MagiReco Another Story 7.2

Jun 13th, 2018
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  1. A Shadow of Unease
  3. 7.2.1
  4. [inside the balloon witch's labyrinth]
  5. balloon witch: "NTDNATYHNTH<NT!"
  6. Madoka: "T-this is the same as one of the witches I saw in Kamihama...?"
  7. balloon witch: "ANYTHENTTHHWY!!"
  8. Madoka: "Wah!"
  9. "I don't know what it's doing here, but I've gotta beat it!"
  10. [fade to black]
  11. Madoka: *A magical girl who uses up all of her magic, staining her soul gem black, becomes a witch.*
  12. [back to the labyrinth]
  13. Madoka: "..."
  14. "...It's okay."
  15. "After all, I've fought them up until now."
  16. [fade to black]
  17. Madoka: *In Kamihama you don't become a witch.*
  18. [back to the labyrinth]
  19. Madoka: "My precious family, Papa and Mama and Tatsuya, are in this city."
  20. [fade to black]
  21. Madoka: *But, in Mitakihara, I might end up becoming a witch.*
  22. [back to the labyrinth]
  23. Madoka: "Hitomi-chan... and my other friends are here too."
  24. [fade to black]
  25. Madoka: *I'm scared...*
  26. [back to the labyrinth]
  27. Madoka: "Only magical girls can fight against witches..."
  28. [fade to black]
  29. Madoka: *I'm really scared.*
  30. [back to the labyrinth, Madoka transforms]
  31. Madoka: "I need to protect them all!"
  32. "Ei!"
  33. witch: "<>TNHEONTDYNTEOH><!?"
  35. 7.2.2
  36. [still in the witch labyrinth]
  37. Madoka: "pant... pant..."
  38. (My attacks should be working... but what should I do... I can't win...)
  39. (My magic usage is quite high... At this rate...)
  40. witch: "NTDYONTHUNTHY?Y>TNHTN>!!"
  41. Madoka: "Kuh!"
  42. [fade to gray]
  43. ???: *Madoka, get back!*
  44. [it's Sayaka]
  45. Sayaka: "Yaaaah!!"
  46. witch: "ONTEYTNH!?"
  47. Sayaka: "Homura, now!"
  48. Homura: "Yes!"
  49. "Eeei!!"
  50. [she blows up the witch]
  51. witch: "NTHYNET?NTY>H!?!?"
  52. [back on the street]
  53. Homura: "Kaname-san, are you alright?"
  54. Madoka: "Yep! Thank goodness you came, you saved me."
  55. "Thank you."
  56. Sayaka: "No worries. More importantly, how is your soul gem?"
  57. Madoka: "Huh? Ah, it's slightly cloudy..."
  58. Sayaka: "Oh no! We've gotta purify it soon!"
  59. Madoka: "That's right, and I just got a grief seed."
  60. [she purifies herself]
  61. Madoka: "sigh.... It seems I can use it one more time."
  62. Homura: "Thank goodness..."
  63. "That reminds me, do you have any stock, Miki-san?"
  64. Sayaka: "...I don't. I just used the last of it up..."
  65. Homura: "Then, take this."
  66. "I have two of them, so take one."
  67. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  68. "But, that's yours. I'd feel bad..."
  69. Homura: "It's fine."
  70. (...I don't want anyone else to die...)
  71. Madoka: "Homura-chan?"
  72. Homura: "U-Um! If something like what happened today happens again, it would be a problem..."
  73. "It would be more reassuring if each one of us had one..."
  74. Sayaka: "That's right. I'll take it, thanks."
  75. "In exchange, from now on, let's all share them."
  76. "If you're in need of one, Homura, then Madoka or I will help you."
  77. "And if Madoka is in trouble, then Homura or I would, basically."
  78. Madoka: "That's right. Now is the time for us to support each other!"
  79. Homura: "Yes!"
  81. 7.2.3
  82. [in a park at night]
  83. Madoka: "So, you two sensed a witch and came hurrying over."
  84. Sayaka: "Yeah, exactly. I met up with Homura on the way."
  85. Homura: "I didn't think you'd be fighting alone, though, Kaname-san..."
  86. Madoka: "You saved me. Kamihama witches are really strong."
  87. (But with three people, we were able to fight it... it's okay...)
  88. Sayaka: "Kamihama witches, huh... That was one of them, right?"
  89. Homura: "Yeah, I think it was the same as one I saw in Kamihama."
  90. "Maybe it's a familiar that grew up..."
  91. Sayaka: "So basically, the problem is..."
  92. "Why is a Kamihama witch in Mitakihara."
  93. Madoka: "Yeah."
  94. "Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna go to Kamihama."
  95. "Not just because of the witch."
  96. "But because I want to learn more about the Wings of Magius and the way to avoid becoming a witch."
  97. "And also, because of Mami-san."
  98. "I'm sure we won't learn anything except in Kamihama."
  99. "Homura-chan, Sayaka-chan... will you help out?"
  100. Sayaka: "Madoka..."
  101. "Don't be so distant! Of course I'll help you!"
  102. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan..."
  103. Homura: "That's right, I also wanted to go to Kamihama."
  104. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  105. Homura: "Unlike in Mitakihara, in Kamihama there's no danger of turning into witches..."
  106. Sayaka: "!?"
  107. Madoka: "Yeah... But we can't say for sure that doppels are safe, though.
  108. Homura: "Ah, that's true..."
  109. Madoka: "But to find out more, tomorrow we head for Kamihama!"
  110. Homura: "Yeah."
  111. Sayaka: "..."
  112. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan? What's wrong?"
  113. Sayaka: "Eh?"
  114. "Ah, sorry, sorry! It's nothing!"
  115. Homura: "Is everything okay?"
  116. Sayaka: "I'm fine, I'm fine! It's really nothing!"
  117. "But tomorrow, should we meet at the station?"
  118. Madoka: "Y-yeah."
  119. Sayaka: "Alright, then, see you tomorrow! Don't be late!"
  121. 7.2.4
  122. [in an alleyway]
  123. Kyouko: (I slipped in more easily than I expected.)
  124. (Though they did say that with my skill, I would be welcomed.)
  125. (They must be really short on hands if they didn't look into my background.)
  126. ???: "Are you ready yet, rookie? Hurry up."
  127. Kyouko: "Ah, yes yes."
  128. (You've gotta be kidding me though, working in this lame-ass robe?)
  129. (And plus, I'm an underling... Black Feather?...)
  130. (It doesn't really fit me to scurry around with my face hidden...)
  131. white feather: "What's wrong? I'd like to get going now."
  132. "Wait, you haven't put it on yet?"
  133. Kyouko: "Hey, do I really have to wear it?"
  134. white feather: "No, it's not required, but it's probably better to hide your face."
  135. Kyouko: "Hmmmm?"
  136. (So they do feel shame for what they're doing.)
  137. white feather: "W-what!?"
  138. Kyouko: "Nothing? I'll be fine like this."
  139. white feather: "Eh!? R-really? With your face fully exposed..."
  140. Kyouko: "You said that it's not required to wear the robe, right?"
  141. "Anyway, could you tell me more about your mission or whatever?"
  142. white feather: "Yeah, the mission that has been given to us is to take care of the group that has been erasing rumors."
  143. "Countless rumors have already been erased."
  144. "I hear that you're strong, but don't let your guard down."
  145. "Our opponent is a veteran magical girl."
  146. Kyouko: (A veteran magical girl going around erasing rumors, huh...)
  147. [fade to gray; we see Iroha and Yachiyo]
  148. Kyouko: *It's not like I don't know them...*
  149. [back to the alley]
  150. Kyouko: (It'd be a pain if I encountered them, so maybe I'll go around trying to avoid them.)
  151. white feather: "Let's go!"
  152. Kyouko: "Got it."
  153. (Well then, I'll be getting to the bottom of this.)
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