Still Grey.

Aug 15th, 2019
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  1.                                     [Wanted to test out some new writing software, also Gray is top cute]
  3. Reines crossed her legs, smugly examining her brother's student. For the longest time, she had been hoping for this day; crushing the small magus Gray under her heel. Holding her chin, Reines started talking with her pitched voice;
  4. <"You're drawing this out - there's something you wanted to ask, right?"> Reines can't help but smile as Gray squirms in her seat, covered with a cold sweat. <"And it's about your mentor - my dear elder brother."> Her gaze is crushing, her wide blue eyes sparkled ominously in the dim sunlight. Gray kept her head down, hiding her grey hair and pale face under her hood.
  6. <"It's about the Holy Grail war...">
  7. Gray whispers, biting her lower lip. She explains to the interested Reines that she's curious about what happened to her mentor, Lord El-Melloi, during that horrific conflict. There are only rumours going around the Clock Tower; no book has any information about it as there is only one, perhaps two, confirmed survivors and participants. Reines, being a descendant of a family branch closely related to the Archibalds, had been drop fed information regarding the Fourth Holy Grail war since her birth.
  8. <"Now, I don't mind talking to you about it;"> She pauses, taking a sip of the mint green tea that's already cooled down to being lukewarm. <"But it's rather dull if I told it for free. Gaining such information requires suitable compensation!">
  9. For a second, Gray weighs the price of her curiosity. She's dirt poor, aside from her priceless magical weapon.
  10. <"Since you're here, why don't you accompany me in my hobbies?"> Reines grinned, keeping her gaze fixed to Gray's exposed knees.
  13. Gray's heart was slamming against her throat. Sandwiched between the smaller Reines and her artificial maid, Trimmau; they descended a spiral stone staircase hidden behind a bookcase. Damn the designers of the Clock Tower and their secrets walled behind old stone bricks. The rumours behind Reines and her masochistic tendencies must be true, Gray now being her latest victim of torture. Her mind screamed at her to pull out Add and slash through the maid, then run until her legs give out.  Reines whistled a cheery song that echoed deep into the staircase. The light from their candles did little to help illuminate their surroundings, so when Reines stopped her in tracks without warning, Gray couldn't stop fast enough to avoid forcefully bumping into the smaller mage. Reines hissed, critiquing Gray on her clumsiness as she worked the lock with her keys.
  15. The room was anything but a torture chamber, Gray exhaled but was wary as she scanned the room and the hot pink walls. She was about to question Reines as they stepped inside on the carpeted floor. Just what is this room? Gray noticed the oversized cribs tucked against the corners of the room, the small wooden chest brimming with toys and a large dresser, covered with a white cloth plus a large closet tucked between the cribs. Trimmau stepped from behind Gray and immediately began preparing the room, readying a small white table with matching chairs in the very centre. The grey mage felt her head spin; there were too many questions to pick from, so she slurred out five of them at once. She turned her head away from the giant plushy bear, only to see Reines shamelessly stripping with an intense expression on her face. The blonde mage locked eyes with Gray, through her fingers covering her blushing face.
  16. <"W-What are you doing, Reines-sama?!">
  17. <"Ooh~? Don't back out now, little Gray. Whatever you've heard about my hobbies; I can assure you are false, don't look so pale now."> Her smug smile says it all as she drops her top, her smooth skin matte against the light. Trimmau steps over to her young master and helps Raines with her black bra, stripping her completely nude and exposing her perky breasts and pink nipples. Then she slid out of her dark pantyhose, standing proudly in just her black lingerie panties; never breaking eye contact with Gray. Trimmau finished Reines' undressing, stretching her panties before she carefully stepped out and stood on her toes, swaying in position.
  19. Gray babbled behind her palm while Reines laid across the cloth dresser with Trimmau's help, holding a pearly white rectangle with her small hands; unfolding it into a much larger shape.
  20. The great Reines, heir to the Lord El-Melloi title and school; wears poofy white nappies in her spare time? Is that her hobby then?
  21. Reality still hasn't fully set in; somewhere in the back of her mind, Gray rationalized that this must be a ruse or one of Flat's stupid pranks, fueled by magic. Through a smile, Reines is quick to retaliate; her hobby is relaxing after a long and stressful day -- nothing more, nothing less. The blonde princess, currently getting peppered with Talcum powder, tilts her head back as she casually chats with Gray about her elder brother. Gray, however, cautiously began inching back towards the old door; only barely wrapping her hand around the iron handle when Trimmau snaps her gaze over to her. All she could do is gulp and shrink while a cold sweat covers her blushing face -- she quickly pulled her hood to cover her face while the sounds of Reines' diaper crinkling filled the room.
  22. The smaller girl towered over the slumped Gray; her thick adult diaper, covered with a cartoon print was uncomfortably close to the tip of her nose. Reines cooed, pushing her pink nails against the crinkly plastic, enjoying the texture as it sponges back up after being pressed. Cheerily, she invited Gray to poke at her thick pampers, proudly presenting her padded butt. Poor little Gray, her entire field of view now filled with a medium-size adult diaper worn by the next Lord El-Melloi. Is this how she'll punish her future students? Gray held her breath while the tip of her nose brushed against the folds and wrinkles; with the faint smell of talcum powder still slipping into her lungs through shallow breaths.
  23. Reines insisted that Gray cups her ass through the padding to end the suffering; otherwise, Reines would continue until Gray turned blue.
  25. So, she did as instructed; Gray obediently grabbed Reines and caressed the padding wrapped around her senior mage. Immediately the blonde began cooing and shaking as she felt a thumb run between her cheeks. She curled her toes and bit her lower lip; bringing her palms over the front of her diaper and squeezing hard as her head spun. Another person successfully corrupted, another innocence ruined. It's so easy to coax people into doing her will; Reines will make a fine Lord when she matures into a beautiful woman. Gray vowed to forever wash her hand hourly until the memory of her groping Reines for three minutes got scrubbed from her mind.
  26. As she felt her climax nearing, the blonde mage immediately pulled away from Gray. Trimmau offered the small Reines her hand; something she kindly accepted as her knees trembled with excitement. The maid hunched over and wiped her wet lips and drool with a napkin, then gave a small head pat to help calm her down. After all, Reines has only just begun with her tea party; it would be a shame to dismiss her guest before indulging her with the same amount of fun. The small grey mage kept her clean hand over her mouth, trying not to gag from the shock. Her mind was black with her gaze fixed on Reines' toes; she couldn't bear to look up and see that white again. Trimmau stepped over and grabbed Gray by the arm, forcing her up to meet Reines' smiling face and blue eyes. The blonde instructed Gray to strip down to her panties before she's done dressing into appropriate attire; a dark blue onesie tailored to perfectly match her dominative demeanour. She slipped into it like a glove, snapping the few buttons to fasten the fabric over her thick diaper while Gray hung up her mantle. The blonde girl slid her finger into the leghole to pull out the ruffled leak guards outs and adjust the diaper's back, pulling it up to completely cover her butt.
  28. Without her hood, Gray couldn't hide her Pendragon face any more. Her cheeks were burning red as Trimmau held the girl while she removed her black thigh-highs. Reines commented on Gray's monotone fashion as she picked out pacifiers for the two. Unfortunately, grey diapers weren't available yet, but Reines intended to get rid of the graveyard keeper's shyness and colour-blindness by dressing her in frilly rainbow dresses with pure white diapers dotted with cartoony characters. Gray muttered to herself as she positioned herself on the changing dresser, still hesitant to drop her black panties as a final protest against Reines. She expected Trimmau to step over and do the dirty work, but Gray continues to be unlucky as the maid in question steps back against the wall and bows her head.
  30. No, it would be a waste to let Trimmau handle this. Reines stepped over, standing on her toes to look over the nude girl with a thirsty look in her blue eyes; she held a decently-sized diaper with both hands, tugging at its sides with anticipation. Gray protested, pleading for her innocence as the blonde slid off her black panties and tossed them aside. Her cries for help fell on deaf ears as Reines, blinded by her thirst, began with the usual process. All she knew about diapering and childcare came from Trimmau, she learnt by watching and was quickly able to replicate her steps. Gray whimpered as she felt the cold padding press up against her bare butt with its weird texture and additional padding. The poor girl didn't even have time to accept the unusual feeling when Reines began dusting her groin with Talcum powder, coating her already pale skin matte and grainy white.
  31. Then her playmate tugged the front flap of the diaper between her legs, pressing it against her skin while fiddling with the pink tapes. Reines brought them to the front, securely tightening the diaper to Gray's waist. With the last tape in place, Reines stepped back and observed Gray's first few interactions with a thick diaper wrapped around her; chuckling as she saw her playmate poke at it's front and complain about the thickness -- now unable to close her legs from the bulk between her thighs. Her usual stale smell now replaced with the calming aroma of the baby powder; some of it escaped through her leg holes as she sat up. Reines chuckled at the sight of overflowing baby powder escaping through the holes, better to be over-powdered then under-powdered. She's had her fair share of rashes during the early days of her hobby, so Trimmau was always instructed to use more than necessary for a girl her size.
  33. Gray clumsily stood up on her slender legs with Reines' assistance, and as if she's breaking in new, uncomfortable shoes; does a small waddle around the nursery -- her blonde friend right behind, holding her by the waist to make sure she doesn't trip. With every step, Reines would comment on her mannerisms, how obvious it was that Gray had never endured soul-crushing classes. All of the women in the Archibald lineage could act and dress like proper ladies; perhaps her hobby originated from there in some aspect. Every five or so steps, Reines would give Gray a celebratory pat and squeeze, her cheeks puffed and red. As the graveyard keeper grew accustomed to the crinkly bulk, Reines guided her over to the centre of the room.
  34. Size? Width? Height? Reines' inspection began, noting down Gray's dimensions while she runs the list of clothes through her head. Pink frilly dresses, or cosplay the little red riding hood? There's an aristocrat dress that would perfectly fit Gray, coloured dark purple with golden laces and stripes; puffy around the chest tied with white ribbons. Reines instructed Gray to sit on the small white stool while Trimmau picked out and measured the dresses according to the specifications.
  36. The blonde mage stood behind her, rubbing Gray's shoulders while she cooed and flaunted the dress choice. Her nails dug deep into Gray's tense muscles, releasing the pent-up pressure that's accumulated thanks to Lord El-Melloi's constant investigations. Combined with the soft padding and the smell of baby powder; Gray let out a long sigh from the bottom of her heart. The sensation occasionally stopped for a short period; something Gray should've noticed as suspicious as it was. Without warning, Reines shoved a large red pacifier into Gray's half-way open mouth; commenting on how an open mouth is bad manners. Initially, she chocked at the surprise plug; but as the pacifier settled in her mouth, the strawberry flavour coated her tongue and the roof of her mouth, coaxing her into relaxation. All she could do is shake with pleasure while the blonde mage did her magic, all while Reines spoke about the foundation for the Holy Grail wars; explaining that juicer information costs more than just 'observing' her hobby. Whatever the price, Gray was ready to pay.
  38. The dress arrived shortly, the dark purple dress without the skirt. Everything neatly clicked into place; the suit perfectly fit the grey-haired girl, as if tailored for her. With the dress came two fluffy thigh-high socks, coloured a light purple to match the dress. After Reines pulled the final sock over her playdate's slender leg, she couldn't help but squeal in enthusiasm; Gray had finally crawled out of her little shell of monotone grey and black, now finally exposing her cute face and pink lips. Trimmau sneakily took a snapshot, following Reines cues. One copy for Gray, eight for Reines, one for Flat and the rest just in case she needs blackmail fuel.
  40. With her playmate now accurately dressed, the playdate could begin without delays. Gray was already seated on the north chair, Reines would sit on the south, her other two stuffed guests sitting west and east. These positions weren't random, Reines followed the Archibald seating guide; even if it was just a cheerful playdate. Trimmau set the table, lining it with cups and plates, alongside a large porcelain teapot in the centre with the nozzle pointed towards Gray.
  41. The blonde girl continued about the Holy Grail war; how it began, and how it concluded. Dry details that told Gray nothing about her Sir; a man that was once known as Waver Velvet. Pulling the pacifier out of her mouth, Gray begged for names, places, participants, events. But those came at a premium, Reines smugly explained while pouring her a cup of tea, hoping she doesn't notice the white powder lacing the teacup. At first, Gray was hesitant, awkwardly poking her fingers together while she weighed her options again; her gaze fixed on the swirling orange liquid. Surprisingly, Gray puffed her cheeks, asking for a switch of drinks; shaming Reines for trying to poison her so lazily.
  43. The blonde chuckled, nodding as she pours Gray another drink in a clean teacup. She applauded the apprentice for her sharp eye, promising her lots of rewards if she chooses to endure. Trimmau stepped over, lining their plates with pastries and jams -- Gray cautiously poking at them with a raised eyebrow.
  44. But now was the perfect time to list her price, Reines naming every relevant bit of information with the lewd act Gray would perform for it. Trimmau offered the grey mage a napkin and a bag, just in case she felt the need to vomit. Reines was sure that her little grey mage would never turn down an offer, smugly sipping the spiked tea without even batting an eye. It's only a weak laxative, meant to be a small encouragement to help break through the shyness and awkwardness. It doesn't matter, Reines was comfortable with or without assistance; it's unfortunate for Gray that she's now sipping maximum strength laxatives that Reines stirred up for herself.
  45. Trimmau was kind enough to offer them a fresh diaper; Gray immediately guaranteeing the maid that she had no intentions on wetting her diaper. 'Not for long', Reines whispered while undoing the buttons on her onesie's fabric. Trimmau was unsatisfied; she tipped the girl over on her back and examined the wetness indicator, ignoring her cries and whimpers while fondling the white front. Most of the other guests Reines brings are wet by this point, some even needed a more urgent change. The maid was pleased to see a dry diaper for once; as a reward, she gave Gray a small head pat and promised extra sweets for her next visit.
  46. Next one for inspection was Reines, standing with her arms crossed and diaper in full view. The grey mage covered her mouth when she noticed the discoloured indicator with the sagging front. It's no surprise for Trimmau who's held a fresh diaper for Reines since before the checks began. Being her shadow for so long, the maid could catch small cues for everything Reines was doing or thinking; she also knew that delaying changes for the blonde was necessary because in a matter of minutes she'd need another one. Her face spoke what she didn't want to admit, coloured red with puffy cheeks; Reines never got comfortable messing in front of others.
  48. Gray blinked, confused, her eyes darted between the two until Reines suddenly dropped down with a loud grunt. Her instincts made her jump over, offering help. Reines was on all four's, sucking on her thumb while shaking with anticipation. Before her friend realized what exactly was happening, a loud noise escaped the back of the blonde's diaper with a strong smell alongside it. Her diaper expanded out as the firm mess slid out, each time she pushed her diaper would crinkle followed by hissing coming from the front. Halfway through her pushing, the mess lost its hardness and became soft, pliable; neatly filling any holes that were left by first few pushes. The diaper drooped down and sagged further thanks to the expanded back; Reines cupped the bulging mess to squish it against her soft skin, spreading it up to her front and up the plastic back of her pampers. The padding became saturated with her urine; the transparent leak guards turned black and opaque. Her friend turned pale, pinching her nose shut as she sat in bewilderment. Her guts churned when Reines dropped down her stinking butt on the floor, her sapphire eyes fixed on Gray with a masochistic smile on her face. The small girl again invited Gray to feel her diaper, promising a new texture and feel -- pressing her diaper from the front and back while shuffling over towards the graveyard keeper. It stank like the sewers of London. Oh how she envied Trimmau and her lack of smell, she just stood there to make sure playtime doesn't go overboard. Reines paused her crawling, casually pushing what's left from her bowels and topping off the nappy to the brink of leaking. Never once did she stop babbling to her friend, promising her information for the small price of fondling and grinding with her; anything Gray wanted, even the censored and sensitive data.
  50. Reines reversed back into Gray, trying to push the dirty diaper between Gray's crossed legs. They bickered back and forth like children until Reines squeezed through and wrapped her legs around Gray, pressing their paddings together. The two contrasting diapers squished against each other, regardless of how much Gray protested with a red face and heat around her groin. For what felt like hours, the grey mage held her breath and endured the dry humping, listening to each crinkle and slosh the two girls made. Her head was spinning with emotions while her partner grabbed her by the waist and locked them in place. Reines leaned over and licked Gray's red cheeks, making fun of her tears while praising her cute face until she heard the girl grunt.
  52. The laxative was taking effect, albeit quicker than anticipated. It'll be hard for Trimmau to change both girls at once, so one of the two will sit out and ferment a bit longer in their stink. The blonde stuck her hand between the two diapers, poking at Gray's crotch and rubbing the soft padding to encourage her playmate. To her credit, Gray was able to keep herself from messing a solid three minutes, much longer than any previous participant. She hugged her stomach as the pain began stinging her insides, pleading Reines to make it stop. It's futile to beg now; nature was about to take its course as her muscles tensed in preparation. As reality set in, Gray made the cutest defeated face, something Reines would frame in her nursery. Her body raised her legs in preparation, curling her toes while a few loud pops came out of her nappy. Within the second, her body lost the fight and quickly relaxed everything under her neck. The mess slipped out and plastered the inside of her diaper brown, filling the room with another distinct smell. Reines watched in amazement as Gray's diaper tented out, soaking up the wet parts and becoming slightly dark. The mess stung her skin, no amount of talcum powder could save her from the acidic sting, Reines noted never to feed Gray with strong laxatives again. As she unwillingly filled her pampers, her body relieved the pressure that's been sloshing in her bladder since they arrived; although the hissing sound was drowned out from the rapid filling.
  54. After an entire minute, the rush died out with the last few grunts. Gray's nappy became bloated and discoloured, something Reines rarely got to see from her other guests. Today's playdate was one for the record books, a girl that was able to match Reines' pace and size. With her small hand, the blonde mage squished her friend's diaper. She switched positions, pushing her dirty groin against the stunned Gray, enjoying the other girl's warmth against her's. Reines did all of the work, hungrily grinding to feed her pampers addiction all while encouraging her friend to do the same. Gray's mind was too blank for her to protest, so it defaulted back to her most primitive instincts; imitation. She mimicked Reines' moves, thrusting her mess against the floor while squishing her diaper with her hand. Her lower lip was trembling from the sensation until Trimmau stepped over and plugged her drooling mouth with a pacifier. Perhaps she should have prepared proper plastic protection to save the carpet; the two girls showed no signs of stopping until one or the other leaks. They huffed and moaned, both exclaiming their love for nappies, pacifiers, onesies and all things crinkly and cute. Gray babbled behind her large pacifier, inspiring Reines to increase her tempo even more until one final thrust released her pent up emotions.
  56. Reines shot her head back, letting out a dozen high-pitched cries as a few tears rolled down her face. The blonde pulled her messy diaper away, hardly breathing while she pressed her small hands against the nappy's front; murmuring the word 'diaper' over and over under her breath. Gray followed after a delay, her eyes half-closed while she idly sucked on the red pacifier. Trimmau decided to let them sit and stew a bit before changing them out of their disgusting underwear; preparing the dresser by lining more plastic and towels with black garbage bags on the side. The pink room turned grey as Gray dropped her head and passed out from the exhaustion, leaving Reines alone and barely clinging to her consciousness.
  59. Her head was throbbing with pain, every bone aching and an itch was making her uncomfortable as she woke up in her bed. The magus pulled her hoodie over her eyes -- trying to block out the refracted sunlight seeping into her room. Yesterday was a blur, with only snapshots still ingrained in her memory; the worst of which made her cringe and flinch in disgust. As her senses kicked in, she felt a familiar bulge around her waist -- in disbelief she slid a hand under her skirt and poked the plastic with a long sigh. To add insult to injury, the girl's padding was sodden from her morning pee. On her chest was a letter, written by the blonde magus; she had kept her promise and revealed Lord El-Melloi's servant during the war. With this letter came an invite for next week's tea party, and a promise for more fun.
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