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Citron's Anonpone (Whinnyapolis Delegate "Fargo")/Anon Story

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Aug 6th, 2015
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  1. >"Yah, that one should be good! D'ya think you could chop down that sucker?"
  3. "You betcha."
  5. >You puff out a tiny cloud into the cool air in front of you. It peeved you when the little ones made V-shapes with their fingers and mimed like they were smoking cigarettes. Still, you had to admit it was the least bit entrancing.
  7. >You size up your task in front of you, one of your leather-gloved hands raising and pushing up your ushanka to keep it clear from your gaze. Your other hand withdraws the axe that was hoisted over your shoulder as your other hand joins it, clasped firmly in the middle of the handle.
  8. >You do one of those slow-motion swings, stopping short about an inch from your target - a withered white oak. It would be good start on keeping stocked on firewood for the Fall and upcoming Winter.
  9. >You twist your waist a little - It's like golfing, don'cha know? You gotta move your entire body if you wanna get in there just right. You take a deep breath, swing, and hit your mar-
  11. >KRA-KOOM
  13. "Wha-"
  15. >You manage to get out as a blinding white light dwarfs your frame. Your balance shifts drastically and you feel yourself being lurched forward by your own momentum, axe leaving your grip.
  16. >You hear a shrill yelp as you fling forward, your head colliding with something solid enough to WHAP you into blank nothingless.
  18. --
  20. >".. Me, Anon. I've managed to pick out somebody to be your somepony companion!"
  22. "Ergh.."
  24. >That voice grates on your ears just the teeniest bit. You don't want to be rude and point that out, but you don't think it'd be too unbecoming to ask her to pipe down. When your eyes open, you see a wooden ceiling above you where a single, unlit light bulb sits there being innocuous.
  25. >You do a quick self-assessment. Getting hurt while getting business done was part of life, but you wanted to have an idea of how bad your damage was. It couldn't have been long - you still have your fuzzy cap and jacket on.
  27. >A breeze says no pants, though.
  29. >You cringe immediately and swallow.
  31. >Now why would somebody up and take your pants in this kind of weather? Your head got bonked up really good, which probably explains why your nose looks a teensy bit bigger than you think it normally does..
  32. >You heard about people who were out of sorts sometimes made a.. mess of themselves, so to speak. You surely hope not! You press your legs together as you peek down.. And you feel yourself go pale.
  34. "W-what the crap happened to my legs..?"
  36. >You stammer as you lift one of them to get a better look. At first, it looked like someone went and bleached your skin, but that's a fine coat on either of your legs. That just raised more questions!
  38. >Like for example: Where were your feet?
  40. >You purse your lips as you try sliding one of your legs up, but the movement feels.. alien. You would've attributed this to your possibly serious concussion if you didn't reach down with your arms, and found yourself with an even more pressing issue: Where are your hands?
  42. >Now.. Deep breath. You try and keep yourself calm as you recall the last thing you remember.. You were chopping down a tree, and then you were blinded.
  43. >You begin to suspect you were involved in an accident that maimed you of your hands and feet, but turning your arm over to examine it more thoroughly, you find it to be more of a.. foreleg.. with a hoof.
  44. >You try turning to sit on the edge of the bed, trying to right yourself as you peer down at your.. hindlegs, again. You try and push your alarm down when you notice certain male parts missing.
  45. >The obvious was that you weren't hurt, aside from your head whallop.. But you weren't you anymore. And you weren't a fool - you did plenty of playing around on the internet when the weather looked bad. You read stories about folk being whisked away into a compact little pony form, for anything from innocent adventures to something a little more not safe for work.
  46. >You take a peek at your flank, curious.
  48. >Your blonde hair is something that carried over here, but it worries you. Your nose scrunches with worry as you try and recall white ponies whom are blonde that AREN'T Aryanne.
  50. >Relief washes over you when you lift up the edge of your jacket a little, and you spot a simple cutie mark: A little cup with steam over it.
  52. >..You hope your talent isn't Hot Coffee.
  54. "Huh. Well, don't that just beat all.. Oh!"
  56. >You begin to grin as your hooves shoot up, squishing your cheeks the teeniest bit. Your headache is fading, so you're able to think a little clearer - and notice things like how darn cute as a button you sound!
  57. >Ah, but you'll have plenty of time to appreciate this later.. Your ears swivel of their own accord as you try and eavesdrop on that voice you heard, but you hear another instead.
  59. >"But you said it'll be some random guy.."
  61. >"Well, yes - but they're that Whinnyapolis delegate that you pointed out to me."
  63. >Whinnyapolis delegate? You.. haven't been keeping up on the episodes. It's been hard finding time in the morning to watch MLP with work and chores every which way, you busy bee. You lift yourself up from the bed onto all fours, which is as terrifying as falling into a push-up position and not whacking your poor melon again - but you manage, standing on all fours.
  64. >It's nice that they let you keep your hat, jacket, shirt and tie! Makes sense why they wouldn't be able to fit your pants on.. You look over your shoulder and wiggle your butt cheekily. You've got quite the caboose now.
  66. >"Just.. trust me, Anon. You'll like her - Though you'll probably want to come up with something that's less of a mouthful than "Whinnyapolis Delegate" for her name. Why not.. WD?"
  68. >"Because that reminds me of WD-40, Twilight. WD-40 isn't cute."
  70. >"What's-"
  72. >In the span of their few sentences, you manage to trot over to the door to this little room of yours, pushing it open and giving your brightest grin.
  74. "Howzabout Fargo work for ya?"
  77. >".. Fargo?"
  79. >Twilight Sparkle has wings now? How about that! You peer at the surprised purple pony so much that you shake your head, redirecting that grin at the even more shocked-looking guy peering down at you.
  81. "Yah, big fella! My pals on the interwebs call me it, yah know.. Cause of that movie, way back when."
  83. >The guy keeps staring in stunned silence as Twilight rubs her chin, looking back and forth from you to him.
  84. >"WD-40 and Fargo.. You really should tell me more about human culture so I know what you're talking about, Anon."
  86. >"Yeah, I'll.. I'll do that." The guy nods, getting his bearings as he walks up to you. If you had to guess, this guy was about your age - maybe a little younger. He doesn't look like no sort of villain or nothing - what was it Twi said? Companion?
  87. >Anon stops short a few feet from you, smiling nervously. He bends down until he's on one knee, eye level with you now.
  89. >"Uh.. hi there."
  91. >You don't know how long he's been here, but assume it must be weird in Equestria without somebody from home to talk about your old life with.
  92. >So, you give him the best greeting you could think of.
  94. >Anon stumbles, taken aback as you leap up onto your hind legs, wrapping your fore ones around his neck as you pull him down into the tightest hug you can.
  96. "Well howdy there, big fella!"
  98. >You rub your cheek against his a little - it's excusable, since you're a little cutie now. You can feel your hands pat at your back a couple times.
  100. >".. Can't.. brea.."
  102. "Whoops!"
  104. >Now it's your turn to laugh nervously as your hooves pull back, and Anon stumbles, falling onto his backside. Earth ponies are strong, you guess.
  106. >Still, he doesn't seem to be mad or anything. He smiles at you, even though he's clutching his throat and grimacing the teeniest bit.
  108. >"Heh.. Nice to meet you, Fargo."
  110. --
  112. "No no no - It's an axe, big guy, not a broadsword.."
  114. >As it turns out, Twilight - who is apparently a Princess of Friendship, now - can't sleep worth a hoot if it's with somebody who snores. So, her olive branch to Anon was quickly withdrawn, and he had to find a place by his lonesome.
  116. >The thing is, loneliness isn't something that gets better with time for some people. The details were spared from you no matter how much you pried, but you gather that Anon was becoming more withdrawn with nobody to relate to - no matter how he tried getting along with the other little ponies around Ponyville.
  118. >This is where you came in, Fargo - you watch Anon from the side as he frowns at you, stopping before his next chop with your axe.
  120. >Yes, that would be the same axe you flew through the ether with. It narrowly missed Twilight when she summoned you, and was jammed in the front door of your new home. You gladly took Anon as your friend, and the both of you were better for it - but dang it, the boy was from one of those busy cities back home. He knew nothing about which trees gave the best wood, how to start a fire in your fireplace and other places, hunting (which your demonstration of earned Fluttershy's eternal ire).. Or how to chop down trees. All of which are very big deals if you don't make much income-wise and electronic heaters are new and expensive technologies to ponies.
  122. >"I'm doing it exactly how you said.."
  124. "No, buddy, you're not. Your shoulders are all locked up, see-"
  126. >You trot closer now that he's stopped, pointing up with your hoof. Anon looks at himself, shoulders slacking immediately.
  128. "No - you've gotta keep them squared, but move them with your hips, too."
  130. >"Move my arms with my *hips*?"
  132. "Yah!"
  134. >Anon looks at you as if you're nuts. He sighs, shaking his head. "This would be easier if you could just do it.."
  136. >You scrunch your muzzle immediately. Out of all things that miffed you, a no-can do attitude drove you nuts.
  138. "Let me see it, then!"
  141. >Anon looks at you, skeptical as he holds out the axe. You stand on your hindlegs a little awkwardly, and you can see the doubt multiply on his face.
  143. >"I really think I sh-"
  145. "No, no buts mister."
  147. >You take a shaky step forward, then another as both of your hooves snatch your axe back from him. You then adjust your hooves, only becoming a little upset when you find that your much smaller form can't even hold it how you were telling him to. You hold it closer to the bottom, and you slowly do a practice swing that stops just in front of the tree.
  149. >Your legs are real wobbly.. You draw your lips into a fine line as you acknowledge this truth. You look at Anon, staring at you with his hands on his hips with a mix of amusement and concern on his face.
  151. "Come up behind me, fella."
  153. >He blinks. "What?"
  155. >You make a gesture with your neck.
  156. "Just crouch on behind me, and hold my hips while I swing. It'll brace me, and you'll see what I'm talking about."
  158. >Why is he pausing like that? Is he.. biting his lip?
  160. >"Um.. Okay."
  162. >Anon walks behind you, dropping on one knee and slowly running his fingers down your jacket as he touches the outside of your hips.
  164. >You snort out a laugh when he does, making him jump.
  166. "Hehe.. Sorry, Anon. I'm just the littlest bit ticklish.. Okay.. Okay. For real, yah?"
  168. >He nods wordlessly as his hands grip you by your hips firmly, keeping you rooted in place. You take a deep breath, raising the axe and turning your upper half.. You can feel his breath coming out unevenly against your uncovered lower back. He must be nervous - But you're sure you can do this.
  170. "One, two.. three!"
  172. >You twist your body in a motion that's so familiar, but at the same time so strange to your body now. Your axe comes down in an arc, slamming into the tree horizontally in a show of force that surprises even you. The blade digs in with that solitary chop, encroaching on the core with just that one movement.
  174. >You grin at the stunned Anon proudly.
  176. --
  178. >Anon had to hold you like this several times to see what you meant, but after the sixth - and getting down low to see the posture of your feet with your tail pushed to the side so it wasn't dusting up the fella's ace, of course - He finally gets the message.
  180. >By the middle of September, both of you are comfortably chopping away at the trees near the Everfree where most ponies dared not to tread. You and Anon both now have a sense of respect for nature, but you certainly don't fear it.
  182. >Fluttershy stares daggers at you as you tell of how Anon personally felled more than half the trees for your current collective stock of firewood.
  183. >You try and ignore it. She's had it out for you ever since the hunting thing - It felt like she just came up with reasons not to like you. Chopping down a tree that "belonged to a Mr. and Mrs. Nibbles", demonstrating mating calls for birds while she was sitting in a tree with binoculars (you still haven't gotten a straight answer out of her why) and leading to a bunch of horny woodpeckers pecking at her, or "interrupting" a conversation by waving while she was talking to Anon..
  185. >Sheesh, you couldn't catch a break.
  187. >"I say - I don't think I've heard of a mare and stallion as close as you two that aren't.. involved," Rarity titters, taking a sip from her levitating cup of camel-meal - whatever the heck that is.
  189. >You take a deep drink from your own espresso, raising an eyebrow at her as you lick your lips.
  190. "Involved?"
  192. >"You know.." She smiles in that sly Rarity way at you. You wouldn't imagine that you would get along better with this fancy pants mare more than nature-girl, but.. who knew? She reminds you of your gossiping sister. She pushes her hooves together a few times.
  194. "Well.. We're pretty good roommates."
  196. >"Just roommates?" The buttery mare next to you probes, and you're kind of surprised when she does. Normally she has nothing nice to say to you in that feathery voice. She sounds almost.. hopeful.
  198. "Yeah.."
  200. These girls are weird.
  202. >Both mares look at eachother for the briefest of seconds before Rarity is peering back at her camel-meal and Fluttershy onto the table It was brief, but you definitely saw it.
  204. "Should we be something.. besides roommates?"
  206. >"Ah, well.. I just wanted to know if there was some truth to a rumor I heard, Fargo darling." Rarity smiles sweetly at you when you raise an eyebrow. "That you were.. more than friends."
  208. >Fluttershy is eyeing you critically. It rubs you a little wrong, and like the flighty thing she is it disappears immediately when you fix her with a flat stare when she falters and looks away.
  209. >You mull that idea over with another sip of your coffee. The fact that you still have no idea what your special talent is crosses your mind, but you stay focused.
  211. "Yah know, I was a fella myself before I came here.."
  212. >Both mares nod. It wasn't a secret, you were open with your past with pretty much everypony.
  214. "But I never had anythin' against two somethin'-or-others that liked eachother.."
  216. >Why the heck does Fluttershy look like you kicked her in the gut? Rarity looks way too curious for her own good. The issue is what holds your attention, though.
  217. >Anon came out of his shell when both of you began hanging out. He realized the usefulness of Outdoorsmareship right quick in a world where computers are hard to find. He seamlessly grew into something more likable too, according to everypony. He now smiled and waved to people in the morning, and made an effort to memorize names and put his full effort into something he did.
  219. >And.. You had to admit, you felt a little glow whenever you saw the big fella smile.
  221. "Yah know.. I think I just might ask him out to good ol' cup of java."
  223. >You beam - this'll go great. Fluttershy's sullen expression means nothing to you. Maybe.. This is the start of something nice, eh?
  225. --
  227. "So.. Uh.. Anon."
  229. >"Yeah, Fargo?"
  231. >Both of your hooves clutch your espresso as you watch the steam rise from it. Smoke - be it wafting from a fireplace, your breath becoming airy mist in front of you during the frigid weather or trailing from your coffee.. It helped you concentrate.
  232. >And calm down, you realize, as you drum one of your hooves against the paper cup. The butterflies in your chest - they sound like something flowery of Rarity's that you might've read, and it makes you so unsettled. You've done this dozens of times before with Anon for lunch after some good labor, only to run right back into the grind after your respite.
  234. >It's just.. You weren't thinking this much about him, now were you?
  236. "I was.. yah know, just thinkin'.. And please, if I'm being right foolish, stop me, okay?"
  238. "Spit it out, Fargo. It's not like you to hem and haw over something."
  240. >You can't help but crack a small grin. You hang out so much - he picked up some of your lingo. You look at him with your red-violet eyes, hoof still fidgeting with your coffee.
  242. >You're going red in the face from acknowledging that you think Anon talking like you is cute, and it's driving you batty.
  244. "Well.. Ah, golly. I think I.. I like you, Anon."
  246. >He's bugeyed the instant you say that, and grinning ear to ear. Anon leans across your booth's table so he's right in front of you, his face filling your vision.
  248. >"Wow.. Fargo, I.. I've liked you for a while too, y'know.."
  250. >You feel that knot in your stomach unfurl, and you can feel yourself sitting a little straighter. You're nose to nose with the big fella.
  252. "R-really?"
  254. >"Hell yeah, Fargo - How couldn't I? You're smart, funny," A hand reaches out to run through your hair, and your ear flits against his palm. His grin turns a little coy. "And don't get me started on your cute bu- Oof!"
  256. >You swatted him on the nose.
  258. "K-keep it in your pants, fella! Dang!"
  260. >Your words might be rebuking him, sure - but at least you're kissing him better.
  262. --
  264. >It's the first of many kisses for that night. It was all little pecks, though - "gettin' used to being yah little mare, don'cha know", you said.
  266. >After walking past the threshold of your home's entrance, more and more thoughts occur to you as Anon brushes against your side, setting his coat on a hook.
  267. >The foremost is your bed. Your shared bed.
  269. >When you first arrived, you both butted heads over it. He insisted that since you were his guest, you should have it. But you thought that if he bought the bed (which he ordered specially, because pony beds are tiny) that he should sleep in it and not hurt his back.
  270. >You compromised by sharing it, and having a playful back and forth of "just friends spooning".
  272. >Not so much the case now, is it? You rub your legs thoughtfully - you don't want to put him off by sleeping on the couch or something, but.. As you watch Anon turn and flop onto your bed, you're faced with the dilemma of.. Intimacy.
  274. >You chew on your lip as you hang your own coat up, then your hat as you let your lengthy blonde mane fall free. You never.. 'got with' anypony. Or anybody, for that matter. Not that you didn't want to, but it just.. made you so nervous. What if you were bad at it? Surely, other ponies here were more at home in their bodies than you were, no matter how much time you've been in this one.
  276. >You pace slowly towards the bed, climbing up on top of it and crawling forward on your belly.
  277. >Anon, who was laying back with both arms behind his head, reaches over and runs his fingers through your mane. You find your head lifting towards it, closing your eyes.
  279. "Mmm.. Hm?"
  281. >One of your eyes open as you find Anon scooting down, his face now in front of yours. He keeps brushing, a calm smile on his face as his eyes lid. You notice yours do, too, as his lips press against yours.
  283. ".. Mmmh.."
  285. >His tongue pushes between your lips, slipping inside as your worries melt away..
  288. >His tongue running across you is.. such an odd feeling. You want to laugh at how silly it feels - you've never kissed anyone before. You wonder if he has.. It feels like he knows what he's doing. His tongue runs over your teeth and the roof of your mouth. You push your tongue out of your short muzzle and into his mouth, trying to replicate his movements. You feel a little clumsy, but he seems to like it.
  290. >A tingle goes up your spine and your head feels hot when you feel his hand start to run up your thigh. You swallow, nervous as it slides up more..
  291. >You surprise yourself when your hindlegs bow out to let him move those fingers higher.. Your eyes close when he touches.. you.
  293. >"Wow.. Fargo, you're.."
  295. >He chuckles - you want to open your eyes, but you can't bring yourself to.
  296. ".. I'm..?"
  298. >"Really wet.."
  300. >Your ears burn as they press flat against your head. You open your mouth to say something, but you can't think of anything even if you could bring yourself to actually say it. So, you stay there like that - breathing as his fingers rub you.. Stroking along a place that you had a hard time even exploring, before.
  302. "Ahh.."
  304. >You gasped like the little filly you are when one of his fingers push inside of your private place. You bite your lip as you let him rub along your sensitive insides, one of your eyes opening to sneak a peek.
  306. >It's.. his middle finger is pushing into your vagina. Pushing and pulling and..
  308. "Oh golly.."
  309. >Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as rest your head back, looking up at Anon's face. You see him smile smugly just before his lips takes yours again. You pant and even moan into Anon's mouth as his finger feels a little thicker - no, he added another one to pump your little mare-ness.
  311. >You.. had no idea getting touched like this would feel so *good.*
  313. >He bites at your tongue now, definitely a smidgen bolder than he was before. You add a whine into your panting and moaning, your hind legs squirming below you as his fingers curl.
  314. >That resonating flush of pleasure is still there, but it begins fading as his fingers withdraw entirely, and his lip-lock with you loosens, gradually pulling away.
  316. >Anon is looking at you strangely.. You return the look.
  318. "Wh-why did you sto-"
  320. >His hand comes up, and you feel straight-up burning all over your face. No, he didn't slap you or anything - but you could do with not seeing those thick, translucent fluids all over his hand and connecting to his extended digits.
  322. >You're kind of awestruck when he raises that hand to his mouth, and licks one of his fingers.. Moreso when he guffaws.
  324. >"Holy shit - Fargo, not to be weird but.. you've gotta taste this."
  326. >Okay, that about does it. It's one thing for Anon to make your morals flex for him and to get any sort of naughty before you're - you don't know if it's good that you're thinking about this - married, much less on the first day you two date! But this.. lewdness? You scrunch up your short muzzle and take a deep breath, about to give him a piece of your mind.
  328. >He just plucks his fingers in your mouth, and a wave of maple syrup is all over your tongue.
  330. >... Dumbstruck, you offer no resistance as Anon pulls his fingers back, and flashes you a grin you can't trust.. Anon lifts up, his hands finding your hindlegs and spreading them apart. You let out a girly shriek as he lifts them so you're kind of stuck in an extended leg-bucking position, also aptly known as the "wheelbarrow". It'd be less humiliating if your lady bits weren't juicier than the inside of a peach.
  332. "A-anon! I swear, mister, if you don't put me daaaAAH!"
  334. >The rest of your giving him hell evaporates into the most womanly sound you've ever made as your back arches, legs unable to flail as Anon begins eating his little mare out.
  336. >Boy must love his syrup.
  339. >You might be a bit inexperienced, but you knew the basics of friskiness that could be expected out of anybody else. You also read a few things about keeping yourself on the cusp of 'peaking' for a while, essentially teasing yourself so that when you reached your.. climax, it was way more intense than it ought to have been.
  341. >Right now, you didn't see much of a point if the exact opposite, a constant onslaught of tongue-lashing and suckling sensitive parts, made you a gibbering sticky mess of a pony.
  343. >The words you were speaking.. Weren't English. Or any other language, don'cha know! It's not like you could be blamed - it felt like you were on a roller-coaster that took place between your thighs, constantly rocketing you up to what you could scarcely describe as bliss. Nothing you've had before equated to this, and the only thing that could come close was Anon plunging your privates with his fingers.
  345. >Up until now, you had no idea how the whole 'peak' thing worked. You've felt yourself.. tightening, so to speak, not just in your loins but in your core. Your entire body became receptive to this process, and when it felt like you could no longer breathe, you.. 'exploded'. For a split second, you thought you might've peed, but Anon's voracious devouring of your little mare erased any potential guilt, even if you did.
  347. >The build-up was still there when that feeling of Cloud 9 fell away.. And quicker than before, you felt it rocket back up to that special point. The second time, it felt even *more* intense somehow, with one of your legs twitching uncontrollably and you having the need to writhe your spine to no avail. Anon's hunger reigned supreme.
  349. >Everything just.. left you. What time it was, what you planned on doing for dinner later that night, your name - your real, honest to God *name* before you came here escaped you. You were turned into a quivering, tail-lifting pile of pony jelly without a second thought. It was just too good to *not* be.
  352. >"Goddamn.. I wonder if all pussy tastes this good, or if you're just special.."
  354. >You don't have it in you to muster a response. All you do is let out haggard breaths as your legs are lowered and set onto some sheets that you swear weren't soaking wet before. You'd think that you would feel sore after so much exertion, but you didn't even have a stitch in your side from breathing so hard. You try to focus enough to consider these things as your cheek rests on the bed, absentmindedly trying to hoof over a pillow to rest it on.
  356. >You feel your next breath stagger as you turn your head to peek behind you - Anon just spread your rump open, and you didn't have it in you to refuse him. Not that you would - if there was any doubts about premarital relations before you two started, they were wiped away now.. You wondered if you would be a fraction as good at returning the favor.
  358. >Anon's face looked like a little squirt just blasted him with a supersoaker. You choke out a laugh, even when you realize what he's doing after examining how good he did, you guess. He's sitting up on his knees behind you, and you find your hindlegs begining to work of their own accord. They push up, your lower half shakily propping itself at his level as Anon undoes his pants.
  359. >You aren't a lech or nothing, but you've.. might've seen Anon's junk before. You both are outdoorsy enough to know it's easier to pee in the woods than to run all the way home and do it - and thinking about it, you're fairly certain he's checked you out, given that butt comment he tried to make.. in public, no less! Nevermind the fact you haven't worn pants since you've landed here.
  361. >You've never seen him *ready to go*, though.
  363. >It feels like a thicker finger pushing at that juicy spot of yours, dragging up and down the entirety of that entrance.. Just before he adjusts himself, and it begins to penetrate your little mare flower.
  365. >.. The tongue felt a lot better, but this certainly wasn't bad by any means.
  368. >Yeah.. Certainly not bad, by any means.
  370. >You notice that instead of that nirvana you were experiencing before, you can actually stay cognitive of what's going on. His hands pulling you back solidly, pumping his big fella inside of you. You can't help but feel pleased when you see his face - eyes shut, mouth hanging open, still dripping wet as he starts his own chorus of moans.
  372. >"Fuuuck, Fargo, I'm gonna fuck that cute accent right outta you.."
  374. >He thought your accent was cute?
  376. >You grin at him and shake your hips from side to side, bringing him with you before you push your lower half back into his lap, eliciting an 'oof' from him.
  378. >It's much easier to focus. You can actually partake in the action instead of just being a target of it. And if Anon wants to talk dirty, well.. Why can't you? Granted, swearing isn't your strong suit.. Like, at all. You didn't like cussing - it was unbecoming. But, if you're with your special somebody, it could be excused.
  380. "B-boy howdy, Anon.. You gonna f.. f.. b-bang your little mare..?"
  382. >He kind of stares at you for a moment..
  384. >And then, you squeak when one of his hands swat you right on the bum. Anon is sitting up a lot more, hanging over you as there's more oomph in his hands pulling you, now. You begin panting, not quite losing yourself in the moment as you did before but enjoying it, sure.
  386. "Yeah.. That's it, big guy.. Show me what you've got.."
  388. >In going at you all savage-like, Anon decided to sit and actually pull you into his lap. It's actually a little difficult to.. ride him, in this form. Still, you never let difficulty get to you before.
  390. >Instead, you push your muzzle past that length blonde mane that keeps bouncing this way and that, and pull Anon into a hungry kiss. Now that you're upright, you can actually look down and see where your two parts.. conjoin. You sneak a peek.
  392. ".. Holy COW.."
  394. >You stammer as you pant, legs spreading open just a bit more to see. His rod is just.. Well, stabbing isn't quite the word, but he's cramming all of him in a very tiny pony hole! You're surprised it doesn't hurt, though you consider your treatment directly before.. It might have affected how receptive you were down there for him. You don't feel any discomfort - not even that much fatigue.
  396. >What you do feel is that tightening again. That feeling in your core keeps growing like it did for your other climaxes, but this one feels different when you tighten below. You can fathom why, of course, as you bite your lip and watch him disappear inside your private place and moan out sweetly himself.
  398. >It's because you're tightening around *him*, too.
  400. >"Fuck yeah.. Fargo, I.."
  401. > You feel his words against your mouth as the kiss breaks. He leans up and rests his chin on your head as you find the motion of bouncing on his lap more rapid and erratic.
  402. >"I love you so fucking much.."
  404. >There's that fluttering in your chest again. You try to relish in it as your butt is pummeled with those persistent and uneven thrusts, the peak of it being when you feel his hands run up your white coat, squeezing at your flat pony chest. Anon holds you down as you feel the bottom of his belly tighten underneath you as a new warmth spreads inside of you below.. You watch as Anon's 'love' oozes out from around him as it shoots up into your body.
  406. --
  408. >That day had the first of many things.
  410. >It was the first time you had a special somebody, the first day *he* had a special somepony. It was the day of both of your first kiss, and the beginning of a lively libido for the both of you, as well.
  412. >You sip your espresso as the soreness in your shoulders and hips get some reprieve, with you leaning on your end of your booth's table.
  414. >Across from you, Anon lightly plays with his fork, scraping it across his plate of flapjacks. You both stopped at this dive regularly now after a hard day of working. After you and Anon officially became a thing, things couldn't be better. As you swallow another gulp of your java heaven, you begin to wonder how different life could've been.
  416. >Would you have been happy back home?
  418. >Sure, work was easier with hands.. And you worry about your family, from time to time. But they were a bunch of good pon- people, you recall. Plus.. Well, you don't want to think of yourself as a mentor. You had to get over that when you thought of the stuff Anon did that changed you, too. Practicality over idealism, how to program your VCR, and a couple of things in the bedroom that made you just the perkiest little cuddlebug.
  420. >"Hey, Fargo, c'mere a sec."
  422. >Anon scoots out of his seat, leisurely pacing towards the unisex bathroom. It might've been lunch, but there wasn't too many ponies who went to this world's version of Denny's besides the old folks that left before noon. You chew on your lip as you follow him into the single restroom.
  423. >The second you pass through the door, Anon is on one knee and you feel yourself pressed against the door.
  425. "Unf. Ano- Mmf!"
  427. >He cuts you off with a kiss. You grin into it as you reciprocate, wrestling your lover's tongue before he pulls back. As brief as it was, you're already at a loss for breath as he lowers himself.
  429. >You thoughtfully flick the restroom's lock with your hoof as you grin, sighing at that familiar tongue touching you.
  431. >Big guy loved his syrup.
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