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  1. Just watched the first episode and I'm not gonna lie...I freaking love it! Maybe because I like slice of life anime and those with romance and strong drama. But what's unique about Kimi No Iru Machi is how the story is told; the scene cuts into different time zone back and forth which is really awesome!
  3. The music is really heartwarming and fit for every scene. There are even moments that gave me goosebumbs. For boys: yes, there is a bit of ecchi in this...but every anime need a fan service moment right? :D
  4. The Art and animation is great. Really great. They detailed the movement perfectly and you could tell the animators did a darn good job. The background are beautifully drawn and every single spec looks realistic.
  6. Not gonna spoil much, but i guess I can say that there is some love triangle going on. Its just illustrated in a unique method, by taking you into the past and then present again. This anime is definitely for people who are into some awesome romance and drama.
  8. Well thats it for now, can't wait for next episode.
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