[MKNR V26] Invasion Chapter 1/8

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  8. [Chapter One]
  12.  It was an incident that could not happen.
  14.  2097, local time Tuesday morning, June 18.
  16.  North America Continental United States USNA County outside Roswell, New Mexico
  17. Rebellion by anti-star crew members at the base of Starfleet Squadron
  18. happened.
  20.  It is not a rebellion of a member. Stars are divided into 12 groups,
  21. Each unit has a first class captain.
  23.  Three of the twelve units rebelled in the form of following the captain.
  25.  Only a handful of executives have participated in the revolt, whether they should be glad. But
  26. It did not end with small things.
  29.   β—‡ β—‡ β—‡
  32.  71 hours before Lina arrives next to Tatsuya and Miyuki.
  34.  At the base of the Stars' headquarters where Lina escaped, the battle of the star crews continued.
  36.  In addition to the usual rank, the star is a star (first class star)
  37. It divides the rank into anti-star (two-star), constellation, planetary, and satellite.
  38. Among them, the strongest class members are not training but sincerely
  39. I was fighting with magic.
  41.  Those who tried to assassinate Lina - Captain Alexander Ark Turuth, Captain III.
  42. Lieutenant Jacob Reversoz, the Third Corps first rank member. The fourth unit leader
  43. Captain Charlotte Vega. The fourth troop first class crew member Rayla Denneb called.
  45.  Those who helped Lina escape - Major General Benjamin Canovs.
  46. First Unit Second-class member Ralph Hardimir Park called. Equally,
  47. Two-star crew called Ralph Algol.
  49.  Among them, Mirpark drives a pick - up truck with a built -
  50. I escaped from the base with her.
  52.  Khanovs is dealing solely with Arcturus, Regulus and Vega.
  54.  And she's driving her until she's about to escape.
  55. Algol is hanging and hanging.
  57.  "Layla!"
  59.  In the pickup truck car, Daneb is tangled with Algol.
  60. I saw it and Vega yelled. She also lives in an experimental vehicle warehouse.
  61. I ran out to escape after Lina, but I could not ignore Canovs
  62. I stayed there.
  64.  "Major Canovs! You do not know the betrayal of Major Sirius !?"
  66.  Whether Vega is the pretext of rebellion or sincere.
  67. Canovs did not know. I think it's probably the latter,
  68. He also knows that he is only his guess.
  70.  The 11th Division, Arianna Shaurura, the 3rd Division, the 6th Division,
  71. Shoura, an anti-ship member of the 11th Division, except himself
  72. It was judged to be parasitized. She is a master of mental intervention magic defense.
  73. As part of that, it has the ability to capture strange pulse waves.
  74. Kanovs thinks her speculation is reliable.
  76.  According to Shaura, Vega and Denev of the 4th unit
  77. It was not eroded. If Parasites led the revolt,
  78. Vega, who is not parasitic, is likely to have played with false information.
  80.  It was a public fact that Vega was not favorable to Lena.
  81. The fact that it is because of jealousy is also understood by many anti-ship members.
  83.  The influence of Vega is a rebellion against Lena, the so-called Denebe of the Fourth Unit.
  84. Lieutenant Spica of the same 4th unit is as explicit as Vega and Deneb
  85. I did not take it, but it was not so hard to see that it would be similar.
  87.  Maybe he used that feeling.
  89.  A soldier should not leave his / her body to feelings. At any time,
  90. It is taught to rule strongly.
  92.  But people are weak in the cause of the people.
  94.  just. If you give a reason, it easily lurks itself.
  96.  You are not moving in your emotions, you are following the cause.
  98.  He excuses himself and excuses himself.
  100.  Khanovs was not only understanding his head. He has so far
  101. I have seen a lot of these cases.
  103.  "You said the general did not betray Starz! Captain Vega,
  104. Your actions are a rebellion! "
  106.  So he gave up on Vega and said he had no convincing effect.
  108.  Vega's answer is the weighting magic Double Face. The plane under the plane
  109. The magic that generates in double and presses in both directions at the same time.
  110. Most of them are used in a way that they are folded in opposite directions in the opposite direction.
  112.  Kanofus performs two weight classes magic "press" and invokes
  113. We offset the magic of Vega. I did not understand the magic itself.
  114. Defining the contradictory ideological changes, they destroyed the two spells.
  116.  "What……."
  118.  A surprised voice comes out of Vega's mouth. Definition
  119. Techniques to invalidate enemy spells are included in Starz's training.
  120. Of course she also knows. But intentionally,
  121. To make it, you read your opponent's magic,
  122. It is necessary to accurately predict the magic that the enemy spends in the appropriate coordinates.
  124.  The former is not the same as the gram disparity, but it is difficult for the same reasons.
  126.  The latter means that we know the enemy, that is, the skill of Vega.
  128.  The shake that Vega showed was a chance for Canovs.
  130.  Canovska narrows the streets to Vega. He did not cut it as a "molecular divider"
  131. I was going to take away the freedom of the body by pouring light from near.
  133.  But Kanovs stopped at the fourth step.
  135.  I also missed the time to look back and see the mirror shield behind his right diagonal
  136. Developed.
  138.  A shield for his high-energy ray weapon would use a laser beam shot by Regulus
  139. I threw it out.
  143.  A laser beam shot by Regulus ran his face.
  145.  His stomach was full of sweat.
  147.  Regulus is in a hurry - if he has not swung - he is lying - holding a weapon device
  148. Moved.
  150.  Until now, Regulus has been able to control the ability, I was not attacked.
  151. Whether Canovs did not find the location of Regulus,
  152. Whether Vega or Arcturus is priority.
  154.  It is the rebels who attack with a sniper.
  156.  But it was the Regulus who was under pressure.
  158.  "Laser Snipping", a special feature of Regulus,
  159. The enemy wizard finds out where he is. Immediately after the attack,
  160. The danger is that the roundabout is the same, but the usual magic
  161. Compared to being able to attack beyond the shields that the eyes can not pass through
  162. The degree of coarseness deteriorates.
  164.  He understands the shortcomings of his specialty magic.
  165. He holds a rifle-like armed device every shot.
  166. I left the place.
  168.  When moving, use at least magic. Anyway - in this case Kanovs ─
  169. Do not get caught, always stay a certain distance
  170. I changed the sniper point.
  172.  Half price from Canovs. This and other. It is clear that the reason for not receiving the price is due to it.
  174.  However, the counterattack drove Regulus into spirit.
  176.  How many times have the bombs that have been thrown out by the Canon's "Mirror Shield"
  177. He goes through the body of Regulus. Every time that happened, Regulus was cool.
  179.  Needless to say, the laser moves at the speed of light. Bouncing energy trajectory
  180. Of course it is a speed. The time lag is close to zero until the reflected light arrives after the launch,
  181. Even after trying to block the reflected laser by forming a shield after shooting, it can not be timed.
  183.  There are two types of energy shot defense shields.
  185.  One is to block energy above a certain mass. Normally,
  186. This is the type.
  188.  The other is to reflect electromagnetic waves. The "mirror shield" is this type.
  190.  If you have a laser shot, the latter is more effective. The & quot; mirror shield & quot;
  191. It only reflects the light from the outside and does not block the light from the inside.
  192. If you attack with "Laser Sniping" while deploying shield, it does not interfere.
  194.  However, if the shield is expanded, it will be able to detect the aftermath of the change.
  195. It is a loud announcement to the enemy where you are. So
  196. It is not a 'sniper' but a simple 'ranged attack'.
  198.  As a rule of thumb, we have developed a "mirror shield"
  199. You can block the energy shot that is thrown back. "Laser Snipping"
  200. There is an inevitable time lag between launching and casting.
  201. Immediately after "Laser Sniping" is activated, "Mirror Shield"
  202. There is no problem.
  204.  Unfortunately, however, the armed devices of the Regulos have an activated mode
  205. It was not ready. It is also possible to deploy a "mirror shield"
  206. It's impossible for Regulus. To become one with the parasite and to control the energy shot
  207. The magic feature has been upgraded, but the shielding technology
  208. Did not receive.
  210.  If you shoot Lina, you do not have to shield against reflections.
  211. No problem. Lina's "Mirror Shield" is designed to prevent damage to third parties by grenades
  212. So that the reflected light can land on the front of his / her 2 meters regardless of the laser incident angle
  213. Respectively. It's a high level of technology, but
  214. I can not deny that I am a soldier in that it is not threatening.
  216.  On the other hand, Canovs' "Mirror Shield"
  217. It is a reflection setting. Not strictly 180 degrees, but Regulz also until now
  218. I have avoided direct strike, but there is no guarantee that the luck will continue.
  219. The reason why the reflection angle is not strict is because there is 'shaking' in the definition of magic,
  220. It is not set at 178 or 195 degrees. Mathematically speaking,
  221. '180 degrees plus or minus three degrees'. When the error is zero,
  222. The shot will return to Regulus immediately.
  224.  The fear that he will be penetrated by his laser.
  226.  That little bit, but surely, ate the spirit of Regulus.
  230.  In the experimental vehicle warehouses where Kanov and Vega are replacing,
  231. At a distance, the fourth unit, Laila Deneb, and the first unit, Ralph Algol,
  232. One-on-one fighting. Denebe is a moving vehicle magic,
  233. Algol, who was hiding in the cargo bay, ran up and rolled down.
  235.  Denebe and Algol almost simultaneously woke up and began a hand-to-hand combat fight with dancing.
  236. Deneb thinks that Algol was involved in the 'traitor Sirius'
  237. Except for the 'traitor' part, Denebe's judgment was not wrong - I ran,
  238. Whether enemies are enemies or friends, I fought accordingly.
  240.  Denebe points the pistol with his right hand and pulls the trigger.
  242.  But at that moment Algol was not already on the sideline. He is 10 meters away.
  243. In a flash, he reduced it to zero and put the deniev into the knife range.
  245.  Algol wields a large combat knife. One foot long (about 30 centimeters)
  246. Outside knife. The thick blade is not serrated, unlike the survival knife.
  247. If you have a long hilt (hilt) curved like a bow next to a knife,
  248. Is it for winding. Pure knife fighter, unthinkable by the wizard
  249. It was a weapon that could be liked.
  251.  Both Deneb and Algol are the same type of battle wizards.
  253.  The melee game using high-speed movement magic is special. And then,
  254. It is in a state where magic that moves oneself is continuously invoked.
  256.  This is a flying magic application technique developed by Taurus Silver. Flying magic
  257. By continually invoking the gravity control magic intermittently in a short time of less than 1 second
  258. A procedure that allows free flight. That's what Starz applied to moving magic.
  260.  In a very short time, the movement magic is intermittently activated. especially
  261. If you are unconscious, your destination will be undefined,
  262. It will automatically be destroyed without effect and only when intended to move
  263. The magic of moving his body to a straight line orbit works. By this technology
  264. In Stars, the approach battles the mage, hindering the emergency movement.
  265. The time lag of the CAD operation has been resolved.
  267.  So this technology makes it possible to use the magic spell at any time,
  268. If you want to avoid the attack of Algol, you can avoid it. However,
  269. I received a knife from Alkol with a knuckle guard of a knife in my left hand.
  271.  Even if you retreat by moving magic, you will be attacked by Algol
  272. It is pushed to the corner. It was also judged that the same thing would be repeated even if avoided.
  273. But more than that, it was a big part of the fact that he was dominated by an aggressive mood.
  275.  Dennev believes in Rina's betrayal. She's the Sirius
  276. She was very upset about Rina's betrayal of the name.
  278.  The title of 'Sirius' is the symbol of the USNA soldier wizard of the homeland. The betrayal of Sirius
  279. It has defiled the pride of the wizard who belonged to USNA. That's such a rage -
  280. But it was misunderstood ─.
  282.  Denebe pointed his right hand gun at Algol.
  284.  Algol's left hand goes up, and between the blade of the knife that holds the reciprocal and Hilt
  285. I grabbed Denev's pistol. The forward-bent long hilt
  286. Not in a conventional combat knife. It is close to mango sho or pil car.
  288.  Algol squeezes the knife holding Deneb 's pistol tight.
  290.  Before the wrist is twisted, Deneb hands off his grip.
  292.  Denebe retreats a few meters faster than the pistol falls on the ground.
  294.  Algol was shouting and turning it off.
  296.  "What is it!"
  297.  "Hahaha ha ha ha ha ha! There is also a way to use this knife!"
  299.  The knife with this long hilt is designed to hold the enemy's weapon
  300. A special weapon. In this sense, it is closer to Mangosu.
  301. I feel an editorial commitment to the knives of Algol.
  303.  "This is a ripper!"
  304.  "Hahaha Hot! Guns and knives, too!"
  306.  Algol's body disappeared after leaving behind. The next moment he appeared next to Denebe.
  308.  Algol bucks up at the knife holding it in reverse.
  310.  Deneb 's right hand is empty. She left Al Gore with a left-handed knife.
  311. I tried to stop it.
  313.  Algol's left hand subtly changes its trajectory.
  315.  He bumped into his knife and the blade of the knife of the Deneb.
  317.  Slide the knife as it is and push it under the knife.
  319.  The end of the knife that Algol holds in his right hand leads to the left side of empty Deneb.
  321.  Deneb 's face hardened with nervousness and fear.
  325.  There was no room for Kanovs to watch his fights.
  326. Even if we knew the situation, it was impossible.
  328.  Current situation is more than a whistle. But it is obvious that 1 to 3, numerically disadvantageous.
  330.  Balance the gravity of Vega with the same magic.
  332.  Mirror shield "Reflecting" laser sniffing "of Regulus.
  334.  Molecular divider intercepts Arcturus' Dancing Blaze.
  336.  I continue the division of the trumpet charge against three first class members.
  338.  It was a tough battle with Canovs.
  340.  If this is genuine. If it was war, he might not have suffered so much.
  342.  If Canovs was Gin and Sim, it would have already fallen to Vega.
  344.  He is the same leader, but between Major Khanows and Captain Vega,
  345. There is a difference in skill. Canovs is from the time Sirian
  346. It is a powerful rumor that Canovs might be stronger if it is a close-range combat.
  347. In the face-to-face game where each other's appearance is seen, Vega has no odds.
  348. In fact, when Vega faced Lina,
  349. It looked all over.
  351.  Regulus is also an opponent to Khanovs, who can not be ignored but is not an intrinsic threat.
  352. The "laser sniffer" used by Regulus is from the start to the launch
  353. There is a structural disadvantage that a time of about one second is needed.
  355.  This is not the only game he's got,
  356. Do not use magic other than "laser sniffing". Regulus
  357. As long as you narrow down the width of your tactics yourself,
  358. It is not difficult to deal with at the same time.
  360.  If you have only Regulus and Vega, there is a handicap called "
  361. This battle would have ended in a short time with Canovs' victory. Even if they have two
  362. This fact must be unchanged.
  364.  However, Arcturus was strong.
  366.  Lieutenant Captain Alexander Arcturus of the Third Division of Stars. From Stars
  367. Contemporary magic of the mainstream and the magic of the nobility of the North American continent ─
  368. A battle wizard who acquires all the spell spells at high levels. Assimilate with the parasite
  369. You can not use magic to minister the spirits, but instead use the powers of the parasite
  370. I pulled out of my mind and got more combat strength than I lost.
  372.  Kanovski bounces the bullet of Regulus and rushes to Vega.
  374.  However, Kanovs was forced to step back to the windy monster from the side.
  376.  It is "Wind Hammer" of Arcturus.
  378.  The killing power is low. It is a magic whose purpose is to break down your opponent's posture,
  379. In order to avoid the slightest turbulence of 2 meters in diameter and 60 meters per second,
  380. I had to retreat for more than 5 meters.
  382.  A stone arrowhead comes after the retreating cannons. It is not an arrow.
  383. Arrowheads only. The oblique arrowheads made by sharp cutting
  384. "Dancing Blaze".
  386.  Normally, "Dancing Blaze" uses a knife-type armed integrated CAD.
  387. That's why it's so simple and accurate that you can end up with a single action, from magic to throwing.
  389.  But that means that weapons that use "Dancing Blaze" must be armed devices
  390. It is not meaningful. The magic is not a CAD, but a wizard.
  391. It is an absolute principle that does not change with any magic.
  393.  In the first place, "Dancing Blaze" is a magic that manipulates the emergency orbit of a throwing weapon
  394. The throwing weapon itself does not matter. It does not even have to be a weapon. As an extreme example
  395. Even a stone rolling on the road can be a "bullet" of "Dancing Blaze".
  397.  Four arrowheads attacking different orbits simultaneously. All that
  398. Kanofus is a "molecular divider" that extends from Japanese-style armed devices.
  399. I dropped it.
  401.  Two oblique arrowheads fall on the floor. "Dancing Blaze"
  402. When the form defined by the object disappears, the magic is defeated and is forcibly terminated.
  404.  However, the attack on Ark Turus was not over. Because of the successive magic
  405. Kanofs has yet to determine where Ark Turus is hiding.
  407.  The wind blows and feathers dance. A feather of baldness ─ a counterfeit.
  408. It is a feather type dart made of synthetic fibers and titanium needles. Extremely high strength fiber
  409. Depending on the speed, the skin of the human body as well as the leather protector is bent.
  411.  Several dozen feathers attack the Canovs in the wind. Arcturus
  412. Specialty magic is magic spell and movement magic. Especially, the technology to create and manipulate airflow
  413. It is a specialty. These feathers are not driven by colony control,
  414. It is just flying.
  416.  "Molecular divider" can not interfere with the gas. A single feather
  417. It's just blowing in the wind, so dropping it into an armed device is meaningless.
  419.  Canovs is a magic that explodes a compressed air monster explosively
  420. I blasted against "blast." The storm that comes to you
  421. He blocked it with a goal shield and he rushed back to Vega.
  425.  He saw Cannows at the end of the night.
  427.  An attack that seems to be forcibly forced to withstand the disadvantage of a 3 to 1
  428. Is it because it is gone? Such speculation comes to mind in the mind of Regulus.
  430.  A discarded large car placed for training floats in the air.
  432.  Vega is the magic of control.
  434.  Canopus dumps it on the ground with a weighted spell. Running
  435. Even if CAD is manipulated, Canopus's posture does not shake.
  436. But his consciousness is obviously heading towards a large vehicle that is flying to himself.
  438.  Regulus decided so.
  440.  Trigger on rifle-like, armed, integrated CAD.
  442.  0.2 seconds from start-up reading to magic activation. The figures are based on a specialized CAD
  443. Even if you are using it is quite fast.
  445.  Originally, "laser sniffing" is a special technique of Regulus
  446. The performance of the CAD is also excellent, and the magic power and speed are also excellent.
  447. As it became parasitic, the magic speed became even higher.
  449.  But the time it takes to amplify the laser light is mechanical and physical.
  450. It can not be shortened. Generating a laser of higher energy from the beginning
  451. The time can be shortened, and if it is parasitic,
  452. It is not impossible.
  454.  But to do that, you have to use the arsenal
  455. It must be modified for high energy use. Or create a new armed device.
  457.  Three days before they became parasitic. In just three days,
  458. I did not get my hands on the upgrade.
  460.  But now that Canovs has lost consciousness to Vega,
  461. You can not fight back. That was the calculation of Regulus.
  463.  But just before the laser beam was about to fire.
  465.  Canovs' rear view disappeared from the scope of Regulus.
  467.  It is not transparent.
  469.  Instead of a silhouette of a person, a cropped landscape appeared.
  471.  Reflected in that there is a hangar hidden by Regulus himself.
  473.  The laser light is fired.
  475.  It is impossible to cope with the energy shot coming back to the beam.
  477.  Inverted 180 degrees, the correctly reflected energy flares are from the
  478. He destroyed the armed device, and a piece of fire burns his left eye.
  480.  Screaming, Regulus was retired from the battle.
  484.  'First one.'
  486.  Listening to the screams of Regulus, Kanops muttered into his mind.
  488.  He is not really trapping Regulus. The approach to Vega
  489. In order to neutralize her without great injuries, counterattack to Regulus
  490. It is nothing but a fool. Kanofs is just
  491. The vision was not as narrow as that of Regulus.
  493.  However, it is obvious that the battle was easy with this. The magic of Regulus
  494. It's not like this, it's just 1 to 3 to 1 to 2
  495. Significant.
  497.  Just after he thought so, two screams beat Canovs' eardrum.
  499.  Reflexively turns your gaze in the direction in which your voice is heard. Retreat at the same time
  500. Put the distance with Vega. It is action to secure the unconsciously chosen safety.
  502.  At his turn, Algol was ditching Denebe's side with a knife.
  504.  Khanovsky insulted Algol in his mind.
  506.  But it was not only Dennis who stumbled and fell. Algol's body
  507. It tilts forward and collapses. It was the attitude of pushing Denev,
  508. It was clear from afar that it was not going to cover it.
  510.  Algol's back is soaked with blood, can not be seen in the position of Canovs.
  511. If you did not calm down, you might have noticed,
  512. Such a time could not be obtained in a state of vigilance.
  514.  But I knew that Algol was attacked by a new enemy.
  516.  It is because the edge of the attack is directed at him.
  518.  The force field of the "molecular divider" transformed into a thin, sharp window
  519. It stretches towards Canovs.
  521.  He sprinkled the force field with the same magic.
  523.  'Spike is Lieutenant!'
  525.  Rather than seeing the magical opponent, he noticed the identity of the caster.
  527.  Users of the modified version of the "Molecular Divider", "Molecular Divider Javelin"
  528. There is only one in Stars.
  530.  Lieutenant Zoe Spica lie first in the 4th Division of Stars.
  532.  Despite early morning at the end of Canow's gaze,
  533. A well-dressed female crew was able to reach Canovs with his right-
  534. Pointing.
  536.  A metal nailed nail attached to the tip of the outstretched index finger.
  537. It is similar to a kind of Nekote that is memorized in Japan. It is called "Molecular Divider Javelin"
  538. It is a sight.
  540.  Again, a thin, pointed molecular destructive force field stretches towards Canovs.
  541. "Molecular divider" for a medium range that has a longer range instead of narrowing the attack range.
  543.  Kanoffs cut off the end again and tried to lock him up with the force of his return
  544. He buys the gravity field of Vega.
  546.  No, the expression "molecular divider" cuts "gravity control magic"
  547. May misunderstand. Gravity control is the property of space called distortion degree.
  548. Spells change. "Molecular divider" also changes the properties of space.
  549. 'The change of only the normal gravity field of space' and 'normal space'
  550. Only the electromagnetic properties are changed, "and the magic is broken.
  552.  At that moment, Canopus' "molecular divider" was in a state of disconnection.
  554.  The situation is Arthur's Thomas Hock coming.
  556.  Canovs plays the Molecular Divider again and sits aside with power.
  558.  Thomas Hofk's afterglow of Canovs.
  560.  Rolling the dry floor of the training ground, he reversed it in the air toward Kanovs
  561. Tomahawk is raiding.
  563.  This is not an attack possible with the original "Dancing Blaze". "Dancing Blaze"
  564. It's the magic that prepares the emergency orbit of a throwing weapon.
  565. It is impossible.
  567.  The application of the spell magic creates a kind of reaction to the weapon that contains the 'mind'
  568. The pass adds a new "dancing blaze". This is a modern wizard.
  569. It was a unique skill of Arquitourus, who was also a mage of witchcraft.
  571.  An increase in the interference power required when adding magic of another definition can not be avoided.
  572. The definition of a new orbit is five times the limit. But
  573. The orbit to be set is not a straight line or a parabola, but a freely rising, falling,
  574. "Dancing Blaze". Three times, not five times with one shot
  575. If you change your trajectory setting, most of the enemy will not escape.
  577.  Arcturus becomes parasitic and can not use spell spells.
  578. But that's the ability to access independent information bodies defined as'
  579. It is not lost, it is not lost the skill of the magic. Dock, Lip,
  580. Writing. not. The art of magic has risen in parallel with parasites.
  582.  Khanovs is on the brink of attacking Tomahawk on one leg.
  583. I turned up the bear.
  585.  The speed is second to none and the power is not in the state of one swing.
  586. I did not stand up. It is more like a swinging rod than a sword.
  588.  Nonetheless, Khanovs' attendance is through the mind of Arcturus
  589. Two magically reinforced Tomahawks were thrown together.
  591.  It does not break with the blade of the blade which resembles Japan. In the first place
  592. Canopus' armed devices are not intended to cut into steel.
  593. The sword is just a guide tool, and the magic blade is responsible for cutting.
  594. Intermolecular Bonding Force If the inversion field is formed correctly, the slope of the blade
  595. There is no substantial damage even if it is a little uncertain.
  597.  The two split Tomahawk fell on the ground and did not fly anymore.
  599.  Even if it is a weapon in a state of mind containing a mind,
  600. The interruption of magic is usually the same as an armed device.
  602.  The pursuit of Arcturus is cut off. "Dancing Blaze"
  603. The type of substance needed to be prepared in advance of the number of 'bullets' that can be prepared
  604. There is a limit. Arcturus is in a state of 'out of ammunition'.
  606.  Kanoff still has not found where Arcturus is hiding.
  607. But even if it's temporary, the attack on Ark Turus is gone.
  608. It is a chance to reduce enemy power.
  610.  Now there are two little Vega and Spica who Kanops is admitting.
  612.  Spica's "Molecular Divider Javelin" has the character of killing the first person
  613. But can only be effective in a narrow range on a pointed straight line
  614. It is not difficult to know the nature of the procedure.
  616.  Kanofs has decided to neutralize his more annoying opponent, Vega, first.
  618.  Spica shoots a check spell, and Vega is attacked as a "molecular divider"
  619. And then Kanovs shot an air bullet that became a plasma.
  621.  Vega, who was guarding the molecular divider,
  622. I got it right. To avoid fatalities, Canovs spent the density of plasma
  623. I did not raise much, but I still have to paralyze my whole body.
  624. It was enough power.
  626.  Vega turns upside down. It is not completely stunned,
  627. The hands and feet do not move freely.
  629.  Canovs turns to Spica. He handles Spica.
  630. I thought I would fight one-on-one with Arcturus.
  632.  But at the end of Cannops' gaze,
  633. There was a profound body of Arcturus.
  635.  "Major Canovs, please stop the resistance."
  637.  New inlaid comes into view.
  639.  Ian Bellatrix called the so-called Samuel Al Nilam.
  641.  The two of the Sixth Squad of Stars, who became parasitized in the last micro-
  642. I had an injured arm in both arms,
  643. I was dragging.
  645.  Spica opens her eyes wide. As for her, this arc was unexpected.
  647.  "... is it hostage?"
  649.  Canovs speaks to Ark Turus in a tone that does not hide his disgust.
  651.  "I just secured the recruitment of the so-called Shura."
  653.  Arcturus did not answer Canovs' questions and pulled out another hand.
  655.  "Major Canovs.The purpose of your move is to release Major Sirius.
  656. The purpose is already accomplished. The battle to increase this damage
  657. Do not you think it's pointless? "
  658.  "It is you who caused insignificant insurrection."
  660.  Khanovs' accusation, Arcturus responded silently.
  662.  That theory does not work for someone who has become a Canopus parasitic in the first place.
  663. I knew.
  665.  Kanofs placed a Japanese-style armed device.
  667.  "...... to surrender."
  668.  "I do not guarantee my safety."
  669.  "Is it only the flesh?"
  671.  In the question of Canovs'
  673.  "I do not intend to make you your companion."
  675.  Arcturus replied with a silly expression.
  678.   β—‡ β—‡ β—‡
  681.  Unlike Canovs' plan, where he was taken was not solitary,
  682. It was a private room used by senior officers to visit the base.
  684.  Of course, weapons, including armed devices, have been taken away, but escape is difficult.
  685. I do not think so. CAD is now a must for modern magic users,
  686. It is not indispensable to use magic. Also,
  687. Makes it impossible to use magic
  688. Normally. Technology has not been established yet. Special mental interferometry
  689. I have heard from Canovs that it can hinder the magic of others,
  690. At least in Starz there is not a member who can write such a magic.
  692.  However, Khanovs did not go out of the room.
  693. A few hours later he did not come to eat, but he was in the fridge
  694. I spent the night with only mineral water.
  696.  When the lion came to call, it was already 21 o'clock.
  698.  He intervened between the so - called Belatrix and the so - called Alnilam, and he appeared to the commander 's office.
  700.  There is a chair in front of the commander's desk.
  702.  On one side, Arcturus and Vega sit on the same chair,
  703. On the other side, Major Capella, Captain of the 5th Division, is sitting on his face.
  705.  "Major Canovs, sit down."
  707.  At the end of the Walker Base Command, Canopus sat down in front of the desk after the salute.
  709.  "Well then, Major Khanovs, for your escort, Ralph Hardimir Park,
  710. I am accused of injury. "
  712.  The face of Canovs is surprising.
  714.  Walker predicted the reaction.
  716.  "Major Sirius' s port is in the form of a formal military command.
  717. Colonel Balance, too. "
  719.  I mean, there was no reason to be skeptical about Rina.
  721.  In the face of Canovs, the surprise disappeared and he returned to the poker face.
  723.  "About Tatsuya Shibata, Japan's strategic mage,
  724. I think you know that you are being split. "
  725.  "I know."
  727.  It is a threat whether to treat Tatsuya as a threat
  728. USNA's world strategy. With these two comments
  729. The upper level of the USNA army would have been able to say that the two rivers had been destroyed.
  730. The processing wave was almost identical to those who thought Japan was a competitor to the western Pacific,
  731. The employer is the ally of Japan, the Daei Union, the entrance of the new Soviet Union to the Pacific
  732. I almost overlapped with the forces that I wanted to use as a breakwater.
  734.  "But if you are, the strategic magic is so powerful
  735. I can understand why it is impossible to use it. "
  736.  "............"
  738.  At the end of Walker, Khanovs responded with silence.
  740.  Walker frowned lightly, but soon returned to the original office look
  741. I resumed speaking.
  743.  "I think I have to deal with Shiva Tatsuya. Captain Ark Turus,
  744. Captain Vega is the same opinion. "
  745.  "Commander, there is a serious question in their case.
  747.  Ark Tourus responds to Kanov's complaint.
  749.  "Major Kanoff. It is surely this body became parasite,
  750. The loyalty to the country remains unchanged. That would be my core
  751. Spirit. "
  753.  Across from Arcturus, Capella frowns openly.
  755.  "We are currently reviewing the treatment of Captain Arcturus."
  757.  Walker did not listen to Canovs' warning.
  759.  At this point, Khanovs has been in the mental intervention of Parachite
  760. I was convinced. It induces an accident, not a mental interference, that makes your opponent a doll.
  761. Walker paralyzes the spirit of reason and is the desire that he had in the beginning.
  762. Stimulating a sense of crisis, without realizing that the other party is being manipulated
  763. I was in the process of controlling as I wanted. ─ Kanokus guessed that way.
  765.  "Major, it looks like you can not agree with Tibetan assassination of Shiba."
  766.  "Even if hostilities are inevitable, we should not take such measures as assassinations."
  767.  "... that the world is not a world of good words,
  768. I think you know that, do not you? "
  769.  "I do not think it is a matter to deny a good word."
  771.  Kanovs did not deny the dirty means themselves. Justification
  772. There is something that can not be solved. I do not have to tell you
  773. Kanovs knows his experience well.
  775.  But braking is necessary. I apply the excuse "I need it" without restrictions
  776. If you give a little light, the army will soon fall into a simple group of violence.
  777. It was also a wary of Kanovs himself.
  779.  "Major ...... Canovs, I do not trade."
  781.  Walker abandoned Khanovs' persuasion and changed the topic.
  783.  "Does it mean judicial transactions?"
  784.  "Yes."
  786.  Canovs' question was that the illegal transaction was unacceptable.
  787. But Walker immediately affirmed that Kanops was unaware of the tension.
  789.  Walker caught up with the pace of the deal.
  791.  "When the military convention is held, the Chiefs of Staff will intervene.
  792. I can not avoid this. In the present situation, when a major military convention is held
  793. The court becomes a battlefield between Tatsuya Shibata Assassination and Usa,
  794. It must be intense. There is concern that the operation of the military will be seriously harmful. "
  796.  In Walker's conjecture, Canovs did not raise the theory.
  798.  It was certainly a development. But because of the conflict
  799. It is extremely unlikely that the army will fall into functional instability. The upper layer
  800. It is not so foolish.
  802.  If it was a normal situation, Khanovs would argue. But once
  803. As long as your supervisor holds the initiative, I know it's you.
  804. Negative comments could hardly be retrieved.
  806.  "If you acknowledge that you have committed to the sole of the Regulus,
  807. The so-called Mirpark is not a break-out, but rather a mistake during the mission.
  808. We promise to alleviate his brother's so-called Sawai and Shaura. "
  809.  "What specific punishment is it?"
  811.  Kanovs has already realized that the plea is meaningless.
  813.  "It's a one-year safe."
  815.  It is a fairly heavy prison for judicial transactions. However, To the mouth.
  816. If you consider yourself to be an obstacle,
  817. Kanofs thought the safe might be just right.
  819.  "Also, let's handle the penalty period during the infiltration mission.
  820. I do not get scratches, I do not care about the family. "
  821.  "Yes, but there are two conditions on my side."
  822.  "Tell me, I will try to respond as much as possible."
  824.  Walker's attitude is unexpectedly gentle. Subconscious to induce an accident
  825. Whether they are resisting or accepting the value of Canovs'
  826. Are you avoiding breakdowns?
  828.  Both were possible stories.
  830.  "Decreasing number hopes Midway prison."
  831.  "Is it okay, though?"
  833.  Walker looks at the look of Canovs as he searches for truth.
  834. A military prison on Midway Island is completely isolated from society,
  835. The most unpopular - a place where felons are imprisoned.
  837.  "Is not that good for you too, Commander?"
  839.  Do not you have to worry that you will interfere?
  840. I swear.
  842.  Walker frowned on his face for a moment, but he immediately made an uncomfortable look.
  844.  "I understand, I will do so, so what are the other conditions?"
  845.  "Please let Sawai and Shaura take the same steps."
  846.  "Both of you are asking me to go to Midway Military Prison."
  847.  "Will they both be punished?"
  849.  Walker was a fallacy, but Canovs was not at all agitated.
  851.  "It's a deal," Major Capella said, "to Midway."
  853.  Walker says, erasing the expression.
  855.  In the corner of the wall, Captain Arque Turrus and Captain Vega smiled a satisfactory smile.
  857.  Capella, who sat across from them, continued to look uncomfortable.
  861.  The safeboxes given to Canovs, Algol and Shaula are already on the following day
  862. It was decided officially.
  864.  There were many who doubted the Pentagon in such a strange and rapid procedure.
  866.  But the one who tried to stop the decision did not exist, including Colonel Balance.
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