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#OpCharlieHebdo #TangoDown

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Jan 17th, 2015
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  1. #OpCharlieHebdo
  2. Guess who's lurking in the shadows and will be claiming credit for your shit...
  4. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Pasted from: CNN MONEY
  6. ===============================================================================
  7. Shame on you @Jose @CNN for not doing your homework. Fact check your ass:
  9. Provide evidence that Jester's actually hacked anything (other than because he said he did).
  11. Ask any linguist to demonstrate that he has knowledge of Arabic or Urdu or one of any other hundred dialects used on the "jihadi" sites he claims to infiltrate and "tango down."
  13. Anyone can point to a puddle and say, "Look, I made it rain." Whatever comes down, or gets snatched up, is ex post facto and he claims credit. There is no tango- unless he convinces one of his many followers to "get to work" on his behalf (and they *will* get nabbed for it).
  15. The Jester (th3j35t3r) accounts were established pre- Heartbleed exposure: an empirical hopscotch (one-two-hop) audit would produce evidence to have this Jester accounting for his actions in a real court. In America.
  17. Intelligence doesn't turn a blind eye because this guy calls himself a patriot, or because he's "just that stealth." Sorry. If he worked anywhere near DNI, he'd have been fired long ago. If he was in the military, we'd know. The guy's not exactly Force Recon (oorah!).
  19. In a slant version of Orwell's 1984, he's The Pretender, and social media is his Oz. There's not much behind the curtain except maybe a clever lad, an opportunist to be sure, and a voracious ego. The Jester may in fact love America, but he's not serving anyone except himself.
  21. @CNN should get started on that retraction now. #TangoDown
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