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  1. documentclass[conference]{IEEEtran}
  2. usepackage{lipsum}
  3. usepackage{capt-of}
  4. begin{document}
  5. setcounter{table}{1}
  6. setcounter{figure}{1}
  7. See Figure ref{fig:redundant} and Table ref{tab:states}.
  8. lipsum[1]
  9. begin{figure}
  10. begin{minipage}{0.45columnwidth}
  11. centeringfbox{this is a figure}
  12. captionof{figure}{Redundant system $s_t$ with a redundant caption that spans multiple lines}
  13. label{fig:redundant}
  14. end{minipage}
  15. begin{minipage}{0.45columnwidth}
  16. centeringfbox{this is a table}
  17. captionof{table}{Redundancy states of $o_2 in mathcal{O}^{psi_1}_{phi_1}$}
  18. label{tab:states}
  19. end{minipage}
  20. end{figure}
  21. lipsum[1-10]
  22. end{document}
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