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  1. Monster: Zodie (Anywhere, minion)
  3. The spirits of nameless stars that gather around the constellations, nearly any magic user can summon Zodies if they learn the spell, but how strong they are depends on the summoner's affinities and whether a coin is used.
  5. Physically, they appear as tall, shapely women with hair like a nebula and skin the color of the night sky, complete with twinkling stars. The brightest star
  7. This can cause them to be confused with a Constellation girl,
  9. on their body is always located at the center of the brow, though if a coin is used in the summoning it will cover this star. The only other universal aspect of their appearance is a black metal band around the throat with a glowing gem in the distinctive color of their summoner's magic, two more unornamented metal bands at the wrists, and a ribbon wrapped around each calf. They wear the bare minimum of clothing otherwise, usually just a one-piece leotard, arm wraps, and low heeled shoes.
  11. How to Summon a Zodie:
  12. Physical foci: Meteoritic iron neck and wrist bands (with a slot for the magically created gem in the neck band) and two black ribbons, enchanted as a set. They will remain behind and can be re-used if collected when the spell ends or the Zodie is reduced to 0hp and dispelled. The usual paraphenelia for the summoner's casting style (candles, ofuda, a wand, a cauldron and reagents, a fire pit, spell circles, various sacrificial items or animals, etc.) will also be needed.
  13. Base mana cost: 20
  15. Users of SPIRIT, DARKNESS, LIGHT, or GRAVITY can summon Zodies with base stats of 4
  16. Users of FIRE, AIR, LIGHTNING, or ILLUSION magic summon Zodies with base stats of 3
  17. Users of other types of magic or the Sorcery perk summon Zodies with base stats of 2
  19. Summoners who have two or more of these traits use the best then add an extra +1 to all stats
  21. The caster can distrubute a number of additonal stat points equal to their MAGIC stat/2, +1 per 5 Mana over the base cost (3 Mana for +.5 if you have an odd Magic score, to round up instead of down.)
  23. Roll for a single specialty, rerolling Corruption.
  25. Next, did the summoner use a coin?
  26. No: Summoning lasts for a few minutes (a single scene, more or less) and the Zodie has a single magical or physical attack in addition to the ability to drain Mana for the summoner or its own use. It is barely intelligent enough to obey instructions, can't follow plans more complex than "Destroy those meddling girls!" or "Collect as much mana as you can and give it to me," and generally only says "Zodie" with varying tones and degrees of emphasis. Basically only useful as disposable mooks. Physical attacks are generally claw-style using their long, tough finger nails.
  28. Copper: Lasts a few hours, and the Zodie has average human intelligence. Still only has one attack plus mana drain, themed by the rolled Specialty.
  30. Bronze: Lasts a few weeks, and has two custom attacks, or an attack and a non-combat spell. Can assume a human disguise.
  32. Silver: Lasts a year and a day, and has a normal range of spells for their Specialty, plus a Power and and a human disguise.
  34. Gold: Essentially the same as a normal Magical Girl without coins or Perks such as might be gained by the ALLIES Perk.
  36. A Zodie will always obey its summoner's instructions to the best of its ability, or if left without any will drain whoever is close enough or destroy random objects once there's no one to drain mana from.
  38. The appearance can easily be reskinned to use them as more varied monsters-of-the-week if you'd prefer.
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