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  1. Ceteri is a roleplay character.
  2. [b]In-Mirat Ceteri Narah Felliyse[/b]
  3. Ceteri is a Lufi, an alien species. Ceteri is approximately  5' tall, and 28 years old if you go by Earth's years. They're not the kindest of Lufi, due to the superstitious belief that Mirat are bad luck. Despite being genderless, Ceteri does not care what pronouns people use.
  5. [b]Lufi[/b]
  6. Lufi are genderless space floofs, from space.
  7. While they've advanced far enough in technology to explore space, their culture is behind relative to Earth's. They're a very superstitious race, performing all sorts of rituals and following prophecies.
  8. They reproduce asexually, usually giving birth to 2-4 children at a time. First, a Lufi will find or hire a designated caretaker (to act as a sort of father-figure to the children) before proceeding with reproduction, as it's illegal to do so otherwise, and is a near impossible feat to raise the children on their own.
  9. The children are named based on the order of birth, with the following format:
  10. [Batch]-[Order] Kin [Parent's second name] [Caretaker's second name]
  11. To use Ceteri as an example, when they were born, their name was In-Mirat Kin Narah Felliyse. "In" meaning first birth, "Mirat" meaning sixth child of that birth.
  12. Once a Lufi child has reached adulthood, they choose a second name for themself, and will be referred to as such, instead of their first name. This is their "chosen name".
  14. The numbers are:
  15. 1. In
  16. 2. Dao
  17. 3. Ther
  18. 4. Duco
  19. 5. Ena
  20. 6. Mirat
  22. No more than six births nor more than six children in a single birth has ever been recorded, and is thought to be impossible. These numbers are only for naming purposes, they otherwise use common numbers.
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