PonkxAnon (>nohooves, 'just friends', footplay, ???) WIP

Jul 20th, 2016
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  1. >You'll never be Pinkie's friend.
  2. >You'll never spend the afternoon with her, running around town to help her make everyone happy.
  3. >You'll never smile simply by looking at her, her own happiness overflowing after having done her good deed.
  4. >You'll never follow her to her place, both of you exhausted by the day.
  5. >You will never limply fall on her sofa, your aching ass-cheeks and back welcoming its softness.
  6. >You will never look at her flailing around in front of you, exaggerating her motions in some sort of comical act, coaxing another smile from you, before finally falling down on the sofa, right next to you.
  7. >She will never tell you how exhausted she is, telling you she's so glad you were there to help her today.
  8. >You will never tell her that you had just as much fun as her, that you'll do it again, just to make her smile, smile, smile.
  9. >She will never giggle at your choice of words before adding that you're a silly willy.
  10. >You'll never ask her what was the plan for the rest of the evening.
  11. >She'll never tell you that this was all for today, that her footsies were killing her before leaning down to undo the laces of her boot, slowly removing her left foot from its prison.
  12. >You'll never admire her form and her perfect curves. Your eyes following her smooth leg, still enveloped in its striped sock, her hands caressing and rubbing at her sore flesh while pushing the shoe away.
  13. >You'll never feel guilty about the way you're looking at her right now.
  14. >She will never catch you intently looking at her.
  15. >You will never turn away instantly, going full damage control.
  16. >She will never tilt her head slightly out of curiosity, not instantly figuring out your reaction, before giving an inaudible 'O'.
  17. >She will never get an idea, smirking behind your back.
  20. >"Nonny~"
  21. "W-What?"
  22. >"My tootsies hurts so bad!"
  23. "Mh.. And?"
  24. >"Can't you help me??"
  25. >She says, pouting. That same pout that works every time.
  26. >It does its job well enough, an invisible force turning your head around to face her.
  27. >But you can't find the strength to look at her.
  28. "I-I dunno Pinkie.. How..?"
  29. >"Well... You could, I don't know.. Rub them a bit? Maybe?"
  30. >You gulp hearing those words, your eyes dropping, focusing on the end of her striped sock.
  31. "U-Uh.. Isn't that a bit.. weird? I-I mean I-"
  32. >She grabs your right arm, her left hand gripping the hanging part of your shirt and her right hand wrapping around your elbow, before going down, the softness of her skin making you shiver, ending its course on the top of your hand.
  33. >"Pleaaase~"
  34. >Your eyes instantly finds hers.
  35. >Her beautiful blue eyes, the ones that could trap yours for hours on.
  36. >A small sigh escapes your lungs in defeat.
  37. "O-Okay! Okay, I'll do it, just stop pouting like that.."
  38. >She smirk, knowing that she won.
  39. >"You're the best Nonny~!"
  40. >She leans in and gives your right cheek a kiss.
  41. >Okay what's happening here??
  42. >You're just friends. Right, JUST FRIENDS.
  43. >The butterflies partying inside you are just there because you're happy, and because you haven't had any action in a long while.
  44. >She doesn't wait for your mind to prepare itself for what was coming.
  45. >She leans down again and removes her other shoe, before pushing herself away from you, her back now against the arm of the couch.
  46. >She lifts her left leg, placing her foot on your thigh, before lifting the right one and lodging it between you and the sofa, her toes nestling themselves below your flesh.
  49. >You're not really sure about what to do right now.
  50. "Uh.."
  51. >She stretches a bit, her toes curling, impatiently waiting for your touch.
  52. >"You don't wanna?"
  53. "N-No, I mean, yeah I don't mind but.. I just don't really know how-"
  54. >"Just try! I'm sure you'll do great."
  55. >She really does know how to cheer people up.
  56. >You wrap your right hand around her shin and places the palm of your left one on the end of her heel, your fingers barely wrapping around the pliable flesh, making her foot jolts and inch backward.
  57. >"Ahh! That tickles!"
  58. >You nod and tighten your grip. Seeming content with your adjustments, she pushes her foot back to its original place.
  59. >You places your left thumb against the sole of her foot, pushing it up slowly.
  60. >She hums softly.
  61. >That must be a good thing, right?
  62. >You do it again, but this time, you drive your thumb to the left, tightening the grip of the rest of your fingers.
  63. >Her foot slowly pushes forward a bit, seemingly seeking more of your touch.
  64. >She's staring at you, intently, waiting for more, beaming her usual grin.
  65. >Let's not disappoint.
  66. >Your presses the whole of your palm against it, pushing it upward, rubbing the whole of her sole while your thumb traces circles on the ball of her foot.
  67. >And you move down with your right hand, fingers wrapping around the top of her foot and meeting your left ones, while your thumb strokes the outer part of her limb.
  68. >She gasps. Not the loud ones you're accustomed to. An hushed one, one that proves that she wasn't expecting it. The kinds of gasps she only lets out when she's really surprised.
  69. >She likes it?
  70. >That boosts your confidence.
  71. >You keep going for a while, rubbing, caressing, pushing, wrapping.
  72. >Her toes curls up and down in appreciation, her foot stretching forward then backward, following the pressure of your touch.
  73. >"Mhh~"
  76. >That was a moan.
  77. >She just moaned because you're rubbing her foot.
  78. >You can hear your heartbeat thumping in your chest and feel your blood pressure increasing.
  79. >You turn your hands so that both your thumbs ends up on her sole and starts massaging it up and down, your palms wrapping on each side of her foot.
  80. >"Ah- that felt good~. Do it again!"
  81. >You nod and oblige.
  82. >That results in another moan and her foot pressing farther into your lap.
  83. >Dangerously close to a certain part of your anatomy.
  84. >You instantly release your grip on her foot.
  85. >"Awww, why'd you stop?? It was getting so good!"
  86. >Yeah, maybe a bit too good.
  87. "L-Listen Pinkie, I'm not really sure friends are supposed to... do that."
  88. >"Why not?? It feels good!"
  89. >You try to think of something to say but she doesn't really leave you much of an opportunity to say anything.
  90. >She needily presses the flat of her foot against your thigh.
  91. >"I like it, you 'obviously' like it,"
  92. >She suggestively raises an eyebrow.
  93. >"and everyone's happy!"
  94. >D-Did she feel it?
  95. >No, impossible, you stopped her before she could get there.
  96. >You gaze down.
  97. >Nah, she can't see it from where she is, you're not 'that' big.
  98. >"You can't hide it from meee~"
  99. >You can't react fast enough, her foot is too fast.
  100. >You can feel the ball of her foot press against the end of your shaft, her toes curling softly around your engorged head.
  101. "A-Ah~"
  102. >She snorts.
  103. >"Teehee! See??"
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