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Adam's Evolution Power

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Jun 22nd, 2019
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  1. Tíqián Dou [Dou Chi Ability]: To a degree, Adam honestly thought it just sounded cool to name his ability this out of a childish notion of aesthetic. It's why he also just refers to as "Progressive Overwrite" as an alternative name because that to sounds pretty awesome to him. Anyway, back to the main point.
  3. As, to his understanding, The word "Tíqián" means advanced in Chinese, while "Dou" means motion in Japanese. Put the two together and you get a mixture of "Advanced Motion" if one were able to put the two pieces together. However, beyond that, he does see the point in adding symbolism and power into his abilities. And that is because he is aware this is a world that thrives on it and decided to infuse those values into his being to produce this power that can overwrite the world.
  5. Since Adam is a human who is hellbent on evolving everything around him to truly show the pinnacle of humanity, it only makes sense he'd name this power to reflect that very intention. Effectively, Dou Tíqián is a story based power that is designed to take the particles of energy associated with Adam's chi and rewrite the world with it. As it feasts on the values of himself, the symbolism of his being and translates that into an ability that can advance the world around him in varying shapes and forms.
  7. An instance of it being used could be Adam sewing his energy into an Arrancar and putting their body into a state of evolution. Since Arrancar feast off of the negative aspects of humanity, Adam could take something like a creatures ability to thrive on annoyance and then amplify it to the point of forcing that creature to advance itself to hate and loathing. This could be done by observing the Arrancar, documenting their habits, finding what makes them tick and infusing the values of their persona, spiritual energy and sense of self into his power. Once he has a probable projection for their growth as a person, in turn, they would gain a more potent power and find progression.
  9. However, this comes with a few stipulations. One of the first is that Adam must be able to piece together a clear picture of chained thought. He has to be able to identify the pieces of a probable course of events in order to unlock this evolution within the world around him; otherwise, his power will not work if the logic does not hold up. For example, it would be impossible for him to use this power in order to infuse the power of godhood within a person because such an almighty ability is not possible in evolution and there is no chart to take. Thus, the power would backfire and harm Adam by injuring his body, preventing him from reaching his potential and even hurting the other person in the process in a variety of waves (damaging the pathways of energy within themselves, inducing bodily injury, tampering with their psyche etc)
  11. And, for this reason is why he must do one of the following to activate this power:
  13. 1. He must lay out his plans vocally to the world around him. In doing so, he can form a type of incantation and empower the evolution steps of his grand picture. This will force him to engage with other characters, see if the weight of his logic holds up and then they can progress. If his logic should prove to be false, then it gives a chance of counter or adjustments to be made.
  15. 2. It is also possible for him to write or type this power out on any kind of medium. It does not matter if it is a notepad, a computer or holographic device; as long as he can write it, this power can activate and it will have to prove it's worth to the universe itself. So he can even go as far as to remotely infuse this power onto others. Such as if he were able to progress the wealth of a person, he would have to document and lay out a PROBABLE pathway for their success and wealth to be had within the restrictions of the world they live in. (I.E. no suddenly printing money from his imagination; that is not a path of progression)
  17. 3. To a degree, he can also infuse these values into other beings by projecting these plans telepathically. The same rules of showing his work still apply, however. He has to be able to show the person he knows what he is talking about, that they have an objective path to follow and how to reach it. If he is unable to do that in a thread, then this power will break and it will harm Adam. Additionally, if the person deviates from Adam's path, there is a potential for them to be hurt and he has to make them aware of that.
  19. Additionally, since he will be a low to mid tier villain, these progressions will be slow and he may rely on other mother powerful characters to do major events. Which is why he will look for things bigger than himself to evolve and enhance since it cannot work on him; only on things around him. As Adam is a force meant to evolve humanity as a whole, his task is to advance the world and that is what Dou Tíqián is designed to do.
  21. Other Important Specs
  23. Visualization: Visualization is an important tool to be used with Tíqián Dou. The reason for this is because Adam has to be able to see a long-term or short-term vision for his power to work. As he needs to create a blueprint that can create various channels of events that are based on the limitations of his power, the restrictions of the reality he is in, the probability of outcomes and understanding how far these actions and reactions can go. Therefore, to best reduce the strain on his mind, Adam obsessively overviews these so that he can achieve his plans and make sure Tíqián Dou is as potent as possible.
  25. Chi Strings: Chi Strings are essentially what Adam uses in order to induce his effects upon reality. While he can infuse Tíqián Dou into things like equipment or energy attacks, Chi Strings are when Tíqián Dou are most potent because of the fact they follow the principle of following through with a string of thought that achieves an effect. One string is connected to the other and they all form a network which helps to create a larger picture. That is how he views his ability and that is how it must be channeled for it to properly come into effect.
  27. Therefore, Chi Strings can come in a variety of colors, most of which are decided shallow based on Adam's preference or mood, but they are often infused and attached to something or someone to begin the sequence of events that alter reality and induce evolution. And these Chi Strings are often the medium that is used to induce the highest potency of Tíqián Dou. As they take the needed blueprints of Adam's mind, encapsulates them into complex metaphysical formulas and then he sets them forth in the world to experiment to see what Chi String can induce a change in the world or thing or persons.
  29. Area Of Effect: There is no real area of effect when it comes to the full potential of Adam's ability based on the fact it is a story power. This is because he can create entire strings of Tíqián Dou to potentially cover entire cities. However, that does not mean HIS body can do that. Remember, he is still human and limited by tier on how far he can spread his effects. It is why this power forces him to rely on others, work on teams and enforces cooperation so he can have Tíqián Dou reach it's claws into the world through projects, other beings, and varying resources.
  31. With that said, however, that doesn't mean Tíqián Dou is infinite. It can be fought against with other reality-bending powers, seals and even energy if they can infuse the aspects of their mental deduction against it in order to deactivate the sequence of events that Adam puts into place with his power. It is why he prefers to lean on stronger beings as the potency of their tier or skills can enhance his own ability. As, the person on the other end gets their desire to progress themselves, while Adam receives the gift of seeing the world change with his influence. It's the perfect balance of give and take.
  33. Speed: The speed at which Tíqián Dou can be fired at is equal to the mental deduction that Adam has. This is a power that relies on his intellect and ability to piece sequences of events together. Therefore, if Adam has a master level mental deduction, then he'd more than likely be able to have mach-speed level reaction times, release times and so on depending on how he decides to utilize his power. This is mostly in reference to anything that deals with offense/defense, however. When it comes to people or objects, he prefers to be inimate and spend time with it so that he can enrich the powers of Tíqián Dou to be more effective.
  35. Potency: This is something that varies. The reason for this is because of the fact that this power, as previously stated, is based around Adam's mental deduction. And, while he can quickly craft a sequence of events in his mind that can alter reality in a probable (Realistic) way, it does not mean he wants to rush into it. As the more time he spends thinking of all possible things, the more potent, reslient and powerful his attacks can become. It is why he would prefer to spend many post plotting a string of actions that can result in his victory; as opposed to being forced to think on the fly. So the more time you give Adam to relax in a fight, the more time he'll have to increase the potency of his attacks.
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