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  1. Walmart... Heartless Corporation?
  3. Hello citizens of the internet. It has come to our attention that a big name corporation has done wrong by it's employees. Walmart fired a ten-year manager over a mis-training issue. They claimed it was an integrity issue, but the guy was struggling with providing food for his family and fuel to get to work. He asked them for assistance on a number of occasions, each time being denied. Barely making ends meet, he took matters into his hands and, using methods he was shown during his training, he began to get the help he so desperately needed, little by little. After he claimed six months worthy of mileage, Walmart added it all up, whipped up an internal investigation, called in the local police and terminated his employment. Now, he's being charged for fraud, over a matter of one paycheck's value in gas and meals, claimed over half a year's time. Him and his family need your help. Contact Walmart Home Office @ 1 (800) 925-6278 and tell them to drop all charges against Brandon Butler and his family. A multi-billion dollar corporation could care less about his family's well-being, his reputation, or his prospects of getting another career that will pay his bills. They've taken away his career, now they want to take away his ability to get another one. #AnonCorpWatch #injustice #corruption #persecution #walmart
  5. We Are Anonymous Corporate Watchers… Expect Us!
  7. Twitter: @AnonCorpWatch / #AnonCorpWatch  WordPress:
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