kTOS - Proposed Team Battle League Changes(16/03/2017)

Mar 21st, 2017
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  1. Greetings, Saviors.
  3. In Team Battle League, there have been many instances where the matching process has been completed, but the entrance is rejected by players, interfering with game-play for this feature.
  4. We will be making some countermeasures to prevent people avoiding battles, causing frustration and inconvenience to other saviors who are in the queue.
  7. ▣ Internal Discussion about Intentional Rejections
  9. Since March, some saviors have been seen to be repeatedly rejecting the team battle league match entrance once matching was done. This was a problem that interfered with other players who were trying to play Team Battle League regularly.
  11. This deliberate and repeated rejection interfered with the enjoyable play of others, It's hard to actually judge some individuals though since there are matters such as Genuine mistakes, or Internet connectivity problems.
  13. In addition, the matching system itself is one of the causes for this - we'd like to improve the TBL matching system itself rather than hand out bans. We apologize to our saviors for failing to respond with quicker methods of caution.
  16. ▣ Future Countermeasures
  18. There will be 3 patches aimed at improving Team Battle League's system.
  19. Please do note that proposed Patches #2 and #3 are currently in planning stages, so things may change as we get closer to an actual update period.
  22. # 1st Patch (Due on: 16/03/2016)
  24. 1) Reject Button will be disabled when matched for a Team Battle League Match.
  25. 2) Players will no longer be able to move to the character selection screen / logout screen and use the Exit Game functions during a Team Battle League match.
  27. * These are our first steps to ensuring a more stable experience playing TBL.
  29. # 2nd Patch ( Date TBD )
  31. 1) If the Matching process is canceled after completion, That match will cancel and the remaining members will return to queue together.
  32. 2) The people who cancel matches will be placed into the queue with a 'secondary' priority than other players.
  33. - Even after the first patch has been deployed, the matching will still cancel if the client is shutdown. primarily to reduce any inconvenience when people are affected by this.
  35. # 3rd Patch (Date TBD)
  36. 1) If you reject a match when the matching has completed, you will be given a rejection penalty.
  37. - Depending on the amount of times you cancel and repeatedly reject, you will have restricted access to TBL and only allowed to play for a certain number of matches.
  39. 2) If you happen to DC/etc during a TBL Match, you'll be able to join again.
  40. - A Rejection penalty will be applied to the player if the entire match ends before the player reconnects.
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  43. Translation by Gwenyth @ToS Forums.
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