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  1. Converts .png image files into .dwq files usable by the engine. Can also pack them into .gpk containers (the .gtb is the table file).
  2. See pacNyan.jpg for more usage info.
  4. The way the engine works, if an image container (.gpk) is missing, it defaults to the images files (in .dwq format) inside the folder of the name of the container it was supposed to go in. E.j. The engine will load files from SYS folder inside the DWQ folder if sys[number].gpk is missing.
  6. But this tool also packs images into their respective .gpk container, so this function should only be used if you want to make the patch as small as it can be.
  8. Use GARbro to extract and convert the images from the .gpk container into serviceable .png files.
  9. Do leave alone the .gpk containers that don't have any image you want to modify.
  11. E.g usage:
  13. --Extract every image from the .gpk container using garbro.
  14. --Backup and/or delete the .gpk and .gtb file.
  15. --Make a folder named PNG inside the same folder pacNyan is in. Inside, make another folder and name it the same name of the container you extracted them from. E.g. sys for sys.gpk, ta for ta.gpk, etc.
  16. --run pacNyan, checking every option for any folder inside the PNG folder. It will output everything into a dwq folder.
  17. Optional: Uncheck 固める option if you want to make the game load the .dwq files directly instead.
  18. --Move the newly created .gpk and .gpk files to the dwq folder of the game.
  21. Extra comments:
  22. .bmp and .jpg files are also compatible if put inside their respective folders.
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