Internal Documentation for Internet Commentators

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  1. CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China) Internal Documentation for Internet Commentators (no spreading)
  3. The War of Internet public opinion is of vital important to the life and death of the regime of the People's Republic of China. For the prosperity and strength of our motherland and the revitalization of the Chinese nation, all online commentators should always be prepared to defend the country's Internet firewall with their intelligence and diligence.
  7.     During working hours, online commentators must check their work email at least once every hour so as to grasp the latest spirit in the instructions from their superiors.
  9.     Online commentators ought to cooperate as per request. When needed, work teams consist of commentators from different regions and professions will be formed to implement specific tasks. If necessary, superiors will transfer personnel from other groups to understaffed teams.
  11.     Basic working procedures: the routine work for each group only focuses on specific websites. Different groups are held accountable for relevant forums of different major websites. The daily work serves to defend the correct guidance of public opinion according to the overall guidelines. In case of a sudden public opinion outbreak, the routine work should be suspended. Instead, commentators should follow the instructions of special working teams in superior departments. The staff and resources should be devoted to the guidance of public opinion on the emergency.
  13.     Online Commentators should be skillful in concealing their real identities. They must have multiple different usernames, with which they need to post articles in various styles of writing. If required, members of different working teams can pretend to be netizens who are debating in forums. Then, the third party can forward strong evidence to guide the public opinion in it's favor.
  15.     When rumors are spreading in the cyberspace, commentators should find the original post and the publisher as soon as possible. Commentators should compel the website administrators to delete the original post. Then, commentators should copy and post the content of the deleted post and use another IP address to declare themselves as local citizens in which the rumor took place. Then, commentators should use the account of forum moderators or other netizens to point out that the IP address does not belong to the area where the rumor was referring to, thus proving the message a canard.
  17.     If needed, commentators can post fake news that is more sensational to capture the attention of netizens. Then, commentators should soon clarify that those pieces of information are purely rumors.
  19.     On some popular forums where the credibility of netizens is usuallly high, commentators should go make a mess. Commentators can intervene by posting ambiguous articles, distort viewpoints irrationally in their comments, incite misunderstandings, and debates to distract the netizens' attention from some issues.
  21.     It is difficult to gain control of the public opinion on websites overseas. When commentators fail to dominate the public opinion on foreign forums, they can use short, irrational, and meaningless posts to space the forum. When the screen is flooded with a pointless mess, netizens are likely to lose interest. In this way, commentators can prevent reactionary ideologies from public dissemination.
  23.     To meet the basic qualifications of an "internet commentator," one has to continuously learn to improve their writing skills, and learn to grasp several writing styles while mastering the art of imitating others' writing.
  25.     Learn to communicate effectively with fellow netizens, earn their trust and blend in with them, especially so for those whose articles are influential online. Get a position as the host to crucial online forums, when possible.
  27.     Be highly vigilant when hunting for posts to work with. Using your judgement to quickly find the posts, among million others, with high potentials of influence, and focus heavy emphasis on them.
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