24/03/2016 - KTOS

Mar 23rd, 2016
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  1. 24/03/2016 - KTOS Patch
  3. Notice: This translation is incomplete, Untranslated lines will be updated ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
  5. The following errors have been fixed:
  7. 1. When attempting to enter a mission map with 5/5 entries remaining, Entry into Missions was impossible.
  8. 2. When harvesting crops in the guild hideout, system messages were not outputting.
  9. 3. 다른 길드 아지트에서 컴패니언 알을 사용하여, 제한된 컴패니언 수를 초과하여 키울 수 있는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  10. 4. Adventure Journal Information entries that were quite long would appear outside of the UI.
  11. 5. General Monster Adventure Journal [페이그 쉬어러]의 Was not being registered in the Adventure Journal.
  12. 6. Elite Monster Adventure Journal [대형 판토 투창병] Monster was not being registered in the Adventure Journal.
  13. 7. The Character's title was being incorrectly aligned too far to the right sometimes.
  14. 8. 거래창에서 마우스 오버 시, 이전에 등록했다 취소한 아이템의 툴팁이 보이는 문제가 수정됩니다. ( bug with item trade canceling not clearing properly)
  15. 9. The Skill UI was not scrolling correctly.
  16. 10. After sitting down with keyboard mode and then changing to mouse mode, the mode will be changed to modify keyboard shortcuts to appear correctly.
  17. 11. Quest window and Collection problems with scrolling will be corrected.
  18. 12. 콜렉션에 강화된 젬 아이템 등록 시, 해당 콜렉션에 이미 등록되어 있던 젬 아이템들이 모두 강화된 것으로 보이는 문제가 수정됩니다. (Gem enhancement Bug)
  19. 13. Tree roots appearing incorrectly on the map [ Fasika Plateau ].
  20. 14. When equipping Secondary weapons, they would not appear where they should be held.
  21. 15. Using Play Gesture caused the head to fall through the body when equipped with the premium hairstyle [Curvy Wave Twin Tail].
  22. 16. Using gestures caused problems when using the Premium hairstyles [Noble Long],[Noble Ponytail].
  26. Some quests have changed:
  28. 1. 수정광산 3층 [폐쇄된 구역의 마족] 퀘스트의 미르티스 등장 연출에서 ‘박쥐 연출용’이라는 텍스트가 나오는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  29. 2. 왕의 고원 [Historian Colin's Favor] 퀘스트의 수행 지역 표시가 [왕의 고원]에서 [루카스 고원]으로 수정됩니다.
  30. 3. 나하스 숲 [대성공 혹은 대실패 (1)] 퀘스트 진행 중 다음 퀘스트인 [대성공 혹은 대실패 (2)]를 수락하지 않은 상태에서 접속 해제 시, NPC가 사라지는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  31. 4. 베다 고원 [그들의 안식을 기도하며 (3)] 퀘스트 진행 중 다음 퀘스트인 [Surfacing Truth]을 수락하지 않은 상태에서 접속 해제 시, NPC가 사라지는 현상이 수정됩니다.
  32. 5. 수로교 지역 [알고 보니 축복] 퀘스트의 진행 범위가 너무 넓게 잡혀있는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  33. 6. 긴다리 계곡 지역 [알쿠네 계단 아래쪽의 돌기둥] 퀘스트에 나오는 오브젝트가 가장자리 타격 시 대미지를 입지 않는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  34. 7. 베라 연안 [조화의 마법진(1)] 퀘스트 보스 몬스터가 케파 드랍 아이템을 드랍하는 문제가 수정됩니다.
  35. 8. [Barbarian Advancement] 퀘스트인 [오로지 순수한 힘만으로] 퀘스트의 목표가 변경됩니다.
  36. - 기존: 버프 없이 몬스터 처치
  37. - 변경: 기본 공격과 바바리안 스킬(1서클)만으로 몬스터 처치
  40. The following information has been updated:
  42. 1. The 100 Day Commemorative Event will begin.
  43. 2. 9 New Weapon Recipes have been added:
  44. - Recipe - Vienie Koperon Sword
  45. - Recipe - Duris Twin Blade
  46. - Recipe - Vitt Corona Rod
  47. - Recipe - Dellis Evil Staff
  48. - Recipe - Light Kracked Shooter
  49. - Recipe - Duris Demon Pike
  50. - Recipe - Fire Musket
  51. - Recipe - Dark Burawa
  52. - Recipe - Coro Epee
  55. 3. 6 Repeatable Quests have been added:
  56. - Crystal Mine 3F: Dangerous Mine
  57. - 스타우라스 협곡: Reasonable Doubts
  58. - Gele Plateau: Performance Improvement
  59. - Ashaq Underground Prison 2F: Defective Goods
  60. - Ashaq Underground Prison 3F: Memories to Forget
  61. - Koru Jungle: Camp Preparation
  64. 4. The movement arrows on the map has been changed to 'first/second/third floor' from '1/2/3f'
  65. 5. When adding to guild experience using [Talt], A system message will be displayed stating that the item has been consumed.
  66. 6. When wearing the equipment [Mirtis Helmet], The location the item is shown in will change.
  67. 7. In the Siaulai Mission, The furniture blockades have been removed from the final boss room.
  68. 8. General Monster [Black Apparition]'s Defensive properties have been changed to ghost.
  69. 9. Boss Monster [Throneweaver]가 Spawning [Small Weaver]의 일반 공격이 선공으로 변경됩니다.
  70. 10. Golden Anvil item tool-tip will be changed:
  71. - This item can only be used on Equipment with 0 Potential, Even if the refine fails the equipment will not be destroyed. Enhancement levels are decreased by 1 for each failed refine, Failed attempts over +12 cause the equipment to reduce to +10. Usable with Mouse Right-Click.
  74. Skills have received the following updates/changes:
  76. 1. The Calculation for the Critical chance has changed for some skills, The critical calculation is now in accordance with the following skills :
  77. Coursing ( Hunter )
  78. Critical Shot ( Ranger )
  79. Double Slash ( Swordsman )
  80. Moulinet ( Highlander )
  81. Multi-Shot ( Archer )
  82. Spiral Arrow ( Ranger )
  84. 2. When Swordsmen/Cleric type players attacked whilst moving, the damage sometimes not being applied has been corrected.
  85. 3. Hoplite's [Finestra: Splash] Attribute not applying has been corrected.
  86. 4. Cataphract's [Impaler] 스킬 사용 중에는 적 유저가 사용하는 임패일러를 맞지 않도록 수정됩니다.
  87. 5. Squire's Skill [Arrest] still being in effect after the the duration of the skill has been corrected.
  88. 6. Squire's Base Camp /Refreshments Table skills SP Consumption has been reduced to 0.
  89. 7. Archer's [2-Handed Bow Mastery: Anti Air] Attribute tool-tip has been updated:
  90. - Current: Flying type monsters hit with [2-Handed Bow] Receive 20% more damage per attribute level.
  91. - New: [2-Handed Bow] When equipped, Deal an additional 20% damage per attribute level towards flying monsters.
  92. 8.When using Rogue's [Sneak Hit] Skill and then using Musketeer's [Covering Fire] Skill from behind a target, the Critical bonus not applying from behind will be fixed.
  93. 9.Rogue's [Capture] Skill now no longer can steal [Spike Shooter] and [Tet Mamak La]
  94. 10. When a Rogue steals a [Broom Trap] with [Capture] the problem where the effect would not go away will be fixed.
  95. 11.Corsair's [Use Pistol] When you have not learn the attribute necessary to equip the Pistol, A warning message will be displayed.
  98. Source Post:
  100. Translation by Gwenyth @ TOS forums.
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