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  1. Make it so you must check bank button about a property and if owned costs $500
  2. Remove SWAT when mayor dies
  3. Start mayor vote after 10 minutes
  4. mayor-settable undercover cop with plain clothes and dodge charger
  5. Org bank
  6. New guns
  7. TDM Cars
  8. taxi instead of bus
  9. Ability to sell cars to other players
  10. m249 increased recoil
  11. require big pots to use 5 pots
  12. increase big pot time to 1 hour (require big pots beyond 10 pots)
  13. sell seeds to DD for $1
  14. fix subs 3/4 garage doors after sold
  15. gang/org show in lite
  16. cyanide pill
  17. change emergency lights back to perp1
  18. unlimited money carry and drop money (money on hand drops on death)
  19. knifes to slash/throw
  20. police chief job (require VIP and 1 week)
  21. judge job to decide jail times in lite/gw and approve warrants (require VIP and 1 week)
  22. fix 1 star on arrest
  23. fix showing who got unwarranted
  24. fix scoreboard widths
  25. fix gas price and lower gas can price
  26. fix traffic ticket not taking money
  27. fix ep2 content needed for v33 into agrp content
  28. bind to turn off hearing other gov on radio
  29. replace non-working radio stations
  30. /admin doesn't work while dead
  31. add roleplay quiz / blacklisting
  32. revamp home panel to F1 and game F1 content in it
  33. fix trade money being too low
  34. get out of car turn off radio, turn back on same station with ignition
  35. backpack item to increase inventory size
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