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  1. Dude: The beast at Tanagra, Tenga the master of ways, Arbeth stumbles drunkenly
  2. Chick: Hidden melody, the eye of Axionta
  3. Dude: In the 4th song of Telzat, Subbata stealing seven treasures.
  4. Chick: Sokath, his eyes uncovered.  The song of Telzat curdles
  5.        the soup of Witten.  Ascent of Mount Shicta and sing the 10th song of Gizatn,
  6.        Kinta the lost child
  8. Priest1: Jeremiah 29:11
  9. Priest2: Acts 17:11
  10. Priest1: But Philippians 4:19!
  11. Priest2: Romans 10:17!
  12. Bishop: James 1:3
  13. Priest1&2: Oh! yes, James 1:3.
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