get you where you wanted to be
  12. >You had no dress clothes whatsoever--none had come with you when you had just found yourself in their world, and no one in Ponyville could make anything wearable for you-- so you had just gone ahead and worn your usual get up
  13. >A white-ish shirt, a pair of worn blue jeans, and your ratty, worn out shoes that would fall apart any day now
  14. >You weren't particularly confident in this venture, but even so you were doing your best to keep your head held high
  15. >Your hands opened and closed at your side, and your walking pace was just a little faster than normal
  16. >About five minutes ago, you had left the town proper
  17. >Most ponies didn't come out this way, so you weren't bothered
  18. >On either side of the road, there was farmland as far as the eye could see
  19. >Much of it was rows upon rows of apple trees
  21. >You could see apples everywhere, smell their sickeningly sweet fragrance
  22. >Hell, you could pretty much taste apples every time you licked your dry lips
  23. >This was Apple land
  24. >It had been before this town was founded, and would probably be right up until this world's sun exploded
  25. >But, just a ways down the road, there was a patch of land that the Apples didn't own
  26. >A relatively large patch of land from what you had been told, nearly 300 acres in total
  27. >This was where you were going
  28. >Hopefully to find a job...
  29. >Amongst the trees, you could see movement
  30. >Dozens of ponies milled about
  31. >Some were kicking trees, others were carrying crates filled with apples
  32. >Most of them were big, powerful earth ponies, and nearly every single one of them were mares
  33. >You could feel some turning their attention toward you
  34. >You ignored it, keeping your eyes forward
  35. >There was a sign down the street
  36. >With each step you took it became clearer and clearer
  37. >"An' where do ya think yer goin'?" A voice called out
  38. >You continued on your way, acting as if you hadn't even heard anything
  39. >"Hey! Did ya 'ear me?" the voice said
  40. >You looked down at yourself, using your hands to wipe your shirt down a bit
  41. >There was some grumbling, and one of the mares made her way out of the apple trees and onto the road with you
  42. >It was the head honcho of the Apple farm, and a some kind of hero as well, if what you were told was true
  43. >She was a big mare, heavily muscled with the dumbest cowboy hat that you had ever seen
  44. >If you remembered correctly--and you probably didn't because pony names were so ridiculous that you almost never bothered to remember them-- her name was Applejack
  46. >Applejack stepped into the middle of the road, blocking you
  47. >"Didn't yer pa tell ya that it was rude ignorin' folks?" she asked, her bright green eyes narrowed in what was unmistakingly irritation
  48. >You stopped, staring at her with a raised eyebrow
  49. "How can I help you today, ma'am?" you asked
  50. >"Like I'ah said, where do ya think yer goin'?" Applejack asked
  51. >You cocked your head to the side as she stood a little straighter, puffing her chest out
  52. >A few months ago, seeing something like that would have made you smile
  53. >But not anymore
  54. >You were wise to these ponies
  55. >Which was why you wanted to get as far away from them as you could
  56. "That way," you said, gesturing down the road
  57. >Applejack, looking not at all happy, turned to look where you had pointed
  58. >The second that her head was turned, you were walking again
  59. >"Ya better not be goin' where--Hey!"
  60. >Applejack's head whipped back around
  61. >Seeing that you were much closer, she hopped away from you, nearly knocking her hat off her head
  62. >You didn't pay her actions any mind
  63. >You had much better things to do
  64. >Like go to an important interview
  65. >Unfortunately, you were quiet able to pass the mare before she was in front of you again
  66. >"Now, I don't know how they did things back where yer from, mister, but I ain't havin' none o' this!" she said, stomping her hoof
  67. "None of what?" you asked. "I'm doing absolutely nothing."
  68. >"The heck you ain't!" Applejack said, stomping toward you. "I know where yer goin'! I told them damned minotaurs I don't want none o' them here, and you ain't--"
  69. >When you had first gotten here, the town's local princess had been nice enough to explain some things to you about ponies
  71. >They were a very expressive people
  72. >Their faces could twitch and move in a thousand different way, and every single thing meant something
  73. >Ears, muzzles, eyes, these things went just as far--if not farther--as talking
  74. >To a pony, your face was not expressive
  75. >A pony's mind couldn't deal with no emotion on a face, so it did it's best to fill in the blank
  76. >So if you were so give a pony your flattest stare while baring your teeth JUST a little bit, nine times out of ten it would scare them worse that if you had come at them with a bat
  77. >Applejack, it seemed, was no different
  78. >Her eyes flatted as she stared up at you
  79. >Her eyes widened as the seconds passed by, and her mouth opened in an "o" shape
  80. >You took a step toward her
  81. >She took a few hasty steps back, nearly falling into a ditch next to the road
  82. "Excuse me, but I really need to be getting to a thing," you said, standing up to your full height. "You have a... wonderful day."
  83. >With that, you made your way unmolested down the road
  84. >You could feel a pair of eyes drilling into your back
  85. >If you were listening, you could have probably heard some very upset grumbling
  86. >But that was none of your business
  87. >About a quarter mile from your destination, you could finally make out the sign:
  89. M.N.U. Dairy
  91. >The closer you came, the less powerful was the smell of apples in the air
  92. >There was something else in it now
  93. >Something a bit more subtle, but still very much present
  94. >Milk
  95. >But not just any milk
  96. >Minotaur milk
  98. >You were going to one of the only minotaur dairy farms in Equestria, and you honestly had no idea what to expect
  99. >Right next to the sign for the farm, there was an entry way of sorts
  100. >Made out of some kind of wire-thin metal and thick wooden boards, at its top was a big glass milk bottle
  101. >There was a figure leaning against this entryway, arms crossed
  102. >Even from this distance, you could tell that she was absolutely massive
  103. >Taller than you by a good foot and a half at least
  104. >And with each step you could make out more of their features
  105. >A pair of long, slender black horns sticking out of their head
  106. >Long, almost elf-like ears
  107. >A face that was shaped almost like yours
  108. >A tail that seemed just as big as her
  109. >And a pair of breasts
  110. >These weren't the little nubs of flesh that ponies called boobs
  111. >These also weren't like what girls back home were packing
  112. >Nope
  113. >These things were massive
  114. >Each one was easily bigger than their head, barely contained by the overall work slacks they were
  115. >It was a minotaur
  116. >A milker by the looks of her
  117. >A pair of yellow, predator-like eyes snapped up at you
  118. >The minotaur pushed off the entry way
  119. >On her large, cloved legs she made closed the distance between the two of you
  120. >This close you could see that her hair was styled oddly
  121. >Some of it spiked and sticking up every which way, some of it branded, with beads and little trinkets in it
  122. >You couldn't help but also notice that she was holding a hunk of wood bigger than you in her hand
  123. >Stopping just a few feet away from you, the cow woman looked you up and down as she chewed on a bit of barley
  125. >"You the guy here for the job?" she asked, her voice gruff yet surprisingly feminine
  126. >You nodded
  127. "Yep, that's me."
  128. >The minotaur grunted, switching her barley from one side of her mouth to the other
  129. >"I've never seen a shaved bull before," she said. "Haven't seen one so little either."
  130. "And you still haven't," you replied. "I'm no minotaur."
  131. >Her eyes narrowed
  132. >Humming, she tapped her plank of wood against the road
  133. >You did your best to appear calm while also getting ready to turn the other way and bolt
  134. >"Hmm. Shoulda known. You'd have been the ugliest bull I've ever seen if you were though," she said, turning around. "Come on. The big boss woman sent me to watch out for you. I'm supposed to take you right to her office."
  135. >She motioned you to follow her into the property
  136. >You did so without saying a word
  137. >The farm looked well-kept
  138. >There were a dozen or so plain white buildings dotted around the property
  139. >The paths, surprisingly, were cobblestone
  140. >You could hear talking, yelling, some machinery running, but no other minotaurs
  141. >"It's our break time, so most of the girls are out in the fields relaxing," the minotauress said, as if reading your mind. "So don't be surprised if you don't see anyone else."
  142. "Alright," you said
  143. >Your guide looked over her shoulder at you
  144. >"You gotta name? Or am I gonna need to call you skinny?"
  145. "Anon. My name's Anon."
  146. >The minotaur snorted
  147. >"Funny name. Mine's Henriette."
  148. "Nice to meet you then, Henriette."
  149. >The tauress just grunted, picking up her pace
  151. >You passed the big white buildings, some smaller, wooden buildings
  152. >Past that were rows of plants and trees of all kinds, neatly trimmed and well looked after
  153. >Past that, on a small hill in the middle of grassy plains, was a two-story house
  154. >It looked much sturdier than anything that the ponies built, with a fresh coat of paint on it's walls
  155. >"Stop your gawking and get a move on, skrawny. The boss has stuff to do today. Just like me."
  156. >You tear your gaze away from the house to see that Henriette a good distance away from you
  157. >You jogged after her, closing the distance as quickly as you could
  158. >The minotaur strode toward the house with long, quick steps, paying you no mind as you found yourself walking side-by-side with her
  159. >In no time at all, you both found yourselves walking up that little hill and onto the house's front porch
  160. >"The boss lady's expectin' you, so just go right on in," Henriette said, looking down at you. "As soon as you go in, make a left, then a right. You'll see a room with a red door. Knock on it, and you'll be able to start your interview."
  161. >With that, the tauress turned and made her way off the porch
  162. >You watched her go, nodding to yourself before grabbing the doorknob
  163. >"Hey scrawny?"
  164. >Pausing, you looked over your shoulder to see Henriette looking at you.
  165. >"Hope your interview goes alright," she said. "Trau knows that we need some help around here."
  166. >You gave her a smile and a thumbs up
  167. >You hoped it went well too...
  168. >Opening the door, you stepped into the house
  169. >There wasn't anything particularly odd about the place
  170. >To be honest, it looked a bit like your old house back in humanville, albeit a little more spartan
  171. >Closing the door behind you, you followed Henriette's instructions
  173. >Make a left, then a right
  174. >Sure enough, down a hallway, there was a big red door
  175. >Near the top of it was a golden bull's head, completely with a big nose ring
  176. >You cleared your throat
  177. >Your eyes darted down to your shirt, then your pants
  178. >Wincing that your shoes were completely covered in mud--but who'd even care? No one but you on this fucking planet wore shoes anyway-- you strode toward that door with all of the confidence that you could muster
  179. >Which wasn't very much
  180. >Like at all
  181. >Grabbing the nose ring, you gave three firm knocks, all of which echoed through the hallway
  182. >There was a pause
  183. >Your stomach tightened, and the sudden yet violent urge to run away surfaced
  184. >"Come in," a voice called
  185. >You jumped back a foot in manly fright
  186. >Quickly checking around to make sure no one saw your bravery, you opened the door and stepped inside
  187. >The room was small and cluttered
  188. >You could see papers everywhere
  189. >Stacks of them on the floor, stuffed in organizers
  190. >Amidst these papers was a desk
  191. >Sitting at this desk was a very tired looking minotaur resting her elbows on two stacks of papers
  192. >She was somewhat smaller than Henriette, though more powerfully built
  193. >Her golden locks were tightly braided and hung at least to the middle of her back
  194. >A pair of icy blue eyes regarded you from a pair of intertwined fingers
  195. >"I take it you're Anonymous?" she asked
  196. "Yes ma'am. That'd be me."
  197. >The minotaur nodded
  198. >"Fantastic," she said, gesturing toward a chair that was piled with what looked like forms. "Move those papers and take a seat, we have a lot to talk about."
  200. >Picking up the surprisingly heavy papers, you set them down next to the chair before taking a seat
  201. >"My name is Harriett. I'm the overseer of this dairy farm," she began. "We're one of the first farms to try to produce and sell minotaur milk to ponies since the Minotaur National Union was established nearly two hundred years ago."
  202. >Harriett leaned back into her chair
  203. >"As I'm sure you know, this is a very large farm. We're at about three hundred acres. We house about hundred acres and fifty satyrs. We run year around, in any weather, six days a week."
  204. >You shifted in your seat, trying not to flinch as the chair let out a high pitched squeak
  205. >Harriett's eyes narrowed ever so slightly
  206. >"Now that I've given you a rundown of our little organization, I'll tell you what we'd have to do if you were to be hired here."
  207. >She looked toward her left, were a large glass window sat
  208. >"This farm is very nearly self-sufficient. We grow our own good, produce our own cotton and wool, cut lumber when we need it. Most of my girls are also veterans that have been in the milking business since their tits came in."
  209. >She frowned, and you could tell that she was trying her hardest not to put her head in her hands
  210. >"The problem is that none of the lazy sows wants to cook or clean for themselves. Or clean anything that isn't their milking or farm equipment. Which is a problem when you have a hundred and fifty employees working under you..."
  211. >Taking a deep breath, she looked back over at you
  212. >"Which is where you would come in. Your job would be to cook for my girls and clean up after them."
  213. >You opened your mouth to say something
  214. >"That might seem easy, but everyone else I've tried to hire has quit before their first week is over," Harriett said. "No stallion I've brought in can take the hours or the lifting, and everyone else was a mole for those damned cows."
  216. >She let out a growl, baring teeth
  217. >Some of which were a sharper than any you had in your mouth
  218. >"Which is why I've considered you despite your reputation."
  219. >You grimaced
  220. >When you had first gotten here, there had been an "altercation" between you and Mr. Cake
  221. >The skinny fuck thought that you were trying to steal his fat ass wife
  222. >You weren't, of course, but he wasn't hearing any of it
  223. >The fuckwit of a stallion started spreading rumors about you, most of which involved eating foals
  224. >He shut up after Princess Twilight had stepped in, and you had sent a horse lawyer at him, but the damage was already done
  225. >All of Ponyville, in some way or another, thought you were some rapid monster
  226. >This made it difficult to get a job
  227. >VERY difficult...
  228. >You leaned back into your chair, thinking very hard on how to respond to the tauress
  229. >Interviews had never been your strong suit even when people didn't think you ate kids
  230. >You didn't know what to say, or you said things that you probably shouldn't
  231. >Once or twice your interviewer even commented that they've never seen anyone ever fuck up an interview so hard
  232. >They said fuck and everything
  233. >Still, it was either you got this job or moved
  234. >And you were allowed to leave Ponyville because you weren't technically a Equestrian citizen
  235. "Ma'am, do you mind if I be really honest with you?" you asked
  236. "Please," Harriett said, making a hand gesture
  237. >...
  238. >Fuck it...
  239. >If this didn't work out you would just become a bank robber...
  240. "I have absolutely no idea how to work on a farm. I don't know anyone personally that's worked at one, and never in my life have I worked at a farm. I've never cooked for crowds of people, much less done their laundry and cleaned up after them like some mother hen. If you do hire me I'll probably fuck up for at least a month before you had a half-decent employee."
  242. >You scratched your head
  243. "But, unlike everyone else that quit or you fired I'm really desperate. I have no family, no money, and if it weren't for Princess Twilight I'd probably be lying in a ditch dead somewhere. Hell, I can't even be a proper citizen in this country until I spend a year under "watchful probation"
  244. >Harriett raised an eyebrow but said nothing
  245. >You took that as a good sign and continued
  246. "I can't promise you meals that'll knock your socks off, or floors so clean that you could eat off of them, but I'll do my best everyday. Because if I don't I'll have to go back living with a weirdo alicorn and her pet lizard."
  247. >For a good two minutes, the minotaur didn't say a word
  248. >She just stared at you with narrowed eyes
  249. >You stared back, already planning the banks that you were gonna hit and all of that sweet loot you were gonna make
  250. >"This job demands that you be ready to work at all hours of the day," Harriett said. "You'll also have to live on site. Basic living necessities and some comforts will be provided if you ask for them, though you'll probably have to buy anything outrageous yourself."
  251. >An ember of hope sparked within you
  252. "I'd need work clothes, and if you knew someone that made a decent pair of boots I'd be grateful," you said.
  253. >Harriette nodding, standing up
  254. >"I can get you clothes. I have no idea what boots are but I'm sure I can get you those as well."
  255. >The tauress offered you a hand
  256. >"Congratulations. You start Monday."
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