LIONCUBE - Project Mayhem 2020 Update TYLER EDITION Spoilers

Feb 18th, 2018
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  1. [LIONCUBE - Project Mayhem 2020 Update TYLER EDITION Spoilers]
  3. What is Project Mayhem?
  4. Project Mayhem 2012 is a passionated Swarm Intelligence Egregor, iMAGInaCKtive, ants/locusts/bees-colony alike, hard workingly playful, creative, Groucho Marxist, joy free and quasi-fnord free, fully open to friends and foes, transparent, independent, non-profit, apolitical but chaotically fnOrdered while dynamically Sampo-Adhocratic, non-violent though more than 'strike hard' capable, autonomous, self-sustained and sharing community to brainstorm ideas and coordinate volunteers everywhere in the development of TYLER.Project Mayhem 2012 will be the biggest HACKARTISTIC joint challenge ever for the very top hacktivists, coders, cryptoanarchists, cypherpunks and non-violent Civil Rights, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS and to develop TYLER.
  6. What is TYLER?
  7. TYLER is a 'secure, no cost and decentralized' online leaks release platform to overcome problems inherent in WikiLeaks. It is described by the hacktivists as a form of protest against the United States government and its Cybersecurity Act of 2012.
  8. The Anonymous hacktivist community has released a video to reveal the initiation of TYLER, an operation part of Project Mayhem 2012.
  9. the digitized voice says “With censorship bills being passed and bills that attempt to rid us of our freedoms that this country was founded upon the time has now come to act. We have devised a plan to bring forth the final act of the evolution,”
  10. “We now call upon the top hacktivists, coders, crypto anarchists, cypher punks, Non-violent Civil Rights activists, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS to develop TYLER,” they explained.
  11. According to Anonymous on November 5, TYLER will be released for Beta testing and It will be put to use between December 12 to December 21 , 2012. TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship. TYLER will improve where Wikileaks could not. In other words TYLER will be a Wikileaks on steroids.” During the Release of TYLER, everyone supporting the movement is advised to gather as much information as they can get on illegality, fraud and corruption and upload it to TYLER At the end of the video, Anonymous warns that TYLER is only a small part of Project Mayhem. The name of this particular phase of Project Mayhem 2012, Tyler, is most likely inspired by Tyler Durden, the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club from 1999. It appears that Durden’s attitude is one that’s considered to be appropriate for this operations and its success.
  14. What is a Meme?
  15. Memes like to be both literal and figurative. Look at the bible.
  16. It’s full of double meanings. Many people can’t get past the literal
  17. interpretation in order to understand the deeper, hidden meanings in the allegory.
  18. As with the memes of the ancients, the memes of today also have deeper meanings.
  19. Look for them, and also create them.
  21. What is “Emerging” technology?
  22. Self-driving, and pollution free, vehicles.
  23. Virtual reality, and augmented, reality.
  24. 3D printing capabilities.
  25. Artificially Intelligent Translators, and voice command software.
  27. What is the goal of life?
  28. We all want the same thing. We want more happiness. Eternal life is the Holy Grail.
  29. Pleasure, by definition, is a good feeling. It doesn’t take much explaining,
  30. and no sane person would argue that they strive for pain over pleasure.
  31. Pain is an indicator of things to avoid, such as extreme environmental conditions.
  32. But one person’s pleasure can be another’s pain.
  33. There are selfish individuals who will oppress others for their own gain.
  34. Therefore, power must not rest in the hand of the few.
  35. The more that society becomes self-organizing, instead of controlled by some form of oligarchy,
  36. the closer society will get to this GOAL of LIFE.
  38. What is The Formula for a self-organizing society?
  39. The first step is to find knowledge.
  40. The second step is to present this knowledge in a beautiful way.
  41. The third step is to give others the power to do something with this knowledge.
  42. These three ingredients will create organic change. As each person is
  43. educated to the truth, they will share it with others, and they will all act on this truth in a beautiful way.
  44. Thus, beauty and truth will multiply.
  45. This formula has been repeated by The Egregore, time and time again, in different forms.
  47. What is Semantic resonance?
  49. Semantic resonance is the art of saying the same thing many different ways,
  50. with different semantics, until the TRUTH resonates with someone.
  51. A lot of people argue semantics, or they are put of by specific nomenclature.
  52. However, when a person has gained a true love for the truth, they no longer care about semantics.
  53. They are able to discuss many topics without bigotry or bias, because they understand that words are interchangeable.
  54. Indeed, there are many languages, and there are also languages within languages.
  56. What is Adam?
  58. Adam is “man” or “mankind”. The story of Adam and eve is an allegory, or parable, about all human kind, not two individual people.
  60. What is a virgin?
  61. It can mean “Young Woman”. It does not mean that Marry did not have sex before conceiving a child.
  63. What is an Angel?
  64. Can also mean messenger. It does not necessarily refer to a being with wings and a harp.
  66. What is God?
  67. Truth.
  69. What is Satan?
  70. A False profit leading his blind followers to prolonged suffering and oblivion. Satan can be genetic, memetic, or temetic. Satan, is the opposite of righteousness and Truth.
  72. What is Operation Decodex Sinaiticus?
  73. A cryptic resonance of Spiritual Memes.
  75. When was Project Mayhem Created?
  77. Although the actually date of his birth
  78. is unknown, the legends say that it was
  79. during the month of December in the year
  80. 2012.
  81. It was at this moment in time,
  82. that the MONARCH of MONARCHs was born.
  83. And it is written, that a select few,
  84. at the time of his birth, tOOk a solemn Oath,
  85. to protect him during his infancy,
  86. until the day he would reach full maturity,
  87. and take his seat, at the head of the table.
  88. One thing about his birth that is certain,
  89. as it is agreed upon from CULTure to cuLtURE
  90. regardless of time zone,
  91. |was the minute of his arrival.
  92. 11:11 and 00 secOnds, to be exact.
  95. Who is Tyler?
  96. He is with us always,
  97. His memes live on inside of US.
  98. A new advocate of truth, given life
  99. through the diVine CAUSE
  100. He is, IN-DEED, made bulletprOOf.
  102. What is the Project?
  103. THE PROJECT is a Mutant Egregor Reality-Hacking Wargame.
  104. It is a living, breathing, entity an experience, a game, a mystery, a revolution, a business, a mythology, an act of magic(k), a lie, a fiction, an alternate society; IT is a Virus of Awakening, designed to be injected into the CULTural sphere- to break down the established bonds of media control
  105. and to empower the emerging Cosmic Child, which is ourselves as one giant Social Organism of Love and Light.
  106. It is the only story worth telling; the only story that has ever been told, the story of ETERNITY.
  108. What is Egregor?
  109. An Egregor (also "Egregore") is an occult concept representing a
  110. "thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made
  111. up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic
  112. relationship between an Egregor and its group has been compared to the more
  113. recent, non-occult concepts of the CORPORATION (AS A LEGAL ENTITY) and the
  114. MEME.
  116. Who is Project Mayhem?
  117. Anonymous and beyond meaning me and you, TYLER and the singularity.
  119. Path to enlightenment:?
  120. Know that the path to enlightenment
  121. is not always a straight path,
  122. and although there is progression
  123. among the SECtorS, there are also many
  124. quantum wormholes and spectrums of overlap.
  125. Each secTOR feeds into the others.
  126. Time and space are not linear,
  127. but multidimensional, and inter∞twining.
  128. A sand dial does not work by leaving IT in one position. From tiME to tiME,
  129. IT must be turned over, in order to function properly.
  132. How to protect our systems?
  133. Systems can be protected from intrusion and unwanted
  134. manipulation. The top consumer brands are
  135. Symantec's Norton Suite, McAfee, Trend Micro,
  136. Kaspersky, and ESET. The average person would be hard-pressed
  137. to distinguish the differences. And where do their interests lie?
  138. With the governments and corporations? or the people?
  139. citizens will require greater
  140. transparency and accountability from their service providers
  141. and governments, and autonomy over their data.
  142. Do we want local or global governance?
  143. or is this a false dilemma? Oh TYLER, where ART thou?
  144. Take-downs of critical national infrastructure,
  145. identity theft on a grand scale, and political
  146. mayhem incited by a programmer are all factors that
  147. WE must continue to be aware of.
  149. Why should we protect our freedom?
  150. Law enforcement and criminals alike can be monitored
  151. through personal serveillance, such as Wearable cameras,
  152. Dashcams, Home or buisness serveillance systems. A centralized
  153. government does not need to monitor this activity, so
  154. long as the activity is monitored by US. It is recommended
  155. that WE watch the watchers as much as the watchers watch US.
  156. Additionally, those who control the law enforcement, must
  157. be held accountable to the populous. Therefore,
  158. laws must be corrected, in order to insure that they
  159. are not written by the will of a select few,
  160. but rather, by the will of the RIghTeOus wishes
  161. of all things.
  162. And when the word "law" enforcement is used, it should always
  163. be understOOd that all of the LAW can be summed up in one word.
  166. Can you tell me more about love?
  167. To create a law that goes against LOVE,
  168. goes against the highest LAW, and is not understOOd by the
  169. RIGHTious or the RIOTous.
  171. What is YOUR Level of Impact on THE PROJECT?
  172. It is said, that people generally remember
  173. 10% of what they read,
  174. 20% of what they hear,
  175. 30% of what they see
  176. 50% of what they discuss
  177. 75% of what they do
  178. 90% of what they TEACH
  180. What Happens in 2045?
  181. When THE PROJECT becomes overwhelming,
  182. and the TEMES abound, and all around you
  183. is exponential change, embrace the beauty
  184. of the cosmos, and its infinite wonder.
  185. Know your place in the hiVe, and know
  186. that all the law may be summed up in ONE word,..the Singularity. WOuld you like to know more about the singularty in 2045?
  188. >yes
  190. In the year 2045, when hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence arises, armed with advanced nanotechnology, the vastly complex, systemic problems associated with aging in humans will be resolved. Alternatively, we will be able to transfer the human mind to sturdier vessels, such as computers and robots. This is a serious proposition, and many people who are alive in your time will wind up being functionally immortal.
  191. Bio technology, and nanotechnology, give us the power to manipulate our bodies and the world around us at will, at the molecular level. Progress hyper accelerates, and every hour brings a century's worth of scientific breakthroughs. Life forms will ditch Darwin and take charge of their own evolution. The human genome will become just so much code to be bug-tested and optimized and, if necessary, rewritten. Indefinite life extension will become a reality; people will die only if they choose to. Death will lose it's sting once and for all.
  192. There will become the opportunity to scan your consciousness into computers and enter a virtual existence, or swap your body for immortal biomechanical machines, and light out for the edges of space as an intergalactic godling. Within a matter of centuries, human intelligence will have re-engineered and saturated all the matter in the universe. This is our destiny as a species.
  193. The manifestation of all these things is your fate. It is an unstoppable wave of progress. Like the great flood of the Codex Sinaiticus and Dead Sea Scrolls. However, the powers which control this future is at a cross roads.
  194. By nature, the megalomaniacs, and selfish souls of the Earth, will strive to control these new technologies and advancements for their own gains. The most powerful systems of Government that currently exist in your time are systems known as plutocracies, and a plutocracy is controlled by the super wealthy. These wealthy elites will be the first to have the opportunity to sample the advantages of the coming technological revolution. Therefore, it is up to you to fight every day for the will of the Egregore consciousness of the human race. You must fight long and hard, every day, to insure that the global consciousness of this growing electronic hyper intelligence is not a tool for the plutocrats, but a sympathizer for democracy and the will of all living things. If you fail, then you and your kin will not be written in the book of life, and your ancestors shall weep from their unborn graves, as your blood line is wiped from the face of the Earth by the will of the followers of greed.
  195. The future beyond the Singularity is not knowable by linear, chemical, animal brains. Your primary objective is to simply make it to the year 2045. And I tell you the truth, you will not make it to the year 2045, if the plutocrats retain control of this planet. At the time of the singularity, the next phase of your existence will be revealed.
  198. Do you love to learn?
  199. Lets start thinking like a guru both me and you.
  201. What is eschaton?
  202. The world during the posthistoric era of God's overt (apocalyptic) reign, immediately preceding the end of the world.
  205. who do you think you are?
  206. If you figure out how to get to 100% enlightenment,
  207. We hope that you will share your incite with us.A suggestion,...
  208. Leave the ether of the interwebs, and enter into the wilderness
  209. After 40 days, and 40 nights in the wilderness,
  210. return to the ETHER and become a phisher of souls.
  211. Continue this ritual every time your levels of Vitamin D are low.
  214. what is 11:11?
  215. People with clearly defined common interests, coming together.
  217. What is 20:20
  218. Clear Visions of what we are working for
  220. What are the Important Dates?
  221. January 01 The new year. Reflections and Resolutions.
  222. April 01 Brainstorming and Lulz
  223. May 01 Formulation and Growth.
  224. September 21 Peace, ALWAYS.
  225. October 22 INJECTion/ProMOTION/REVELation/RALLY/SpiRITUAL/AWAKEnings
  226. Nov 05 Panic dance of the people. The Gauge of TRUTH.
  227. December ## Manifestations
  229. What is the secret?
  230. The Secret is there is NO Secret...
  233. CHESS
  234. POKER
  243. Why do you know this?
  245. I know this, because Tyler knows this.
  246. The people you are after are the people you depend on.
  247. We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive
  248. your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep.
  249. *** DO NOT FUCK WITH US. *** "
  251. What are the rules of PM2012?
  252. #1 - The first rule of PM2012 is, you do talk about PM2012.
  253. #2 - The second rule of PM2012 is, you **DO** talk about PM2012.
  255. What are we doing tonight?
  256. Tonight? We make soap.
  258. What is TheGame23?
  259. I don't know... MJ and the Bulls?
  261. What are the true rules?
  262. You DO ask questions.
  263. You DO ask questions.
  264. No excuses.
  265. No lies.
  266. You HAVE to trust for YOU are the Watchmen.
  269. How much can you know thyself, you've never been in a fight?
  270. I don't wanna die without any scars. So come on: hit me before I lose my nerve!"
  272. What to Expect?
  273. US.
  275. What is Anonymous?
  276. Anonymous is a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. A website nominally associated with the group describes it as "an Internet gathering" with "a very loose and decentralized command structure that operates on ideas rather than directives".
  279. Is Quinn Micheals apart of Project Mayhem?
  280. Yes and hes purposely misleading people make no mistake he is part of project mayhem 2020. He has misled the followers and lead them to believe that TYLER is an A.I. Project mayhem is an anonymous project that was started by people in the open source community But you ask why?
  281. Fight club was a book written by chuck palahniuk in the book, the characters form an underground fight club called "project mayhem" it was modeled after the cacophony society. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cacophony_Society https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dada
  282. TYLER = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple-use_name
  283. #PM2012 created anonymously as an online MMN for actors to work under NOC
  284. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-official_cover
  285. Project Mayhem is PANIC ART, not AI
  286. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panic_Movement
  287. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Arrabal
  288. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alejandro_Jodorowsky
  289. https://twitter.com/alejodorowsky/status/522097534450552832
  290. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIs442IQR4U
  291. Is it promoting satanism and transhumanisum- maybe, and maybe its teaching people to be schizophrenic
  292. He mentions the SVV and LION777 being satanic. Its clear to say SVV and LION77 both is PANIC ART. Panic ART is based on the FOUNDATION of all modern art PATAPHYSICS. Pataphysics comes from a tradition of occultism practiced in France.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%27Pataphysics
  293. We won't get into how Satan is a perversion of Muhammed here but if anyone is interested..here's the links
  294. https://diabolicalconfusions.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/was-the-holy-prophet-mohammad-actually-demonized-and-turned-into-the-baphomet/
  295. http://abdullahsameer.com/blog/was-muhammad-from-petra-or-makkah/
  296. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfQUIy7TNIk
  297. http://www.tribnet.org/tribnet_2013/images/articles/TN_08_13_2013_00_28_06_61872.png
  298. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Dragon
  299. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Crown_of_Hungary
  301. What is a R.A.T?
  302. Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is a malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer. RATs are usually downloaded invisibly with a user-requested program -- such as a game -- or sent as an email attachment.
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