Nameless - Chapter 4 - Friend

Jun 12th, 2021
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  1. Since when did milk ever taste this good?
  2. After you and Cheerilee had made it back to her house, she'd tried feeding you multiple different type of baby formula, only for you to spit them out one by one. Eventually, she gave up and filled your battle up with some milk from a carton. Whether it was cows milk or some other animal, you didn't care. This milk was so damn great that it didn't matter where it came from.
  4. Cheerilee just sat there, watching as you happily gulped down the entire bottle of milk. She seemed to be completely content watching you drink the milk, smiling gently and sighing every once and a while.
  5. Suddenly, Cheerilee gasped and pulled her hoof towards her muzzle.
  7. “Oh... Sorry, Scootaloo. I'll get you cleaned up right away.” What? What was she on about?
  8. “I can't believe I forgot about this, silly me.”
  10. Oh god. She wasn't talking about what you thought she was, right?
  12. You look down at your crotch and confirm your fears. What the hell was wrong with you? How did you not notice that you needed the bathroom before now. Your face flared up with heat and you could feel yourself blush in immense embarrassment, your hooves trying to cover up any shred of dignity left. Cheerilee had left the window open and a slight breeze was blowing in, causing you to shiver. You know that being a foal made you feel kind of... Different, but losing bladder control? That shit is ridiculous. You were starting to get impatient too, how long was this gonna take her?
  14. Cheerilee ran in from the kitchen, holding a pink bag in her mouth. She lay it on the ground and pulled out a towel, a bottle of baby powder and-- Oh no. No, no, no, no. Not in a million years.
  16. She expected you... To wear a DIAPER!?
  18. Fuck her and her shit.
  20. You let her clean up the wet fur around your crotch with the towel and only struggled a bit when she sprayed the sensitive area with some foal powder, but when she picked up a diaper, you immediately stiffened up and attempted to crawl away.
  22. If there was one thing that you were not going to let happen, it was this. The rest of this shit was degrading enough without this going down as well. Cheerilee swiftly reached forward and grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer to her and placing the diaper between your flailing legs. You tried to squirm out of the way, but she held you fast, quickly wrapped the diaper around your crotch and tied it up. Looking down at your lower body, you blushed, your cheeks turning a bright shade of pink even through the orange fur.
  24. “There we go, little one. You don't have to worry about getting dirty anymore. So what would you like to do now?”
  26. You frowned angrily and turned away, folding your arms and scrunching your face up.
  28. “Awww, you're so cute when you're mad!” The air in your lungs suddenly evacuated as Cheerilee took you by stomach and hugged you close to her. Even though you were still angry at her, you couldn't help but feel a whole lot better.
  30. She placed you down and immediately, you yawned widely.
  32. “Some-pony's sleepy, hmm?”
  34. You weren't sleepy at all, you just... Just... Another loud yawn escaped your mouth and your eyes started to droop a little. Before you knew it, Cheerilee was carrying you over her shoulder towards the living room and placing you on the couch. Cheerilee climbed onto the couch with you and nuzzled you as you lay there.
  36. “I think we might have to get a proper cot for you tomorrow. Can't have you sleeping on the couch every day.” Cheerilee said softly and kissed you on the forehead. You stretch out, your wings extending before returning to your sides when you relaxed. It was pretty strange, having these two new limbs attached to your back, but you'd gotten pretty used to them by now. You wondered if you'd be able to fly?
  38. Cheerilee nuzzled you again and wrapped her hooves around you, smiling as she closed her eyes. You wanted her to sing again, why wasn't she singing?
  40. “Mama... Sing?” Did you just call her...
  42. “Oh, do you want me to sing to you little one?” Cheerilee sat up a little pulling you closer to her.
  43. You nod and she started to hum a slow sweet tune. It kind of sounded like... The song that your mum used to sing to you on earth.
  45. “Baby mine, don't you cry
  46. Baby mine, dry your eyes
  47. Rest your head close to my heart
  48. Never to part, baby of mine
  49. Little one when you play
  50. Don't you mind what you say
  51. Let those eyes sparkle and shine
  52. Never a tear, baby of mine
  53. If they knew sweet little you
  54. They'd end up loving you too
  55. All those same people who scold you
  56. What they'd give just for
  57. The right to hold you
  58. From your head to your hooves
  59. You're not much, goodness knew
  60. But you're so precious to me
  61. Cute as can be, baby of mine.”
  63. A tear dripped down from her beautiful green eyes and with a slight “pat” sound, fell onto the pillow in front of you.
  65. “Sweet dreams, Scootaloo.”
  67. “Mama... I... Lu...”
  69. Your eyes drooped one last time and you fell into a blissful sleep.
  71. Your eyes slowly drifted open as the morning sun's light cascaded through the
  72. window. Yawning widely, you rubbed your tired eyes, ridding them of sleep and
  73. smacking your lips happily. Cheerilee was on the other side of the room,
  74. talking to a strange new white mare with a purple mane and what looked like... A horn?
  75. Was she a unicorn? Cheerilee was chatting away happily with her and besides
  76. a few fragments, you couldn't hear much of their conversation.
  78. One word stood out from all the others though.
  80. "...Sweetie Belle..."
  82. Huh? Sweetie Belle? Was that another pony or something? You yawned loudly again causing Cheerilee
  83. to turn around and smile.
  85. "Good morning, little Scootaloo." She said sweetly while trotting towards
  86. you and lifting you on to her back. She took you over to the white mare and
  87. placed you in a chair.
  89. "Sweet Celestia, she is adorable!" Said the new mare as she scrunched up
  90. her mouth into a smile. "You absolutely must let me do up her mane!"
  92. You weren't sure if you liked her yet, especially after that comment, but she hadn't done anything too
  93. bad, so maybe she was alright.
  95. "Scootaloo, say hello to your aunt Rarity. Her little sister, Sweetie
  96. Belle, would like to meet you. What do you say."
  98. Another baby like you? Hmm... Well, surely not everyone was like Diamond
  99. Tiara, so you'd take your chances with this "Sweetie Belle" too.
  102. Rarity's boutique was like hell on earth. Or, hell on... where ever you
  103. were now. The walls adorned with racks of silk, the floor scattered with
  104. sequins and ribbons, freaky pony manikins covered in frilly dresses. How
  105. could anyone live like this?
  107. Rarity walked in behind you and Cheerilee, smiling nicely.
  109. “I'm babysitting Sweetie Belle for our parents, so she'll be here for a while.” Rarity said while trotting happily into the room.
  111. "Wow, Rarity!" Cheerilee exclaimed. "Your boutique is amazing."
  113. "How about the two of you go upstairs to Sweetie Belles room? I'll prepare
  114. some tea for us in the meantime." For a second there, you were going to
  115. reply 'Tea would be nice.' until you realized that she obviously wasn't
  116. talking to you
  118. Cheerilee walked up the stairs, through the hallway and into Sweetie Belles
  119. room. Now we're talking! The walls were adorned with cute pictures and the
  120. floor was barely visible underneath the thick layer of toys. Wait.. Why the fuck did this shit excite you?
  122. In the center of the room, surrounded by toys was a white baby unicorn mare with a
  123. light pink and purple mane. Although it was a strange colour combination
  124. for a real pony, it seemed perfectly normal in the land of technicolor pony
  125. weirdos.
  127. As Cheerilee entered the room, the white filly who you could only assume
  128. was Sweetie Belle, looked up at you smiling.
  130. "Scootaloo, this is Sweetie Belle. You two have a fun time, OK? I'll just
  131. be downstairs with auntie Rarity." Cheerilee said as she put you on the
  132. floor and left, shutting the door behind her.
  134. You turned around to face Sweetie Belle who surprised you by being
  135. extremely close to your face. She was smiling wide and staring widely,
  136. making you feel a little uncomfortable, yet a little glad that she wasn't immediately a bitch like Diamond Tiara.
  138. “H... Hello.” You stuttered out nervously. Sweetie Belle replied by picking up a small ball that was lying next to you and rolling it over. You eyed the ball for a few seconds before slowly nudging it back to her with your hoof. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all.
  140. You spent a little while longer with Sweetie Belle, playing with toys, attempting a strange hoof version of “patty cake” and rearranging several kinds of blocks. As fun as spending time with Sweetie Belle was, you were kind of getting bored of all of this. You wanted to do something a little more exciting.
  142. Sweetie Belle began looking around for something. When her eyes came to rest on what looked like a toy giraffe, hanging upside down on the side of her crib, she crawled over to it and attempted to reach for it with her hooves, but fell just a little too short of her goal.
  144. Her eyes began to water as her attempts to reach the toy became hectic and over the top. Oh shit, what was happening? Small sparks began to erupt from the horn on her head, increasing in amount and size as Sweetie became more and more distraught. Suddenly, both you, Sweeties horn and a large amount of toys, including the giraffe, began to emit a strange green glow and slowly lift off the ground. What the hell was going on!?
  146. You flailed your limbs at random through the air, attempting to somehow grasp something, anything that could halt your movement. Sweetie had stopped crying and started to laugh and clap her hooves while the many toys floated around her head in a circle. She spied the giraffe again and as soon as it entered her grasp, the green glow dissipated dropping you and all of the toys to the floor with a loud thump. Luckily for you, you were over a pile of clothes when you dropped. Not so much could be said for a lot of the toys which lay broken and scattered on the floor.
  148. The noise of all the toys falling caused both Rarity and Cheerilee to sprint upstairs and slam open the door.
  150. “Scootaloo! Sweetie Belle! Are you OK?” Rarity screamed, running to check on a smiling Sweetie Belle who was still grasping the giraffe tightly. Cheerilee ran towards you as well with an extremely worried look on her face. She picked you up and hugged you close to her chest, whispering to you as she did.
  152. “It'll be alright, Scootaloo. Mummy's here...”
  154. Rarity checked on Sweetie Belle for a few more seconds before looking around the room at the mess.
  156. “Oh, I'm ever so sorry dear. I think Sweetie Belle may have just gone through her first magic spurt. It's probably safest if you and Scootaloo went home, we wouldn't want her to get hurt. She's lucky as it is.”
  158. “I think you're right. Let's go home, Scoots. We can come back another day for you to play with your new friend again.”
  161. Cheerilee waved goodbye to Rarity as you left the boutique. You really liked spending time with Sweetie Belle, it was nice to have someone- or, some-pony more like you to play with. The word that your surrogate mother had said before still lingered in your mind. You had heard the word said a hundred times over before but never really understood what it meant until now...
  164. 'Friend...”
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