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  1. Update v71516:
  3. Characters
  4. Ninja should now correctly drop followers when Transformed.
  5. Troll should now be able to Regenerate with the Trailblazer.
  6. Tavern Maid Pour Drink ability should now work as worded.
  7. Spy's Shadow ability shouldn't prevent an encounter.
  8. Highlander should no longer be affected by the Ifrit Sultan/Sultana when missing a turn.
  10. Enemies
  11. Amphiptere SFX should now work.
  12. Beasts should no longer disappear if you quit during game setup.
  13. Deimos should now be affected by the Weakness spell.
  15. Spells
  16. Lightning Strike SFX should now work.
  17. Lightning Bolt SFX should now work.
  18. Reverence should now be castable on other characters.
  19. Time Steal should no longer play the Toad SFX.
  21. Objects
  22. Orb of Time should no longer be available during the extra turn if you quit and resume.
  23. Orb of Time should work in the Deep Realms.
  24. Remnant Treasure Chest should discard after use correctly.
  25. Lugh's Cloak should now let a player avoid the Faerie Trod event card.
  26. Adamantite material no longer immune to spells.
  27. Holy Blood material no longer adds +3 in psychic combat against another character.
  28. Magic Tankard should now work on the Catacylsm Tavern.
  31. n/a
  33. Strangers/Events
  34. Drawing Shortcut and a second card shouldn't remove the 'Travel Here' button.
  35. Faerie Market should now go clockwise.
  36. Cult Leader Denizen should now only replenish one fate instead of all fate.
  37. Ragnarok should no longer discard Objects it was drawn with.
  38. Animated Room should now let you take Remnant cards.
  39. Denizens should now be enemies in all encounter types during the Cult of the Damned ending.
  40. Puck should no longer cause Toading to last 4 rounds.
  41. Harmonic Convergence should no longer cause a crash if you have Lugh's Cloak.
  43. Spaces/Terrain/Places
  44. Defeating Kernos should correctly draw a Shrine of Kernos terrain card.
  45. Cog SFX should now work.
  47. AI
  48. AI should now handle completed Wanted Posters and Magic Bags correctly.
  49. AI Priest should correctly use its Pray ability.
  50. AI should use Dark Binding more effectively on characters in the City.
  51. AI should use Vagabond Destiny more effectively.
  53. Other
  54. Path of Fortune should work regardless of the dark fate in play.
  55. Should no longer be able to select an character online through another player's icon.
  56. Runic Revolution should now say who won the game.
  57. Runic Revolution should no longer be active whilst hidden.
  58. Boss stats should no longer stack modifiers if you lose against them in the War of the Seasons ending.
  59. Wanderlust ending should no longer remove Path cards if it is removed by Tapestry Rewoven.
  60. Crafting SFX should now work.
  61. Log should now appropriately display Cog and Beast movement.
  62. Veil cards should no longer cause a block during the Gauntlet ending.
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