Half Human Half Cat

Darkgenerallord Feb 16th, 2020 78 Never
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  1. I had to concentrate. I had to ignore the Taxxon's screams. I had to stop wondering whether Cassie and Marco had been on that earthmover when it was hit. I had to control my morph. Not too far, Rachel. Not too much. I could not become human. Not totally human. I looked down at my paw. Short stubby fingers had appeared. I stuck my stubby half-human fingers through the bars of the cage and found the lock.
  3. One of the feeding Taxxons looked away from his meal just long enough. "Yeerss srenn ssseere!" It waved its creepy front legs in my direction.
  5. Visser Three snapped around and glared at me with ferocious hatred.
  7. I opened the door of my cage.
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