Dinner's Ready

Apr 8th, 2015
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  1. >Come home after a long day of work, just want to relax
  2. >Greeted at the door by my vampire wife with a kiss, followed by a grope of my ass when I walk past her
  3. >Decide to just lie down on the couch for a while to unwind
  4. >Wife walks into the kitchen, saying that she'll start making something for us to eat
  5. >Acknowledge her before passing out from exhaustion
  6. >Wake up an unknown amount of time later in my bed
  7. >It's hard to remember that your wife could dead-lift a semi-truck, but the fact that she got you up here reminds you of just how strong she is
  8. >It smells like dinner is done, but it's not worth getting up and going downstairs for
  9. >The wife starts calling me, confirming my suspicion that food was indeed ready
  10. >Tell her I don't feel like it, I'm too damn tired to do anything more than lie here
  11. >She huffs something to herself downstairs and I hear her cleaning up
  12. >I know it's rude, but I really am completely exhausted
  13. >I close my eyes and try to get some sleep
  14. >Later that night something wakes me up
  15. >Call it a primal instinct, but something made me think that I was in danger
  16. >I slowly opened my eyes, and right above me looking right into my very fucking soul were two deep red glowing eyes
  17. >I guess my wife was rather irritated I didn't eat dinner after all
  18. >She presses herself down on top of me and puts her face inches away from mine
  19. >I try and ask her what she's doing, but all she does is put a finger to my lips and shush me
  20. >Then she replaces her finger with her mouth, lightly kissing me and running her tongue over my lips while cupping my face with her hands
  21. >This continues for a few minutes until finally she pulls back after giving me one last kiss before returning to staring at my face
  22. >Suddenly she gets the widest grin I’ve ever seen, completely showing off her fangs
  23. >She runs her tongue across the front of her teeth while staring at me, hungrily
  24. >She began lightly tracing her fingers along my neck, just barely touching the skin
  25. >It feels like she’s just going in random patterns, but I know her better than that
  26. >She’s telling me she knows where every single vein in my neck is, and she already found the juiciest ones
  27. >She leans down and starts licking my neck, following the same traces and curves of her fingers
  28. >She stops occasionally and starts sucking on my skin, making sure to keep eye contact while doing so
  29. >Finally she stops, pulling off my neck with an audible pop as the seal from her lips is broken
  30. >She leans down to kiss me again, and this time pushes her tongue inside my mouth, running it around and wrestling my tongue
  31. >When she pulls back though, she sinks her fangs into my bottom lip, just lightly enough to go beneath the flesh, and moans as the first taste of my blood touches her lips
  32. >Suddenly she latches her mouth around my lip, pulling my face against hers, sucking with an inhuman desire
  33. >Her burning red eyes go half lidded as she moans in ecstasy, entirely lost in the pleasure of tasting my life blood
  34. >Soon enough though the blood flow stops, the wound having clotted, and my wife lets go of my lip before once again looking at me with those same hungry eyes
  35. >Her eyes slowly drift from my face down to my neck, slowly tracing the same lines make by her fingers and tongue earlier
  36. >She wants more, and she knows where to get it
  37. >She leans down once more, and I can feel her hot breath beating against my skin
  38. >She opens her mouth and poises her fangs above my flesh, waiting for the right moment to strike down and pierce into the rich vein of ruby she so desires
  39. >She bites
  40. >The sensation is intense, her fangs pierce straight directly into my carotid artery
  41. >I let out a groan of pain, but soon relax as the pleasure kicks in
  42. >I glance over and see my wife, eyes nearly closed, suckling my neck like a baby at its mother’s breast
  43. >Her constant whimpers and moans show just how much she’s enjoying herself as she drinks her fill
  44. >Christ she’s adorable
  45. >I reach over with my hand and start stroking her head, gently petting her and running my fingers through her silky hair
  46. >I can feel the warmth in my neck start to dissipate as she drains me, slowly but surely taking the very heat from my body and into her own
  47. >She suddenly starts searching with her other hand, reaching across my body towards my other side
  48. >I take her hand in mine, and she intertwines our fingers and runs her thumb around on my palm
  49. >We stay like this for some time, giving each other simple affection as she gently drinks my blood
  50. >After a few more minutes, she untwines our hands and stops sucking
  51. >She pulls out her fangs with a short wet pop, and quickly whispers some dark magic or some such to keep me from bleeding out on the bed
  52. >Again she cups my face and leans down to kiss me, pushing her tongue inside my mouth when our lips meet
  53. >To my surprise I feel a warm liquid start to trickle in, it tastes like metal, and I know it’s my blood
  54. >We kiss for a few more minutes until finally she breaks away
  55. >She looms over me once again, the hunger in her eyes replaced with a new deep calm
  56. >She shifts herself and pulls down the covers on the bed, slipping underneath them and crawling on top of me
  57. >Once she’s underneath I can tell she’s naked, as I feel her bare breasts push up against my chest
  58. >She pulls herself up until her face is level with mine and she leans down next to my ear
  59. >”You’re absolutely delicious dear” she whispers, "I don't ever think I could get enough of you, or your blood."
  60. >As she says this I feel her getting closer and closer to my ear, her warm metallic breath making her intimacy known
  61. >Suddenly I feel her lick my ear slowly, all the way from bottom to top and back again, stopping to suck on my earlobe on her way down
  62. >She then pulls herself back down my body, staring at me the entire time, up until her glowing red eyes disappear under the covers
  63. >I can still feel her though, and she keeps sliding down my body, all the way to my waist
  64. >My erection has been hitting her on her way down for some time now, so she should know about it
  65. >Once she reaches my crotch I can once again feel her breathing on my dick, and I can almost see her staring at it intently with those glowing red eyes
  66. >Suddenly I feel one of her hands grasp my shaft, stroking it slowly underneath the sheets
  67. >I let out a groan and shift my hips, as I feel her start to fondle my balls with her other hand
  68. >She continues steadily stroking me for a few minutes, driving me slowly towards orgasm
  69. >I can feel her staring at my dick as she keeps stroking me, her hands now slick with my precum, making stroking me even easier
  70. >Suddenly I feel her pull my dick towards her, and I feel the same scorching breath as before beating on the head of my penis
  71. >A moment later she takes the head of my cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the rim and teasing my urethra
  72. >She starts sucking and pulling lightly, gently twisting my cock head with her mouth as she continues stroking me and fondling my balls
  73. >Then at once she takes my full length into her mouth, the blistering heat from her earlier feeding making my dick feel like it’s melting
  74. >She begins fellating my dick slowly, letting it free from her mouth and into the now blissfully cool bedroom air, all before slowly swallowing it again and returning it to the furnace in her throat
  75. >It isn't long before I get close to orgasm, patting her head through the sheets to warn her
  76. >She responds by deep throating me and sucking like there was no tomorrow, all while running her tongue along the length of my prick
  77. >I orgasm, shooting globs of semen inside her throat, which she eagerly swallows
  78. >I lie there panting, reveling in my afterglow, as I feel her start to slide up my body again
  79. >I see her poke her head out from the covers, eyes glowing and smirk spreading across her face as she draws closer
  80. >She again gets to head level and slips against my side, latching onto me like I was a pillow
  81. >She smugly asks me if I enjoyed myself tonight while running a finger up and down my chest
  82. >I reply with a tired voice that yes, I did enjoy myself
  83. >She giggles and leans up, kissing me on the cheek and leaning towards my ear
  84. >”Should we keep going, or are you ‘too tired’?” she whispers before giggling
  85. >I respond by turning over and pushing her onto her back, staring down at her
  86. >I lean down and kiss her, brushing the hair out of her face and cupping her cheek
  87. >We butt tongues for a good while before I break away for air, pulling her tongue with me as I come up
  88. >I let go and it slips back inside her mouth, our breath mixing as I simply stare at her
  89. >Her skin is like white porcelain, pale as a ghost and smooth as can be
  90. >I lean down and start to tease her collarbone, teasing and nibbling along her neckline until I reach her shoulders
  91. >Then I kiss her neck, all along the length from chin to shoulder, and watch as she squirms and gasps in arousal
  92. >I move lower and turn my focus on her breasts, taking the full D-cups in my hands and rubbing and teasing them
  93. >I pinch her nipples between my fingers as I grope her breasts, lightly twisting and pulling them
  94. >Once her nipples are nice and stiff, I put one of them in my mouth and start sucking on them, alternating between the two until my wife is gasping and shuddering from the sensation
  95. >Then I work my way lower, trailing nips and pecks down her stomach until finally I reach her groin
  96. >Her slit is absolutely soaked, glistening with her arousal as she creates a small puddle on the bed beneath her
  97. >Leaning in I spread her lips with one of my hands, and slowly push a finger inside her with the other
  98. >She moans and raises her hips, pushing against my hand as I steadily pump in and out of her tight snatch
  99. >I add two more fingers over time, keeping up the steady pace I had before
  100. >She’s barely able to keep her hips up at this point, and her legs are shaking
  101. >Suddenly I pull out my fingers and push my mouth against her vagina, thrusting my tongue inside
  102. >She cries out and her hips give out, but I grab her ass and hold her in place
  103. >I shove my tongue deep inside her pussy, tunneling deeper and deeper with every movement
  104. >Her grip I insane, it feels like she’s trying to crush my tongue in a vice, and I’m eventually forced to pull out
  105. >Once outside though, I continue my assault by latching on to her clitoris, sucking it and flicking it with my tongue rapidly
  106. >This drives her over the edge of orgasm, sending her into spasms and causing her to scream in pleasure as she convulses, all while I maintain my attack on her nub
  107. >Eventually she calms down and I stop, letting her catch her breath
  108. >Before I let her go, I give her clit another light kiss, sending shivers up her spine as she lies there, panting
  109. >I lower her hips back to the bed and climb back up to her face, kissing her passionately
  110. >I lower myself next to her and pull her into my arms, whispering into her ear how she’s a perfect and lovely wife
  111. >She falls asleep in my arms, and I follow her soon after, listening to the sound of her sleeping.
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