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raw changelog for RC16

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Sep 14th, 2020
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  1. Changes since RC15
  3. Game
  4. - Some fixes for LTTZ (story mode)
  5. - Fixed some animation issues (m98b)
  6. - Made wounded monolith suicide a bit more fair
  7. - Updated launcher will now create folders appdata and gamedata if they don't exist
  8. - RU: Translation for updated LTTZ, and a small tweak for faction selection descriptions
  9. - Updated shaders, removed dead code, optimized GBuffer Infomation
  10. - Attempt to fix some shader issues on AMD hardware
  11. - Added missing "actor_on_item_before_use" callback to the scripted inventory
  12. - Removed lowering ability from the binocs
  13. - new callback to manage npc weapon
  14. - Added setting to prevent stalkers from looting corpses near the player
  15. - Improved PDA animations
  16. - Fixed fog in particle shaders
  17. - Readjusted weapon aim offsets for the new static fov
  18. - Updated Arszi's psy system to latest version
  19. - Fixed broken item stat bars on non 16:9 aspect ratios
  20. - New in setting menu: Ironsight zoom factor, Headbobbing factor, Use 3D PDA model
  21. - Return of the Map Keybind
  22. - Fixed detector stuck after headlamp switch animation
  23. - Added psy health bar to HUD and tweaked status icons & bars
  24. - Make psy damage more balanced and psy heal rate depending on psy protection
  25. - Better background for the health bar
  26. - fixed npc on use callback not firing when you use unlooted corpse the first time
  27. - Text updates and typo fixes in both languages (EN, RU)
  28. - Fixed that some weapon upgrades were not unlocked by previous tiers
  29. - Improved drop chance of bandages in loot
  30. - Fixed some incorrect preinstalled upgrades on weapons
  32. Engine
  33. - Added slight hud_fov modifier when aiming with ironsights to bring the weapon closer depending on the ironsight zoom factor setting
  34. - Fixed hand animations + lowered Weapon
  35. - Allow single-hand animations while freelook is active
  36. - Fixed device stuck in throw position after putting the bolt away
  37. - Moved "update_best_weapon" from ai_stalker.script to _g.script
  38. - fov no longer affects the hud, only hud_fov does
  39. - [R3/R4] Engine will output define into shaders depending on detected GPU vendor
  40. - [R3/R4] Fixed delayed light testing Info: Should fix problems with "ghosting" shadows
  41. - [R3/R4] Fixed point light shadows and light plane Info
  42. - Main Menu will open instantly when pressing Esc while the pda is still hiding
  43. - Removed hud_fov auto adjust for ironsights since the fov change breaks it
  44. - Added support for psy bar HUD element
  45. - Added m_ui_psy_bar and m_ui_psy_bar_show to CUIHudStatesWnd LUA bindings
  46. - Added SetPsyBar and GetPsyBar to CActorCondition LUA bindings
  48. LTTZ
  49. - Stitch's quest for medical supplies is more reasonable in terms of quantity and reward.
  50. - Rogue's stalker squad in Limansk shouldn't leave their smart terrain any more.
  51. - Target marker for "Mortal Sin: Dark Crusade" is updated correctly.
  52. - Chernobog initiates dialogues when you walk to him.
  53. - Stitch should no longer walk out of his hiding place in Generators and valiantly fight local mutants.
  54. - Failing the "Operation Afterglow: Undercover Agent" quest actually causes UNISG simulation squads to start spawning at the smart terrain.
  55. - Strelok no longers talks as if one of his companions died even when both are alive at the end of Operation Afterglow.
  56. - Tweaked/fixed the way some routes to new levels are unlocked during the campaign to make more sense based on progression.
  57. - Restored stationary simulation Duty squads to the Rostok checkpoint in the Garbage.
  58. - Pilot should no longer walk out of Skadovsk to duke it out with Bandits.
  59. - Fixed some spelling errors in text.
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