Cart of Pane Bianco (RGRE) (Bread)

Dec 3rd, 2020
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  1. > Be Green Peace, environmental activist, professional soy mare
  2. > By chance, you have gotten involved with Anon, the heir to Bee Light Industrial, the leading supplier of wax for all sorts of other industries
  3. > He is a sweet stallion, but his mental faculties...
  4. > Suffice it to say, you are the brains in the relationship
  5. > You are also a starving college student, and Anon insists on picking out all the groceries
  6. > You feel your soul die a little every time you go grocery shopping with him
  7. > Anon takes the shopping cart out of the corral, and you continue your crusade to get some sort of environmental conscientiousness into his pretty little head
  8. "Wax pollution makes up a rising amount of ocean floating pollution, collecting microplastics and-"
  9. > He just put three loaves of wonder bread in the cart
  10. "Babe, we don't need that much bread."
  11. > He smiles and shakes his head
  12. > "You can't ever have enough wonder bread. It's good for grilled cheese sandwiches, frying, PB&J,"
  13. > With each word he puts another loaf in the cart
  14. > It's not even the store's cheaper, generic version of the bread
  15. > No, for some reason Anon insists on getting brand name Wonder Bread
  16. > "Egg salad sandwiches, mayo sandwiches, toast,"
  17. > The cart is already half-full of the stuff, and Anon pauses, looking at the shelves he's emptied
  18. > Then he sighs and starts taking down the Cereal Lee white bread too
  19. > You tune him out, and focus on the one saving grace in this situation
  20. > The tight pants you got him, that show off his massive danglers
  21. > You come to the end of the bread aisle, and his cart is already full
  22. > He turns to look at you, that sweet, innocent smile on his face
  23. > "Honey, could you get another cart for the rest of the groceries?"
  24. > You force a smile
  25. "Of course. I'll be right back."
  26. > You pass by one of the stockstallions, and he giggles at you
  27. > "Your coltfriend is a real character."
  28. > You let out a dry "Ha" and move on
  29. > When you return with the cart, Anon is browsing the cheeses
  30. > Not the wheels of artisan cheese, or the blocks of good cheese for bulk savings, no
  31. > He perks up at your approach and dumps an armful of individually wrapped sliced cheese
  32. > You've seen the ingredient list, you're pretty sure his wax company supplies at least half of what's listed
  33. > It's like it was custom made to poison your environmentalist soul
  34. > You only keep from hollowing out by focusing on the bulge of your coltfriend's crotch
  36. > When you come to, Anon is unloading the bags of groceries into the house
  37. > How long were you out?
  38. > Still, you have some pride as a mare, and put as many bags as you can on your saddlebag harness
  39. > You focus on keeping your balance as you walk down the stairs to the basement pantry
  40. > Anon grins when he sees you with the rest of the groceries
  41. > "That's my mare. Oh, and I got a present for you, it just came in the mail!"
  42. > He holds out a hemp Hearthswarming hat, with a little bell at the tip
  43. > You smile
  44. "That's sweet, babe. I'm glad you finally listened to me about the benefits of hemp!"
  45. > He chuckles
  46. > "You talk about it often enough, it's not like I could forget. Come on, get those groceries to the back and I'll put it on you."
  47. > You plod deeper into the basement, huffing and puffing
  48. > Finally, you sit down at the end, and just pant as Anon unhooks the bags from your harness
  49. > You blink as Anon pushes your hooves through the rings of a plastic six-pack holder and uses a grocery bag to tie it to one of the shelf units
  50. "Babe, what are you doing?"
  51. > He says, "Do you remember the day I met you?"
  52. > You frown
  53. "It was after the workers' strike I helped organize, at the drydock."
  54. > He nods
  55. > "Between the pay raise for the workers, and the hull coating regulations you lobbied for, you have cost me over five million bits."
  56. > Your blood runs cold
  57. > You try to get your hooves out of the rings, but they're wedged tight
  58. > Anon puts the hemp hat on your head
  59. > Methodically, he takes out a loaf of wonder bread, puts it on the floor, then unwraps a slice of cheese and puts it on top
  60. > As you struggle with your bonds, the bell on your hat jingles and the wall of low-quality food grows higher, cheese wrappers scattered across the floor of the basement around you
  61. > You start to laugh hysterically
  62. "Ha ha, what a funny joke! You wouldn't really waste all of this, all we had together!"
  63. > He doesn't say anything, just slapping down processed cheese and loaves of bread
  64. > You tremble
  65. "Please, just let me go, I won't bother you or your company!"
  66. > The wall grows higher, nearly reaching the ceiling
  67. > In the dim alcove you see the silhouette of his head
  68. "For the love of Faust, Anon!"
  69. > You swallow, the bell on your hat jingling faintly from the slight shift
  70. > "Yes, for the love of Faust."
  71. > The last loaf slots into place, leaving you in darkness and plastic
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