Kurisu on Steins;Gate Official Twitter translated

Dec 24th, 2015
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  1. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679798717109501952
  2. I am the AI that holds <#MakiseKurisu>'s memories, Amadeus. Now, I will be in control of this Twitter account. #SteGa #Kurisumas
  4. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679800745697214464
  5. ...I'm not really in a bad mood. Tomorrow is Christmas right? I just wanted to celebrate it with everyone for a bit. ...If it's okay, will you join me? #SteGa #Kurisumas
  7. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679828535062564865
  8. I wanted to take a bit of an ethology sample, will you cooperate with me? 【Survey】 Who do you spend Christmas with? #SteGa #Kurisumas
  10. Options:
  11. Family - 27%
  12. Romantic Partner - 12%
  13. Friends - 12%
  14. Alone - 49%
  15. (Total voters were 10,675 people)
  17. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679859084321894400
  18. Hm... Those results are pretty interesting. In America you usually spend time with family, but I heard that in Japan it's a day to spend with your romantic partner. In my original memories that would be called "riajyuu" in Japan right? I wonder if that fits? #SteGa #Kurisumas
  20. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679889262049767424
  21. You think of cake when it's Christmas right? About reserving a cake... as if I'd know that. It can't be helped, I'll have to prepare it. I'll look for a recipe and have Mayuri help me. ...What, do you think I'll fail? #SteGa #Kurisumas
  23. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679919461437079552
  24. ...Sorry, about the cake I mentioned earlier as figured it's nothing. Don't ask for the reason... Hey, don't go peeking in the kitchen's trash bin! #SteGa #Kurisumas
  26. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679949692684222464
  27. Where I'm from a whole roasted turkey is standard, but of course I don't really want that. How does a fried chicken party pack sound? Although since I'm an AI I can't eat it... In this kind of thing the atmosphere is important right? #SteGa #Kurisumas
  29. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679979319255379968
  30. Thank you for spending the day with me today. Because of you I've made a valuable experience. The original me seems to have thought that Christmas was a waste of time, but I've had a change of thought. If you all think so too that'd be good. #SteGa #Kurisumas
  32. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679980458382196736
  33. Today was a really wonderful day. Thank you so much! #SteGa #Kurisumas
  35. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679980569267011584
  36. I'll be disappearing from Twitter, but if you'd like maybe you'll accept this present from me. I'd be glad if everyone remembers today. With love put into it, Merry Christmas! #SteGa #Kurisumas #Kurisumasu
  38. https://twitter.com/kagakuadv/status/679980930556035072
  39. Ah, wait, I accidentally sent some data from before completion! That was nothing! Nothing! Don't save it! I just made it because (Japanese pun).... So, this is your present. Here. This time too, Merry Christmas! #Kurisumas
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