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  1. That's pretty rich coming from someone who's been actively sabotaging the guild by whispering most of its players lies. Just for the record, nobody has said anything to me and I've had to spend the past few hours working out the entire story. Apparently everybody's been told that there had been some discrepansies between officers regarding the attitude towards mythic progression. That I wanna quit as a raidleader yet we've been actively declining new raidleaders. Funnily enough, /o is filled with >me< considering Ben/Iisthir/Rumi as our new raidleader but Rag told me Ben didn't want the spot as healing and raidleading wasn't a good combination for him. There's also a quite distinct lack of Ragaroah in /o as he prefers to be quiet about things and complain afterwards.
  2. After last nights Mythic Il'gynoth we've had a chat, not knowing whats going on at all, Rich/Chi (guildleader) even asking Ragaroah about his absence in /o and if we needed to talk about anything. Answer being  "No, all was good". None of us knowing he was spending his time whispering everyone. So far only 1 person has come to me asking me my version of the story before leaving the guild and now he hasn't left. The rest of you just take Rag's word for law and I've even been trying to whisper some of you (as I still didn't knew why people were leaving) and I couldn't even get a reply out of any of the people I have whispered.
  3. I didn't even know this was going to happen. I thought we had a good thing going Mythic progression wise and I've been trying my best to prepare all the fights and progress as quickly as possible. I even gave Reynauld shit for chasing cutting edge because I wanted him with us doing Mythic Ilgynoth. Then I find out someone has been staging a coup and I don't even know what for. Rag's been given free reign over the loot distribution system and Rich even made him guildleader (technically). The only problem is that I have a big mouth in /o and maybe he felt oppressed, I don't know.
  4. I feel betrayed because if you just had literally just told me that you wanted even more say in things or needed me to shut up I would have done so. All I care about is raiding, the only reason I'm subbed to this game is raiding. I've only been meaning to step down as a raidleader because I thought Ben was more knowledgeable and maybe better with people, whereas I think my only talent is analysing what went wrong. It's a story that never left /o. I feel very disappointed in everyone who hasn't taken the time to simply send me a message questioning what Rag's been telling you. Since you didn't; this is my version of the story. I've been spending so much time trying to make this guild progress and I've been played like a fiddle and strangely enough 10+ people even believe the lies without question.
  5. Rag's the type of person that would quit his job because he bumped into a colleague instead of talking to him and clearing the air. I realize we're past the point of no return so I feel sabotaged, but I'm not going to refrain from sharing my version of the story. You wish me good luck, I'm telling you to go fuck yourself.
  7. For anyone that now suddenly realizes he wants to talk, you're very welcome to do so as I'm available the entire night although I expect to be very busy. I don't like hanging dirty laundry out in public but I felt this message was very much necessary. The rest of you I expect to leave this discord.
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