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  1. RULES:
  2. 1. Do not start drama (worth a whole ban since it is a possible way for me to delete the server again and go into another depression)
  3. 2. Do not micspam (worth 1 warn)
  4. 3. Do not teamkill unless it is for rp purposes, and this also applies to admins (worth 2 warns unless it is mass tk then it is a kick)
  5. 4. If you think you are cool and can get away with antagonizing the admins, or the owner, you are dead wrong and you will instantly get banned (<- Read)
  6. 5. Do not throw grenades in elevators... just don't. (worth 1 warn per person that is in the elevator)
  7. 6. Don't Harrass people (worth a kick seeing as this could really negatively effect peoples mental health)
  8. 7. Don't be toxic (depends on what you do)
  9. 8. No Teaming, Unless the team is allowed (kick)
  10. Discord:
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