blinky xensity tf2

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  1. blinK : yes, xensity.. an invite team who finished 7-9.
  2. (Voice) noob: MEDIC!
  3. Zacch : gg everyone
  4. Player Bumsqueeze left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  5. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  6. Player Icyfeather left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  7. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  8. Player Johnny Topside joined team RED
  9. Player Skinny Pete left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  10. Player Zacch left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  11. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  12. (Voice) Thick Dick Rick: Thanks!
  13. (Voice) Crash: Thanks!
  14. Player Topher has joined the game
  15. aNtiChRis†18 : 7-9 though
  16. Lotus has servers across Western, Central and Eastern United States
  17. Visit our website at for the list.
  18. aNtiChRis†18 : that's like
  19. (Voice) Crash: Help!
  20. aNtiChRis†18 : below a 1.0 kd
  21. blinK : in invite
  22. aNtiChRis†18 : yeah
  23. Player Razor left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  24. Player Topher joined team RED
  25. blinK : thats an accomplishment
  26. aNtiChRis†18 : below 1.0 kd
  27. blinK : for first season
  28. i put salt in my lean : you mean platinum?
  29. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  30. blinK : no
  31. (Voice) Nukeboy: No
  32. i put salt in my lean : esea is irrelevant
  33. blinK : platinum is ugc newbie shit
  34. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  35. Lotus also has servers in the United Kingdom, France and Germany
  36. Visit our website at to find the server closest to you!
  37. blinK : esea is the real comp
  38. (Voice) Crash: Spy!
  39. (Voice) Crash: Yes
  40. aNtiChRis†18 : etf2l
  41. aNtiChRis†18 : faggot
  42. Thick Dick Rick : cod blops 2 is srs stuff
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